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Part 15 - A Bioforming Pandemic - New Series "Helix" on Syfy Network Set to Spill the Beans on Bioforming Pandemic

By Aaron Hermann

The H1N1 and H7N9 viruses appear to be making a resurgence, and the headlines in both the mainstream and alternative media outlets are beginning to once again give the pandemic threat some serious ink. In conjunction with the reports in the various forms of media, movies and television series have been spilling the beans about the forthcoming bioforming pandemic for quite some time.

The most over-the-top show I can recall that dealt with the transformation of mankind's DNA via a viral outbreak was the 2005 CBS production "Threshold." The Resident Evil cinema franchise covered a lot of the very same ground and began to deal with the issue of the infected hosts being enhancement by the virus and the experience turning them into super soldiers. The most recent installment of the Bourne Series, The Bourne Legacy, combined the elements of Threshold and Resident Evil and took the plot of DNA alteration via viral loading leading to the creation of super soldiers to an entirely new level.

It appears that the latest creation from the Syfy network, Helix, seems to be following in the footsteps of the bean-spilling over-the-top in-your-face signaling regarding the illuminati's plans for a global pandemic that will kill some, and change others by altering the structure of their DNA. The new series that will debut on Friday, January 10th on the Syfy network picks up where Threshold left off in the over-the-top and in-your-face signaling department by telling the story of a mutating virus being unleashed into the world. The mutating virus that is unleashed has the ability to alter mankind's DNA and turn us into something not quite human.

Is this plot line beginning to sound familiar to you yet? I certainly hope so!

I watched all of the interviews with the cast of the series and with the creator Ron Moore. I was amazed at the number of quotes the actors offered up with reference to a viral outbreak not just killing the infected host, but the virus turning the infected into something "not human." I can only imagine what else they will be saying throughout the course of the series!

"It doesn't just kill it changes people into something, into something not human."

"Helix is a story about a viral outbreak and a team from the CDC brought in to deal with it."

Billy Campbell
Dr. Alan Farragut
Senior CDC Scientist

"This is some scary disease because it's completely unknown."

"What we're dealing with here none of us has ever seen."

Catherine Lemieux
Dr. Doreen Boyle
Epizoologist - Studies spread of disease through animals

"One of the great things about Helix is that it is grounded science. Throughout history we have seen repeatedly epidemics wiping out hundreds of thousands if not millions of people.

Jordan Hayes
Dr. Sarah Jordan
Junior CDC Scientist

"I think what's really important for me in preparing for Peter is to really keep my thumb on the humanity of the character under the monster, because that what he ultimately is is human, a fallible and emotional and spiritual being."

"The virus just keeps mutating."

Neil Napier
Dr. Peter Farragut
Dr. Alan Farragut's brother and one of first infected

If you take the time to watch the several trailers available on the official Syfy Helix web site you will come across these familiar quotes that highlight the persistent theme throughout all of the promotional material pertaining to the alteration of the infected into something not human. Here are just a couple of the quotes featured in the trailers. I listed what trailers they were in so you could reference them for yourself on the official Helix web site under the "trailers" drop down menu.

"It's changing him." (Dr. Walker)
"Into what?" (Dr. Farragut)
~Extended Trailer

"Why is the pathogen making them stronger?" (Dr. Farragut)
~ Two Weeks Trailer

"What is it doing to him?" (Dr. Farragut)
"It's changing him. He had this look in his eyes, it wasn't human." (Dr. Walker)
~ Conspiracy Trailer

They just keep hammering the same theme over and over again, and I imagine it will not be much different once the series begins. It is evident from the massive buildup of promotional material heading into the debut this Friday that there is some serious weight behind the project. Syfy network is a subsidiary of NBC Universal, and Ron Moore has already reached sci-fi acclaim with his work on Battlestar Galactica.

As if the quotes from the actors weren't enough to push my buttons the creator of the series, Ron Moore, took things to an entirely different level by engaging in some rather blatant NLP that I had to include in this post. The things Moore said during this brief two minute interview were mind-blowing in terms of what Helix may be signaling in a very in-your-face fashion and by doing so serve as further confirmation of the many signs and signals we have witnessed thus far. If this show follows through on what Ron Moore has laid out during this interview it may prove to be the final intense signaling mechanism that is needed to convince those folks who are still skeptical about what I have been writing about in the first 14 posts of this series. Here is what Ron had to say about the first season of Helix.

The first season is going to be very intensively focused on this research facility and what's happening in there. The format that we're taking is that every episode is a day. So it's really 13 days in the life of this lab, which just increases the tension and the pressure as people get more tired and the lack of sleep and the walls seem to be closing in on them and there's a crucible in terms of revelation of character. So the things you've seen that have been set up in the pilot the different character relations, the different problems, and ultimately the stakes increase we just keep turning up the heat all the way through the first 13 until you get to the season finale.

Why set in area 32?

Area 32 was chosen specifically because it's sort of outside the legal reach of any of the governments so this lab was set up in a way to sort of put it beyond the law in many ways, which makes it a sort of a lawless situation and people that work there are drawn from many different countries. So, this is really nobody's responsibility and then everybody's responsibility because what's unleashed in this lab could have profound impacts on the rest of the world, or it could save the rest of the world.

One of the interesting things that our team discovers is the research that is underway in this lab has the potential to change the nature of humanity itself. It could be an enormous change in how we look at ourselves and how we live our lives, but it also has the potential to wipe us out. It's really one of these very delicate things. They have their hands around this enormous potential and they have their hands around this enormous catastrophe, and that's sort of the struggle throughout the show.

Ron Moore on the Premise of Helix

(At the 1:00 mark of this video Ron answers a question pertaining to what Helix is all about.)

"I can tell you it's basically a show about a secret research center in the Arctic Circle that has been conducting some very hush-hush things under some shady conditions and they call the CDC and say, "Hey we've got an outbreak of something dangerous up here and we need someone to come help us." A team is sent up to the base and once they start investigating they realize that something else is going on and they wonder who has been funding this and what are they really researching and they discover that actually the research here could be leading to a major breakthrough in scientific research that would literally change the life of everyone on earth..."

Ron Moore Answers Fans' Questions!

"Helix is about a research facility, a secret research facility in the Arctic Circle. Scientists there have been working on something for many years, something happens and there's an outbreak of a virus or disease they're not quite sure what it is. They call in a team from the CDC to come in and investigate and the CDC gets in there and they start to realize there's something else has been going on here. Who are these people? What's the research they've been doing exactly and they come to realize, "hey wait a minute, they were onto something so big it could literally change all of our lives, but if it goes wrong it could literally wipe us out as a civilization." So the stakes are enormously high...

Exclusive Interview with Ron Moore - Helix

I could spend multiple posts breaking down everything Ron Moore had to say in the interviews he has done in the lead up to the debut of Helix, but if you have been following this blog for a while I am confident that you have picked up on the major elements here. The series is 13 episodes spanning 13 days in the series and 13 is the number of the rebel lord beast. Moore was very specific that the 13 episodes work at building the tension in order to reveal the character of those in the series in the midst of what he calls a lawless situation, this to me speaks of the revealing of the lawless one that Bob has been writing about extensively over the last couple of weeks.

I firmly believe that a bioforming pandemic will be a major part in the eventual revealing of the lawless one as the pain, suffering, fear, and death will raise the necessary energy required to facilitate Horus' transit through the Silver Gate that is required for his incarnation in this dimensional realm. Energy is required, and the suffering of a global populace dealing with a painful and terrifying pandemic will be a part of the operative black magick that is used to bring Horus forth.

Moore also speaks at great length about the dynamic between death and change in regards to the future of humanity. He classifies it as "enormously high stakes" and he is absolutely correct. However, what he is presenting in this series is a false choice. What is really going to be unleashed will only be bad for mankind. Some will be killed, and those who are not will be changed by the outbreak and softened up to take the Mark of the Beast which will ultimately seal their fate and establish them as avatars for the Nephilim who will return and use their bodies as extensions into this realm. For the specifically bred and SRA programmed super soldiers, the global pandemic will serve as a means of viral loading and further enhancement of their abilities.

This may sound far too incredible to believe, but they have been signaling this theme over and over and over. Have you been paying attention? Do you understand what you are seeing? As you can see from one of the promotional posters for the series one of the catch phrases is "The truth will spread", and it is my sincerest hope that the real truth of what is really going on and what will soon come to pass does reach those of you for whom it is intended.

For those of you inclined there is a full 15 minute trailer that serves as a rather intriguing lead in for the series premier that can be viewed here.

I am not sure whether I will be posting more on this particular Helix series or not, but for those of you who are inclined and able I strongly urge you to check out the series and see what more they are trying to tell us!

By Aaron Hermann

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