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Part 38 - Celestial Stargates - "We Can't Stop" Spilling the Beans about Celestial Signs!

Continuing from the previous post in series, the music video of Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop contains Silver Gate imagery that shows the emergence of Horus from the Duat. A scene later in the video contains another celestial reference, to a very obscure but vitally important sign. The celestial sign of 1991 is cleverly encoded. That's the anchor point for the Shemitah count (3 things then a 4th) that identifies this very time as the appointed season for the fulfillment of prophecy about the end of the age.

At 2:07 into the video we see a young man with a large tattoo. He sucks his thumb like a little baby and rests his head on a young woman's belly. To most, it's just non sequitur nonsense. To those have a grasp of the celestial theme of the video and understand the celestial signs of our times, it is far from that! It's a picture of the celestial sign of 1991.

On his tattoo you can plainly read, 1991. The rest of it is a little hard to make out. I believe 2 interpretations are suggested.

If we see it as “est. 1991,” with “est” being the abbreviation for “established,” that fits the scene pretty well. His head is on the girl's womb and he's like the little baby in her womb. The attention given to the girl's diminutive breasts suggests that she's not a nursing mother, that her milk hasn't come in yet, that her son is just being born. I've likened the sign of the Lord's return in judgment in 1991 to the sign of the His birth because there are many similarities. One comparison that should be drawn is how years must pass before the season reaches maturity and the evidence of the reality begins to manifest openly.

If we see the tattoo as a stylized striped cat like a tiger, it becomes more likely that it reads “cat 1991.” This is obviously one of the video's many sex kitten Beta programming symbols, but let's focus on the sign of the time. That wasn't the Year of the Cat but the Year of the Goat, on the Chinese calendar. The calendar of interest here is the Lord's own calendar! I've adequately demonstrated how the circle of the Zodiac and Virgo and Leo was presented in the stargate sequence. The stuffed cat was Leo. This tattoo is also to be interpreted in the celestial context, picturing the sign of the cat. The sign of Leo in 1991 is familiar to me because it represented my own personal point of entry into this realm of unfolding prophecy!

It was in May of 1991 that my attention was drawn to a rare and dramatic celestial event that was beginning to unfold. It would develop in the constellation Leo, which you see in this Stellarium screenshot of sunset on the 11th of August. That was probably Rosh Chodesh, the first day of the 6th month. I came to recognize this massing of four planets as the very sign that some attentive students of history claimed was that which prompted the Magi to begin their famed journey. They found and worshiped the child born King in Israel. With that observation, further study immediately led me to discover the stunning sign of the Lord's return in judgment. I saw it in a simulation beforehand as I animated the display on my pc, then was privileged to witness it live as it appeared in the heavens. I wondered then if it could be possible that I was the only one who really knew what it meant. A few years later I obtained evidence that others had noted the significance of that pivotal season, which was coming from the Adversary's camp with a spin on it. Since then, I've found plenty of evidence that implies it, (the 3 things and then a 4th pattern), but not much that I recall could be considered direct evidence. Until now.

The Adversary conceals and reveals the sign in cryptic fashion that is according to the manner of revelation in the scriptural record. It's all sealed for protection. The following is the account of the patriarch Jacob's deathbed prophecy. It pertains to “the latter end of the days.” (YLT) The KJV reads, “in the last days.” Bullinger notes in “Witness of the Stars” that Judah is identified with the constellation Leo, the lion. It was in his making of that connection that I read the passage below, in which I recognized the coded description of the celestial sign that had made my jaw drop on seeing it form on my computer screen. The first part of verse 10 describes the action of the sign that occurred in Leo, and the second part gives the meaning.

1 Then Jacob summoned his sons and said, “Assemble yourselves that I may tell you what will befall you in the days to come.
8 “Judah, your brothers shall praise you; Your hand shall be on the neck of your enemies; Your father’s sons shall bow down to you. 9 “Judah is a lion’s whelp; From the prey, my son, you have gone up. He couches, he lies down as a lion, and as a lion, who dares rouse him up? 10 “The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor the ruler’s staff from between his feet, until Shiloh comes, and to him shall be the obedience of the peoples.
~ Genesis 49:1, 8-10

and one of the elders said to me, “Stop weeping; behold, the Lion that is from the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has overcome so as to open the book and its seven seals.” ~ Revelation 5:5

Simply put, the celestial interpretation of the verse is as follows: "Jupiter will not depart from Leo nor Mercury from between the feet until Y'shua comes in judgment." On September 10, 1991, Mercury met Jupiter at Regulus in Leo. Jupiter remained in Leo, moving slowly, while Mercury rapidly moved "eastwardly," exiting from between the feet of the lion by the 27th of September. By then, the prophecy of the coming of the Judge had been fulfilled!” (The Year of His Coming: 1991 - Part I)

The coming of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah in judgment began on Yom Teruah, which was September 10-11, from sunset to sunset, in 1991. I seldom mention this fact but it begs mention here. That sign of judgment occurred exactly 10 years to the day before 9-11-01. To the very day. There's a harbinger.

Take a step back for a moment. Pause to reflect on what's really going on here. Am I just making stuff up? Am I stretching the facts and fudging data to fit my own pet hypothesis? Either this is the stuff of my own invention or it's not. Place your bets.

So, the tattoo of “cat 1991” and/or “est. 1991” references the celestial sign. That's the anchor point for the Shemitah count (3 things then a 4th) that identifies this as the appointed season for the fulfillment of prophecy about the end of the age. It marked the birth of this appointed season of judgment. Previously in the video, the ratty stuffed bobcat was the sign of Leo. The tattoo of the suckling male is another. They are related. The revelation of the schedule of when the messianic beast will be revealed, with Horus incarnating through the Silver Gate is established by the cat sign, the sign of Leo and the Lion of the tribe of Judah.

There may be more suggested by that relation. According to PBS Frontline, about 3 weeks after that sign, on October 2, 1991, Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton announced that he will run for president. According to the Huffington Post, his candidacy was announced in July, according to an article dated May of 2013 that reflects back on a memorable speech he gave back in May of 1991, while I was discovering the sign. Bill Clinton's Clinic: Passionate 1991 Speech Could Show GOP How To Revitalize A Party In Decline - The Lord has me watching Bill when I track the key dates.

I see retrograde motion as a connecting link between the two celestial cat scenes, the bobcat and the tattoo. The two events identified in them are very directly connected because one follows after the other by a numbered season. The Horus transit that reveals the beast is fixed on the schedule within the 4th Shemitah of the count. During the dynamic sign of 1991, Venus was still tracing out its retrograde loop when Mercury was completing it's own, meeting Jupiter at Regulus in Leo. The Sun was very close by, which you can see in this simulation. That's all implicit in the tattoo symbol because that's the celestial sign it represents. In the previous post, when I described the sequence of the doe, then the bobcat, then Miley and the doe again, I pointed out how that could be interpreted as a positional looping, like the trace of a planet undergoing retrograde motion. When I look at the scene where Miley carries the doe, I see the Sun, Mercury and Venus, and those are the two planets that were looping in retrograde in the sign of 1991. The sunglasses are on the head of the doe to represent the Sun. The doe is Mercury, the planet closest to the Sun and Miley is Venus, the next in line. She's Venus, the goddess of love who is sexing it up with everyone at the party. The dead and stuffed doe is embalmed, and the embalmer is Anubis, god of the dead, who is also known as Hermes and Mercury. Read Genesis 49:9 and meditate on a comparison with that bobcat.

In moving out from the Sun, there's Mercury, then Venus, then the Earth. The Sun-glasses, Mercury-doe, Venus-Miley (Venus de Milo) and then there's the bobcat, the beast, coming to Earth. He'll be transiting the Silver Gate, departing the underworld to be welcomed on Earth right on schedule.

By all accounts, when the Moon is full on the 13th day of the 1st month in the Spring of 2015, a man will stand before the Pope to be baptized and anointed. The ancient king will be received by nearly everyone. He will have impeccable credentials of the most convincing kinds, but he will be an impostor. Proof will have been offered that the gathering to the Lord had already happened, and no refutation of the claim will seem reasonable. Yet, it will be a lie, and some will know it, having evidence of another kind.

As I wrap this up, there are a few more symbols I want to identify.

Perhaps the first dimensional breach modeled in the video was when folks were seen emerging through the hedge. As hedge witches know well, the hedge represents the dimensional border.

Some of the scenes feature sliced bread, white bread. Miley herself is “white bread” according to the racial metaphor. At 0:26 a black male is eating white bread, which suggests eating or having oral sex with Miley. Since the video is filled with crude sexual gestures and innuendo, that interpretation is unavoidable. Since cannibalism is part of the SRA routine, that is also underlying the symbolic act.

The bread he's eating is actually a paper money sandwich, with large denominations, suggesting the attitude of the elite that it is consumed like it has little value. At 3:11 we see a huge pile of sliced white bread on the kitchen counter, and nobody's giving it much attention. Projected on the kitchen scene like a movie screen are what looks like coins, once more associating the bread with money, mammon. “Bread” is a metaphor for “money.”

There's another scene with white bread at 2:27, where a man lies down with his head on a pile of sliced white bread, and he's stuffing a slice into his mouth and chewing like he's in a stupor. I see a few statements being made that are consistent with the rest of the video's messages. It's leavened bread, and bread is a metaphor for the body and leaven for sin. Bread and dough are metaphors for money. The love of money is the root of all evil - 1 Timothy 6:10. They love money. They love sin. They love evil. They indulge themselves with leavened bread.

The scene at 2:27 bears witness to their rejection of every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God and a dedication to embracing a living that is as if it is on bread alone, in defiance.

3 And the tempter came and said to Him, “If You are the Son of God, command that these stones become bread.” 4 But He answered and said, “It is written, ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.’” ~ Matthew 4:3-4

The scene speaks to me most loudly about the heavenly Father's provision.

2 And He said to them, “When you pray, say: ‘Father, hallowed be Your name. Your kingdom come. 3 ‘Give us each day our daily bread. 4 ‘And forgive us our sins, For we ourselves also forgive everyone who is indebted to us. And lead us not into temptation.’” ~ Luke 11:2-4

Our provision from the Lord comes as daily bread, like how manna was provided in the wilderness wandering, like one slice of bread for one day. By gorging himself on the pile of bread slices the man in the video is thumbing his nose at the Lord's manner of provision. What speaks even more loudly to me is in the context of the Black Awakening! Illuminati programming media like this music video reinforces their Delta alter and mission programming. The operations that will bring chaos will require their sacrifice. They are consumables. Their pile of daily bread representing their futures and all their days will be consumed at once.

That anti-bride army created through ritual sodomy and trauma is also a foil for the genuine Bride of Mashiach, who is the true Bread from Heaven.

Pop quiz. Who this is?

Mr. Potato Head? Try again. The skull is a popular symbol of the Beast. Like the capstone that floats above the pyramid, so is the decapitated head. He's made of french fries, and that's a clue to further define him as the agents of the Black Awakening themselves, who compose his beast kingdom body. French Fries. Double f ~ 66. Fast Food. Double f. The number 66 represents the abyss and kingdom of the beast. When the skull gets stomped on and kicked, that speaks to me of their bringing of death and of their expendability as a consumable. Freeman has written about the Occult meanings of 66, connecting it with Kabbala and the shells or shades of the dead, like what I identified with the symbolic sunglasses.

Qliphoth/Qlippoth: “Lit. “shells” (singular: qliphah). Shades of the dead whose names appear in the books of Dyzan or Thoth, or the Book of the Law (AL). They may contain formulae of magical powers. ... The Qliphoth are separation or “excrement” or negative representations of Divinity: Samael, Beelzebub, Lillie. In Kabbalistic magic, the Qliphoth are represented by the number 66”” (Freeman - MOB-666-Celebrity Mind Control)

With the skull made of french fries, we see fingers. Fingers and French Fries. FFF = 666.

Miley wears a shirt with the words “West Coast” emblazoned on the front. She's not just being trendy. With all the Silver Gate imagery present, the West Coast represents the Golden Gate. The acronym WC provides a Code 33 and a 23*3 triple helix DNA signal that identifies the composition of the beast flesh. To get to the West Coast you go west, young man, taking the left hand path until you reach your goal. It is a figure of speech that indicates a conversion from the practice of heterosexuality to homosexuality.

You can see the M on the chain around her neck. It's for Miley, of course, but that's not all. It is an emblem of a merging of the genders and natures and another sign of the abyss.

The most sacred of all is the letter M. It is both feminine and masculine, or androgyne, and is made to symbolize water, the great deep, in its origin. It is mystic in all the languages, Eastern and Western, and stands as a glyph for the waves, thus: ” ( H. P. Blavatsky - The Secret Doctrine (Vol. 1, Page 384))

The M is constructed with three Hebrew letters, vav, the sixth letter. 666. Mark of the beast, the beast of the abyss. The cross she wears with it does not mean she's a Christian. It represents the union of the sons of god (vertical) with the daughters of men (horizontal), a message consistent with everything else we're being shown.

In this scene Miley is with the exercise bike. The Baphomet hand sign made by the hat wearing man is also a sign of the magickal production of Horus. The fingers 3 and 4 are held together. Osiris 3-union Isis-4 produces Horus-5. On his shirt appears an obfuscated symbol of a cross inside a circle, a slightly rotated X inside a circle, the symbol of the mark of the beast. The decorative panel on the left has some framed pictures hanging on it. It's a picture of the beast kingdom composed of those who have received the mark of the beast. Focus on each framed image. They are obfuscated pyramids, the X in a box type. Divided diagonally, a pair of mirrored 3s appear: Code 33. The arrangement of 4 partial circles inside a square is a sodomite squaring of the circles. It's a form of the witch's magic quartered circle. I see this same sign ringed about the Third Presbyterian Church at 5th and S. Negley in Pittsburgh. It marks the posts of the enclosing wall as a dimensional barrier and gateway symbol. A large quartered circle or mark of the beast symbol appears on one of the main windows of the cathedral style edifice as a complement.

The videos final scene is one last coded image of the mark of the beast. She does her trademark closing of the left eye to give us the hidden eye signal of the Eye of Horus. The opened mouth supplements that as she calls attention to her GI track, with the anal Horus eye and sodomite gateway at the hidden end. She wears a hat with a veil and flashes two peace signs. Those feature the fingers 3 and 4 again to signal the production of Horus, and the V formed is the Roman numeral for 5 (Horus). The pair of hand signs with V for vav signals a pair of sixes. Again, 66 is the abyss and the kingdom of the beast. If we see the veil as providing another V, we're shown a VVV or vav vav vav: 666. The addition of the veil to the pair of Vs to signal 666 is the same trick they used when adding the F-ingers to the F-rench F-ries in the skull scene.

I believe a peculiar line heard in the lyrics of the song is actually, "Can't you see it's we who bound that life." That fits.

Pause to give due consideration to these things your seeing unfold here and in the world around you. Time is short for getting what you need while it's easy to get and for doing what some of you need to do. Soon, and very soon, access will be denied to the Internet. But it's not so much about doing as being. Are you still waiting for something, for the sky to fall on your head perhaps, for when it's too late to matter? Am I being too subtle here? People, wake up. It's time to commit. Seize the opportunity to opt in to whatever the Lord has appointed for you. Or, forfeit. Set aside all that is ultimately of little consequence and press in to the Lord for all you're worth, holding back nothing. Humble yourself before the Lord Y'shua. Allow Him to expose your idols and deal with them. He is worthy of every sacrifice.

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  1. I can't help but feel sorry for Miley as well as Katy Perry and some of these others. You get the sense , at least with these two, that they probably were raised right, but once the Satanic elements within Hollywood got their claws in them they transformed into what we see today.