Friday, January 10, 2014

Part 34 - Celestial Stargates - A Sequel to 9-11 - in “I, Pet Goat II”

The stargate transit isn't the subject of this post but its included here because it naturally follows Part 33.

In concluding that post I wrote that there's plenty more to be shared that is really very important based upon the video's pivotal apple rolling scene. Perhaps the most striking lesson learned in that classroom setting is how Horus incarnates during Obama's second term. The more urgent part of the lesson concerns what leads up to that incarnation, a catalyzing season that begins when he has become generally perceived as a fool. Heliofant's message implies that another false flag event will soon transform America substantially, and in the new global order that arises, the Antichrist incarnation of Horus will appear.

The video “I, pet goat II” is embedded below, but if you can't see it in your display its still being presented on the home page. The main segment of interest spans from about 20 seconds to 2 minutes in.

The observation I made about the important events being pictured as happening during the Obama administration events came through an insight about the pattern of the video's sequence of scenes. I had observed how the classroom setting focuses on the Bush administration, then the Obama administration. Following the scenes set at the school, we witness the dramatic burning and collapsing Twin Towers, so we return back to 9-11-01 when Bush was reading “The Pet Goat” in that classroom setting. After the burning Twin Towers, we see layers of symbolism that are repeating the meaning of the classroom's flowering lotus that is linked to Obama's administration. When I became aware of the simple structure of this repeating sequence, what first stood out to me was how another transformative event was implied, and then what I came to focus on was how that, plus the related flowering of the symbolic lotus, was framed within the Obama administration. That framing became the focus of attention for Part 33, and the suggested sequel to 9-11 is the main focus of this post.

What is perhaps our first substantial clue is dropped about 35 seconds into the production when the performing dunce says, “Fool me once, shame on - shame on you.” This references one of the incidents when Bush embarrassed himself while in office. (Bush "Fool Me Once..." (9/17/02)) Quoting from that public address, he said: “There's an old saying in Tennessee - I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee - that says, fool me once, shame on - shame on you. Fool me - you can't get fooled again.” It's what was left out that is really important. Here's the rest of the adage. “Fool me twice, shame on me!” What I infer from Heliofant's reference is that we were fooled once on 9-11-01 with a false flag event and attending psy-op. Shame on “them,” the perps. What fooled us once will fool us twice.

After 9-11 the focus of attention was largely on making heroes of the FDNY and the theater of Bin Laden while the fantastic lies about what actually happened were largely accepted. The lesson didn't take, so we're going to be taken back for another round of schooling. Actually, we've been subject to several rounds of schooling, before 9-11 and after, and we're still no closer to learning the lesson. Shame on us, poor students. We're not yet done being shamed.

If the implication by omission in Bush's expression is too subtle a clue, the numeral 2 is displayed while he's struggling to recall how the adage goes, right after he says “Fool me once.” We're shown a closeup of Bush's face with the obfuscated numeral appearing in the eyebrow above Bush's left eye.

In the context, the 2 means, “Fool me twice”! You have to mirror and rotate the image, but there it is! They supplied what was missing to emphasize the message - about 9-11, because we see him in the stylized setting of the Emma E. Booker Elementary School in Sarasota County, Florida where he was reading The Pet Goat while the WTC was struck.

I've said this before but I want to reiterate the fact that Heliofant isn't warning us so we will wake up and deny the perps their victims. Their message is hidden in the way of the Occult. Have you read or heard Heliofant's official explanations of the meaning of the symbols in the video? What a pack of lies. This is how the perps operate, through symbolism and ritual magick. By telling us their plans in advance, in their minds we are then without excuse and deserving of whatever befalls us. It's kind of a moral obligation, like how charitable works serve to assuage guilt. The public messaging serves to exonerate them. They consider themselves blameless. Recall what I wrote about Obama's white gloves and the whitewash treatment?

Seeing what's going on, should we saints rebel and cause a revolution? No. That's the illumined Elite's own way of culling the herd, how they manage their “resources” through tension and conflict, harnessing the demonic energy of trauma and blood sacrifice. The Lord has a better plan, and it is working. Respond by being grateful for the Lord drawing you near and opening your eyes to see things as they are, and changing your heart and making you truly blameless in Him.

Before moving on to the next hint of a sequel to 9-11 I want to expose some symbolism I haven't covered in other posts.

Did you notice how the checkerboard floor is reflecting in the Bush puppet's eyes? This pictures Bush as illuminated, having the knowledge of good and evil.

This is duplicated in picturing him with the Horus Eye. The numeral in his left eyebrow mirrors to a 2 but if you simply rotate it you see it as a 5. The 5 signals Horus (47th Problem of Euclid & 3.4.5 Pythagorean triple). Embedding a 5 in his eyebrow says Horus Eye! The Horus Eye illumination is with the knowledge of good and evil. Heliofant's symbol is elegant, and powerful. Remember, this is Satan's marionette.

You can and should also link the obfuscated 2 in the eyebrow with Horus Eye illumination, with #2 being a reference to defecation and the Horus Eye activation of ritual sodomy. See the checkerboard reflecting in his eyes as squares in circles or the symbolic squaring of the circle.

When you mirror the eyebrow image to produce the 2, it appears adjacent to another numeral, 7. The number 27 factors to 3*9 and resolves to 2+7=9, with 9 being the single digit number of the mark of the beast transformation. The number 72 is linked to the Shemhamphorash as the number of syllables in the name of God, and these are claimed by Kabbalists to access and control His power. The number 72 is the number linked to the gateway controlling demons called the Goetic in The Lesser Key of Solomon, which are manipulated by sorcerers in rituals that bind and release. Black magick. It's their stock in trade.

Punctuating the end of the Bush puppet's performance are some gestures that are easily recognized as the Baphomet sign. President Bush famously dismissed the accusations of those who correctly identified his hand signaling by claiming he meant the “hook-em horns” of a sports fan from Texas. Plausible deniability, sure, and what are such horn signs really but the devil's horns as Baphomet and Cernunnos, and a sign of Taurus and the Silver Gate. They may also be identified as Horus hand signs, isolating fingers 3 and 4 to signal the union of Osiris-3 and Isis-4.

Because of the video title, “I, pet goat II,” and the opening scene with the bar-coded goat penned up inside the concentration camp, we really have to make the strongly implied Baphomet and beast kingdom connection. To me, referencing the familiar Occult symbol of alchemical transformation speaks in the context of transformative events (Bush reading “The Pet Goat” to school children while planes crashed into the Twin Towers) to the bringing forth of the beast, the image of the beast, the mark of the beast and the beast politic, the new order of the global beast kingdom, through the action of a ritual false flag operation.

Other symbols appear in the context to support these observations. I've already interpreted many of them and I won't repeat them here, but a few more observations still need to be made before moving on to the other hints of 9-11's sequel.

The shark and the hangman game being played on the blackboard presents several symbols of Bush, most of which also apply to Obama. See Bush as a member of Yale's famous Skull and Bones. The man hanging has a skull, with the X'ed out eyes signaling death. The dead man's bones are seen in his stick figure body. The double X eyes present Code 33, with X=3 when Z=1... So, the Skull and Bones man is a 33rd degree Mason. An XX suggests the square and compass, as you see in this illustration. The shark is designed around a pair of concentric letters C, and C=3 so CC = 33. Sharks are feared predators, and this one looks fierce. The gallows connects a square base with a round head. Connect “the dots,” or the circle and square, squaring the circle to see the ritual sodomy and Horus Eye illumination. The dead man's arms up position frames the circle head as an eye, the Horus Eye and, with the double X eyes, a third eye. The hanging man's head presents the X in the O that is considered to be the symbol of the mark of the beast - and that represents certain death. “evol” = “evil”

The X and O appear in combination to stamp the mark of the beast upon one of the blue figures, so the X and O headed hanging man has a companion in the classroom. The marking of the blue being is subtle but supplemental imagery abounds.

This blue recipient of the mark is positioned with his head closest to the windows, and I've been noticing from various movies how the signal X and O is typically placed in close association with windows and doorways. The mark represents a dimensional bridge, a stargate, of course. He's on the checkerboard floor, being illuminated with the knowledge of good and evil. He's enclosed by barbed wire, with the rest of the “livestock,” a Pet Goat. His head is merged like a Siamese twin, with the merging of the natures in view. He's merged with the beast as his own head, merged into the hive mind of the beast collective. The picture on the wall under the windows is a lily, the Easter lily or resurrection flower, which is related to the water lily and lotus flower. Osiris is raised into Horus and then his kind is replicated across humanity through the XO.

This observation is pretty subtle, but the closeup of Obama (at 1:40) with a look of terror in his eyes suggests another clue, hidden in the gloss of the bead of sweat. First, note that the gloss is a light artifact, and that the light is reflected in the drop on his forehead. It's a third eye symbol that he is illuminated. It's the form of the gloss on Obama's forehead that is of particular interest because it resembles a scythe, which is typically associated with the grim reaper. Connect the dots.

The scene set in the school is brought to a drawn out conclusion with his terrified expression maintained in our view. As the virtual camera pulls back we see Obama still looking down at the lotus at his feet, frozen in fear.

Through a clear portion of the adjacent window pane we see another element inside the classroom being framed. It flashes by in a moment, but it's surely being called to our attention. It's the burning house drawn on the blackboard behind him. It's Obama's house, the USA under his administration, burning.

The virtual camera pulls back to quickly reveal a validating image as half of the American flag flutters by in the wind, which must have been torn from the leaning flagpole with violence.

The republic is ripped apart, divided. If everything else I've pointed out has been too subtle, let this image speak to you.

A line of fencing is seen next to the school, which runs along the shore and off into the sea. America's borders have been breached, from outside. This is implied by the top of the barbed wire fencing being turned outward. The damage is thus attributed to external or foreign powers.

Here's some relevant history and the pattern for what's happening now. The responsibility for 9-11-01 was hung on Osama bin Laden as a patsy and used as the rallying point for the subsequent War on Terror, the catalyst in America's necessary transformation into a state where the citizens get used to being monitored while measures of population control are quietly implemented. On the basis of that “war on terror,” a war was waged in Iraq that began in 2003 under the pretext of America's threatened security and a necessary search for weapons of mass destruction. None were produced and blame was laid by the administration upon faulty intel in their fairly successful attempt to waive responsibility. It provided adequate cover for other operations and greased the propaganda machine as the new lies continued to build upon the old lies. This observation suggests to me what I was given to know about how the prophetic 8th chapter of Daniel will unfold. (See A Watchman's Report and The Destiny of America as the Shaggy Goat of Daniel 8.) I believe the next false flag op is planned to initiate round II. A sequel to 9-11-01 will lead to a sequel to the war in Iraq. America will engage Iran and it will be taken down like Iraq. America will figuratively beat its chest and do a victory lap - and in the midst of the bravado she will be stuck down. Broken in 4, a “little horn” will arise from out of one as modeled by the lotus flowering that terrifies Heliofant's Obama.

This just in, literally. As I'm at this point in composing this post, Aaron sent me this link. The Mother of All False Flag Attacks by Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show. He writes, “In the past 30 days, I have been privately approached by four high level media types with regard to the fact that President Obama was planning on using a false flag event to take down all, or part of the power grid and then enact martial law under the auspices of DHS with the help of their Hessian troops, primarily Russian. ” He gives attention to the Grid EX II drill and a nuke purported to have been intended for Charleston, SC but intercepted and detonated 500 miles offshore. He further writes that, “Obama has been thwarted. However, he is undeterred. There will be more false flag attack attempts with the purpose of subjugating this country under martial law.” Dave and his show came to our attention when we noticed traffic being directed to The Open Scroll Blog from his website (The Apocalypse Is Upon Us), landing on Aaron's Part 13 - A Bioforming Pandemic - Signs of Escalation as FEMA, CDC, and DOD Prepare for Medical Emergency from 9/19/13. Aaron's NFL & The Final Countdown series is very relevant to this subject of the announcing of a false flag op in advance. In case you hadn't noticed, the date range that we inferred from the Super Bowl signs and considered in association with the Grid Ex op was not inappropriate. The Illumined Elite are not just “whistling Dixie.”

Aaron and I take all this seriously. Heliofant's story is not merely whimsical. The Bible prophesies rightly. It's a history book, written mostly in advance. My God's light is True and he does warn us so we can repent of our sin, because judgment is upon us. Many of us will not survive what's coming and our small window of opportunity is shrinking fast. If you're living life with reserve, holding back from doing what you know is right, let me offer some words of wisdom.

24 Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but only one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may win. 25 Everyone who competes in the games exercises self-control in all things. They then do it to receive a perishable wreath, but we an imperishable. 26 Therefore I run in such a way, as not without aim; I box in such a way, as not beating the air; 27 but I discipline my body and make it my slave, so that, after I have preached to others, I myself will not be disqualified. ~ 1 Corinthians 9:24-27

Winners don't hold back. The 10 virgins of Matthew 25 who sleep trim down their wicks and don't burn much oil. While they sleep their lamps don't shine brightly. They also slept through the wedding.

More to follow, Lord willing!


  1. I was wondering if the burning house framed in the window could actually be the White House itself. With such movies as White House Down & Olympus Has Fallen it seems the Illuminati may be leveraging an attack where our beloved president lives. An assassination surely could be in the works especially since Barack has been compared to Abraham Lincoln.

  2. Great article, Bob.

    I always had the impression this video was somehow linked to the 2012 Olympics (i.e., a similar message, a similar "announcement"). Turns out the release date of the video is exactly 33 days before the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games. And 49 days (7x7) days from closing ceremony. Probably not a coincidence.

    1. Thanks Jeff, The numbers you mention are notable.