Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Seasonal Notes

The 13th day of the 1st month is a special day on the Lord's calendar. I haven't given January 13th much ink but there are signs that have been noted in connection with what's coming on the Lord's calendar. On the 13th, Aaron and I noted a sign that was unmistakable and entirely supernatural. I don't know if anyone else noted something similar, and I'm not going to elaborate on the nature of the sign, but if you did you'll know what I'm talking about. If you did, there may or may not be something personal meant by it but there is a reality where the corporate body and prophetic modeling factors in, and you may certainly ping the Lord for insight into anything He would have you to know about the matter.

Here's a couple items that follow up on some observations made in Part 35 - Celestial Stargates - False Flags in “I, Pet Goat II” about the map and the pin in the Gulf of Mexico. This is not meant to raise an alarm - unless you've been asleep.

If you can accept what I've proposed about Heliofant's embedding of a sequel to 9-11, what Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show reported about The Mother of All False Flag Attacks suggests their “I, Pet Goat II” vision is faithful to the plot. According to biblical prophecy, this activity fits the schedule as I understand it.

Before 4-4-15 arrives and the lawless one is revealed, America must be bounced, made to fall and rise again, substantially diminished in power and restructured according to a new global strategy. Because of what I received from the Lord about Daniel 8, I remain confident that whatever false flag events or other disasters may befall this country, America will not fall to the fullest extent until it boasts in the wake of a victorious military engagement with the second ram's horn of Daniel 8, Iran. Beyond learning that sequence, I have not received further insight about the time frame. According to the way this present Shemittah maps to the Creation Week and Millennial Week, an event matching to the great flood of Noah's day is on near approach, aligning with mid-late May of this present year. Since becoming convinced that the threatened Black Awakening is legitimate, matching it to epic flood on the Shemittah schedule was not difficult because I've noted the encoded warnings of the coming of a counter-flood.

I do see the Black Awakening as being very closely related to America's reset. According to the words of latter day prophets like Dumitru Duduman, Henry Gruver, A. A. Allen and many others, including dreams and visions Aaron and I have had, we're convinced that big trouble is coming, and we have a strong sense that it is now very near. We see signs that a pandemic is beginning to break out, by design, which will soften us up as individuals and as a population, adapting us to their control and bioforming us on the path toward full species conversion. As I've watched this season approaching I've tried to faithfully report what I see as a watchman, with Aaron alongside me for the past few years. We have not been jumping up and down, waving our arms to raise drama about the impending this or that, or shouting “We're all gonna' die unless we adopt a survival strategy!” Many of us will die, and we know that our survival is not really what matters. Are you convinced of it too?

Our ministering is largely according to inspiring and helping you discover whether you have yet come to love God, learning obedience. The Lord has many diverse plans for various folks and some have special missions in the last days, covert ops, it may be said. His provision has been and will continue to be timely and sufficient for the moment. Aaron and I intend to continue serving according to the Lord's provision of mercy and grace in whatever capacity and arena we are allowed. We pray to be found worthy when the Lord comes for His spotless Bride, whether dead or alive. We pray for those will be found worthy, and the 144,000 sons of Israel.

There's a certain wisdom in taking a "wait and see" approach to some things, but there's also a definite commitment required at certain times for which there is no substitute. I am assured that some will know when the Lord will come, in advance, and I've become very confident in pointing to 2015 for the Pesah Bride Theft-Barley harvest and Shavuot Wheat harvest. Have you done your own homework, pressing in to get it from the Lord Himself, with confirmation? If you have, not, you have been warned that there's not much time remaining before the opportunities we have now will pass. Look around. Place your bets.

If the Black Awakening is news to you, here's some good resources that are additional to what I've written on the blog. (Thanks Aaron)

If you feel anxious about the signs of this season drawing to a close, get to know my Lord and seek to enter into His secure embrace, who is the refuge. Have you read this: Your Final Exam - The Testimony of Gethsemane (3 of 3)


  1. For those readers not familar with the significance date of January 13th, there is a relation between this date in the Gregorian calendar, and the 13th day on the Lord's calendar. From what I know from here, January 13th would be a sort of precursor sign of the actual event, a sign of a sign, an alarm warning of the approach of the one who is to come.

    If this really is the final shemittah and Bob's hypothesis is correct, then there is reason to be very concerned. Satan is no fool and he has had thousands of years in the planning. There may not only be false prophets but false raptures as well (the concept of Project Bluebeam) that are orchestrated using fringe technology in an effort to deceive every human being (including the church) he can before he faces certain doom. Foreknowledge of times to prepare for this onslaught when it happens would be highly beneficial to avoid being deceived and caught off guard to pay the most horrible price.

  2. Couldn't have said it any better myself, brother. Thanks for all the support. I've always read and commented to my fellow saints about things the Lord has provided me through you, and will continue as long as the internet is available to all of us. May the Lord guide you two and your close ones in these last days. See you in the spirit someday. God bless!

    1. Thanks brother. I'm looking forward to the opportunities awaiting us!


  3. Hi Bob,

    With regards to your Celestial Stargate series posts, I thought I'd bring something to your attention.

    It's obviously no great trick to understand that the Golden Gate bridge correlates to the celestial Golden Gate. I already pointed out that it is painted orange which connects it to Lucifer.

    What I've just come to understand however, is that with everything happening in regards to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and "Bridgegate", The George Washington Bridge is the corresponding Silver Gate bridge.

    The LGBT movement is symbolized by the rainbow, and with it's epicenter located in San Francisco, this makes the Golden Gate Bridge a rainbow bridge of sorts.

    In The Apotheosis of George Washington painting located in the dome of the rotunda of the US Capitol building, George Washington is depicted sitting on a rainbow. Symbolically this makes the George Washington bridge another rainbow bridge, and in my opinion, the silver gate representative.

    That it is so prominent in the news is likely telling when combined with the understanding of the late hour we are in.

    One more thing. Both these bridges were built by Bethlehem Steel, making them symbols of the Lamb. Lambs tend to get sacrificed.