Friday, April 11, 2014

John 13 - Preparing for the Rooster to Crow

After reviewing what I posted yesterday I realized that the part of the study under revision where I started getting into John 13 wasn't very comprehensible. I apologize for being too hasty to publish it. It's been updated, so if you read an email version or read what I had prior to about 12:30 Eastern today (Friday the 11th), you may want to give it another reading, at least the part about Judas is Betrayed.

I don't have the next section ready to publish yet, but until then, there's plenty to learn from this interactive exhibit of John 13. This effort may help you while on watch for the sign this year (April 12-13, sunset to sunset), and if you're still around for the next, to find yourself experiencing it in reality, knowing what you're witnessing! If you're trusting in me or someone else to do your watching for you, you have missed the point of the exercise.

I begin to explain in Installment Two how John 13 is a complement to 2 Thessalonians 2, with Jesus providing an amazing demonstration of the baptism and anointing that reveals the lawless one. If you enjoyed the interactive exhibit of 2 Thessalonians 2 you should enjoy exploring this one of John 13. While I was on watch for the sign on the 13th day of the 1st month in 2008, I was very focused on working out this structure. The major insight into the pattern of the Shemitah count came at the end of that fruitful effort and the end of that very memorable day.

Truly, truly, I say to you, a rooster will not crow until you deny Me three times.It was a crushing insight. I understood that the season to follow would be frought with hardship as the Lord made His people ready. In another couple days, as I post this, 6 years will have passed since that revelation, with 1 more to go. What an incredibly difficult and yet richly rewarding season it has been, and what a year this will be as the Lord brings His precious saints through suffering to glory!

Here's a static image of that interactive exhibit of John 13's thematic patterns, with the highlighting illustrating two matching elements at the beginning and end of the chapter.

* Top Tips: When you explore John 13 - An interactive presentation of its thematic structure, you might find that the large number of lines makes this so tall that you're not able to see it all without scrolling up and down. Part of this can't be explored very well if you have to scroll because some paired elements are so far apart. Verse 1 matches to verses 33-38, and there's more detail in the symmetry of those elements that you'll miss. You can explore most of it with no problem, but to get the full benefit you'll want to see it all onscreen at once. Experiment with zooming out (a feature in your browser display settings) until it all fits. The look will be jumbled when you resize, but that can be easily fixed if you refresh the page. If that makes it too small to read, open another tab or window with a normal size version and refer to that.

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