Monday, April 28, 2014

Signs of the Season

We are now in the midst of a season of greatly heightened Satanic ritual, so stay on guard. The season of preparation has just past, where the victims chosen for sacrifice have been abducted and prepared. The Grand Climax extends from 4/26 to 5/1, and the rituals actually continue through 5/3. 4/30 is Walpurgisnacht, Roodmas Day or Beltane Eve, the greatest Witches Sabbat. May 1 is May Day, Beltane or Walpurgis Day.

Tuesday the 29th, there will be an annular solar eclipse that will add substantially to the Adversary's provisioning of this season as it is leveraged by Occult ritual.

Yesterday, the big event was in Rome where both Popes held a double canonization at the Vatican, sponsored by corporate interests. Their event was broadcast globally in 3D High Def projection from their 13 (rebel-lord-beast) cameras stationed around St. Peter's Square. It included a Mass with Eucharist, which I've just written about. I expose that ritual as a baptism and anointing of the beast that celebrates the implicit 13th day of the 1st month. (When Will the Lawless One be Revealed? Ninth Installment) The mark of the beast symbol surrounding the obelisk was filled with and surrounded by a million worshipers. Truly, a MASS ritual.

Related Observations

Man crushed to death by giant crucifix dedicated to Pope

The POPE/PROJECT BLUE BEAM/ In 6 Days Worldwide in 3D (BPEarthWatch)

John Paul II canonization sponsored by banks, oil giant

"Public displays in the modern era are rare. The last one was in 2010. The next one wasn't supposed to be until 2025, but Pope Francis caught the faithful off guard in December when he moved it up to next year, authorizing a three-month public exhibition that will begin April 19." (Showing of the shroud of Turin)

This past Saturday night, after the checkered flag waved ending the NASCAR Cup race in Richmond, VA (Virginia is for Lovers), two drivers had a fight. The driver of car #9 punched the driver of car #13 in the left eye. "Mears wore sunglasses for most of Sunday's event, but it was clear the punch left a gnarly bruise and swollen left eye." (source)

The 13 rebel-lord-beast as Horus, who rules with two eyes, i.e. Harmerty with his left eye darkened. The left eye was darkened by #9, which is the single digit number of the beast transformation. The transformation manifested in the black eye. The driver of #9 is Marcos Ambrose. “Mark us” with the mark of the beast. Ambrosia - nectar of the gods. He gave the other driver the mark, transforming him with a darkening of the left eye into Horus. The driver of #13 is Casey Mears. Double Code 33. C is the 3rd letter and M is a rotated 3 so CM ~ 33. Casey ~ KC and K is 11th letter and C is 3rd, so KC ~ 3*11=33.

Mears, the meaning of the name is someone who lived near a boundary, or pond - the beast seen rising from the sea. The car's main sponsor is Geico and a picture of their mascot is featured on the car's hood. It's a gecko, a lizard and reptile, of the serpent family. This one talks and walks upright and acts like a human, so it's a beast. The sponsor's schtick with the gecko is a confusion of identity, Geico ~ gecko so there's the (messianic) identity swap.

Of Interest

Anubis stationed at the Gateway to the West (See Series Links: Celestial Stargates)

MAY 16TH MARCH ON THE CAPITOL - “Peter in the Garden 2.0” - synched to the Black Awakening?


  1. Hi Bob, in the Big Eye of Horus Department, here's an interesting link which shows the protective covering inside the capital rotunda for upcoming maintenance and repairs. Go to:

    1. Wow! Thanks Ted. 5 layers of netting. Horus Eye will catch you.

      H ouse
      O f
      R epresentatives
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