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The Sign for the Bride - The Eighth Installment of the Revision

This installment continues from the previous one and concludes this revision of Part 1 of The Sign for the Bride, one of the core studies on
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The Particulars

For the few who are getting the foundation right by believing the truth and receiving the love of the truth in advance of the day of the break out event, entrance may be granted with much grace into that knowledge which is of a more specific nature. If you're fuzzy about how this works, you still haven't grasped the keys to developing a hearing ear, the simple but critical dynamic of the “Hear-Do cycle.” When it is written in Hosea 4:6 that, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” it's not some quantity of general knowledge they lacked but rather what was required for avoiding destruction, which is to say, what pertained to salvation in their specific situation. This can be identified with obedience on some level, which is truly a demonstration of sincere and genuine love. There are commandments and insights of both more and less universal kinds involved. In the season Paul entreated us about in 2 Thessalonians 2, it will be just that same way.

I have confidence that the Lord brings fit truth to all the right people at all the right times and in all the right ways. He can do this any way He wants, of course, because He's sovereign, but He brings us to a certain expectation by His faithfulness with a consistent record of preparing a people in advance of a work that comes together in the appointed time of need. I was made aware that I was being engaged in such an effort when He began to deal with me about the signs of the end times.

Earlier in this study I gave some attention to the subject of the particulars. In the section titled So That in his Time he will be Revealed I describe how the following verse offers a very subtle but key insight.

And you know what restrains him now, so that in his time he will be revealed. ~ 2 Thessalonians 2:6

If you are such a one who knows, really and truly knows, it's because you will have been entrusted with knowledge and understanding, extended on the basis of having received the love of the truth and believing the truth. You will have knowledge about what is meant by “in his time.” Until you are properly informed about that key element, you don't really know what restrains him now, so that in his time he will be revealed. Unless you personally qualify for access to the secret, you're denied that great treasure. Even if I set it plainly before you, you won't believe it. Oh, you may think you do, mentally ascending to a superficial and merely intellectual mode of acceptance, but the good stuff is the tight relationship with attending insight into the Lord's schedule of appointments that only comes through having earned His trust. There's no substitute for that. This is tightly secured behind the veil, reserved for those who come in to see the light.

The lawless one will be revealed on the 13th day of the 1st month on the Lord's calendar. There it is. In 2015. That's probably April 4, just under a year from now, as I write. If you are convinced, like most are, that no one will know such things, you're still in the state of sleep Paul described in 1 Thessalonians 5, which is to be deceived, lacking the necessary vision and hearing of the seeing eye and hearing ear. Some will know the times and seasons with confidence, but even that truth is sealed, hidden for protection. Knowing when the lawless one is going to be revealed, with the implicit character and relationship and wisdom that comes in this package deal, is the knowledge that is the countermeasure for the epic hoax.

The ballpark figures of the kind of timeframes being promoted in Tom Horn's Zenith 2016 and associated with the Blood Moon tetrad promoted by Mark Biltz have a purpose, and these kinds of works may be seen as providing general witnesses. Just before brother David Flynn “went on ahead,” I noted that he had come to correctly identify the year 2012 as marking the beginning of this transitional week of years. When the critical season arrives when details are critical, flirting with the truth and believing the truth are two very different things. “Missed it by that much,” is still missing it. The bent tip of a spear will cause it to be ineffectual even if it looks to most like it hits the target. Remember the foundation for knowing, which is valid and cannot be dismissed. What seems to so many saints now like matters with distinctions being made that are of no consequence will be found to be analogous to the edge of a cliff. From one perspective there's a very fine line separating the two sides. When seen from another perspective, the difference is vast. I've written of persecution and betrayal and sacrifice, and a simple mention of this in this context should suffice.

When I claim to know who won't be deceived and why they won't be, and that most of you won't believe it until it's too late, this is not me, making stuff up to sound dramatic. There is a love test in progress, dear saints. Do you love Him? Really? He's finding out. I pray we will find the Lord's grace in conviction.

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