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When Will the Lawless One be Revealed? Tenth Installment

This installment is part of the work of updating Part 2 of The Sign for the Bride, one of the core studies on You can find the study being updated here: When Will the Lawless One be Revealed? (The Sign for the Bride - Part 2).
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Judas - the music video by Lady Gaga features a strongly emphasized but cryptic scene of baptism and anointing

There's one last item to cover before moving on to focus on the part of the 13th day when Judas betrays Jesus. Lady Gaga's music video of her single “Judas” (from the “Born This Way” album in 2011) features a scene of the washing of feet that took place in the upper room with other imagery woven in that emphasizes what must be seen as a baptism and anointing.

Some recognize the part where Jesus, Gaga and Judas are in the tub as a faux-baptismal scene but is apparent to me that the entire sequence from 3:45 to ~4:19 is picturing the baptism and anointing of the lawless one. When you know how central that is to the story it's pretty obvious, and this demonstrates how the video is spilling the beans on what they know.

The producers understand about symbols, which are evident throughout in both the visual and audible layers. During the lengthy baptism sequence the dance music is interrupted, and through that technique of creating a void to leverage the dynamic of balance it's been given emphasis as something of great importance. It should be noted that the symbolism of the dramatic production also identifies to us that it's a working of ceremonial magick, and the meaning of the symbols reveals the purpose. With a featuring of Judas and the events of the day of revealing, this adds to the expanding sum of works that are preparing the world for the coming 13th day of the 1st month, when their beloved betrayer is scheduled to arrive.

Framing the issue - Catholics vs Lady Gaga. From Wikipedia: “Before its release, the Catholic League's president Bill Donahue criticized the music video for its portrayal of Gaga as Mary Magdalene. ...After its release, the Catholic League released a further statement stating: "In her 'Judas' video, Lady Gaga plays fast and loose with Catholic iconography, and generates several untoward statements, but she typically dances on the line without going over it. The faux-baptismal scene is a curious inclusion, as is her apparent fondness for the Jesus character."

The faux-baptismal scene is a curious inclusion” - so the Catholic League obviously isn't acknowledging the dark secret of the Eucharist. Is there a good guy in the conflict? No, but there's always skirmishes in the Enemy' camp and it makes for engaging theater. They are fellow sun cult worshipers of Horus. Is her eye makeup ambiguous? When the conspicuous baptism scene begins, it's at the 3:45 marker. Those numbers signal the production of Horus through the union of Osiris and Isis, and that's what the baptism scene pictures. Some rightly recognize Sandro Botticelli's “The Birth of Venus” and the link between Venus and Isis explains that connection, which is strengthened by the Mary Magdalene role-playing, the emphasis on her belly, the “Sacred Heart of Mary” costume and the “Born This Way” context.

The scenes of Lady Gaga performing in the baptismal tub provide us with the imagery of both a baptism and anointing (Luke 7:37-39, John 11:2, 12:3). This is the combination I've been giving a lot of attention! The flames that are featured in the scene suggest that the baptism in view is not only of water but also of the fire that is characteristic of the messiah's subsequent baptizing (Matthew 3:11).

The Catholic League recognizes the Catholic iconography. The Electric Chapel dance club is a Catholic church, making that a fit setting for the baptism/betrayal. Do I need to repeat that? While they don't acknowledge the dark secret of the Eucharist at least they recognize the faux-baptismal scene in the tub.

The script of the neon red Electric Chapel sign features the familiar flourishes concealing 666. Under the sign is the sun form alluding to the Gesu (t)IHS host bearing image. Electric Chapel - EC - Code 33. The word “electric” speaks to me of the supernaturalism of the light technology involved in the mislabeling-misdirection deception cloaking the sign for the Bride and the disarming hoax that precedes it in the Blitzkrieg style assault on the saints.

The classic circle X symbol of the mark of the beast is seen on the dance club floor on a shirt above an eagle that resembles the one on the great seal of the U.S.A. If you see that in the setting of Rome's Vatican City and St. Peter's Square you can identify it with the central obelisk that was sourced from Heliopolis in Egypt. Crowned eagles appear around the base and it is set in the center of a circle X figure.

Clearly, they know stuff - major stuff.

Another costumed dancer features the Baphomet or Goat of Mendes (and Satanic Pentacle - Duat - underworld) image on her shirt, which is an identity linked to the Romish Jesuit pontiff and to the spiritual head of that church. See above where collections of images compare Eliphas Lévi's Baphomet to Vicente Juan Masip's “Christ With Eucharist” and to the Coat of Arms belonging to Pope Francis, aka Jorge Bergoglio.

The establishing of the importance of baptism in the Judas scenario might be the top ranked feature of the video but the stoning of a bride to death makes that ranking a pretty close competition. This closing scene of the video has to seem nonsensical to those who don't understand what's coming in 2015. There are two sacrificial brides potentially in view. One is the anti-bride of chosen ones who love Judas and are prepared by the Illuminati programmers to survive the Black Awakening and to be the guard as the Swiss Guard is to the Vatican. She will sacrifice herself for his cause without hesitation. The other is the true Bride of Christ. Gaga had been playing the role of Mary Magdalene, the character Illuminists claim was secretly Jesus' lover. See the bride that is stoned to death by the religious zealots as the true Bride of Christ in that day, who will be sacrificed as a crop of barley plowed into the soil. See the stones on the ground around her?

Tom Horn is preparing to release a compilation titled Blood on the Altar, which is apparently about the coming persecution of the true church, perhaps even by others of the professing church. This is what's going to happen, but those persecuted will be the Bride, as pictured in the music video, not that multitude of saints who will deceived, asleep and drunk on the wine of Mystery Babylon in that day. There must be blood on the altar because the Bride's willing sacrifice, as her Bridegroom's before her, is necessary. Think about this, how that only a clean and worthy and holy sacrifice is acceptable. (Do you understand why Joseph's cup was found in Benjamin's sack of grain of salvation?)

The baptism demonstrated when Jesus dipped the bread is no secret to the Adversary. When you understand that modeling of the lawless one and the reproduction of the seed of the serpent through the mark of the beast, the Eucharist that is at the heart of the Catholic mass based upon that model is proof of that, and so is Lady Gaga's Judas video. The Devil continues to leverage his dark secrets about the day of revealing that is appointed for the next anniversary of “the last supper” on the Lord's calendar.

(For some reverse speech from that music video, see JUDAS - Lady Gaga - Put the pixel in me .)

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More to follow, Lord willing.

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