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Decoding Viva la Vida, Coldplay's song & “Liberty Leading Her People” (pt 1)

In this post I'm going to decode the main music video of the title song of Coldplay's 4th studio album. “Viva la Vida” has become the band's most successful song. When the symbolism of the song is understood the set may be seen better for what it was, an Occult ritual exaltation of Venus, the Marian goddess. You should know that what I'm going to show you isn't unique, but this is an example that it notable for its popularity and for the role it played during the London Paralympics. Vida la Vida was performed in a set with Strawberry Swing during the closing ceremony, and this post is supplemental to the ongoing series. The parts 44 and 45 of that series I recently posted to this blog are recommended reading.

Here's the primary official music video. I'll present the alternate supplemental version later.

Coldplay - Viva La Vida

The visual imagery of the video begins with a large red rose. Several more images of the rose appear occasionally throughout the video, which ends with the metaphor of the band as roses, losing petals in the wind. It begins and ends with the rose, and everything inside is related to it. The entire video is presented with a veneer of the characteristic cracks and tint of old paintings. Together with the background imagery and the band's attire it suggests the scene is taking place inside the painting featured on their album cover, “Liberty Leading the People," by Eugène Delacroix. The connection between the rose and the painting has to do with the symbolic woman who waves the flag, Liberty. She is also known in France by the name, Marianne. “Marianne” is a portmanteau of Maria, or Mary, and Inanna. She is the ancient rose goddess who is becoming most widely venerated today as the Virgin Mary. The band is identified with the revolutionaries who are led by the rose goddess, and with the rose goddess herself as the petals drift off in the final scene.

Plenty more goddess imagery appears. The string instruments have bodies that suggest the hourglass figure of the female. The electric guitar female body displays a red letter V, for Virgin, for Venus-Aphrodite, and for Victory, as Victoria-Nike. Chris Martin wears a red V on his shirt to mark him as hers. The cello and violin are played with a bow, which suggests the bow and arrow goddess Artemis-Diana. At 44 seconds in, an Isis numbering marker, he looks up to the heavens and hand-signals a subtle V to his mouth. A couple seconds later he gestures another V with two fingers. Churchill's V for Victory - Victoria. Some would call it a peace sign, given what he's singing at the moment, and it is - a sign of the Queen of Peace. That same gesture was making the triangle eye - the Horus Eye. That's the sodomite gateway to illumination and, in the context, probably linked to what's called the Peace of Mary and Illuminati mind-control programming. He flashes another V at 1 minute in and then strikes his first “bent elbow” W goddess pose of the video at 1:05. That's the signature posture of Inanna-Ishtar. A brief second later, at 1:06, he gestures some owl ears to confirm the reference to Ishtar. The rings of string bracelets and the banding on their arms makes further reference to Ishtar. When Chris is awkwardly throwing his arms out behind him he's modeling a delta wing, making a V and bee wings, as a servant and soldier bee of the Queen's hive. Images of the rose pass through the background. More goddess dancing bee W-goddess moves follow, with a hands crossed over the chest at 2:04 to add another goddess gesture. At 2:50 we see the sky opening for a Marian apparition, with Chris doing a little hand magick in our faces. At 3:33 we see him worshipfully raise his hands against the mystical backdrop of the appearing goddess.

A hobbyist Masonic archivist stated it very simply in SYMBOLISM OF THE BEE.
“In Christian allegory a queen bee sometimes represents the Virgin Mary, the hive symbolizing the Church.”

If you're interested in researching the bee goddess here are two very useful resources.
  • Beedazzled + Beewildered + Beegotten by Andrew Gough
  • The Venus Blueprint by Richard Merrick. This excellent book decodes the symbolism of the Rosslyn Chapel, demonstrating how two major themes involve the bee and hive and the Venus Rose.

Even the drum and bell instruments support the goddess theme. The cymbal and drums of the goddess Rhea were said to attract and dispel swarms of bees. Bell or Belle is used in many names to reference the goddess. It means, beautiful (like the name Frida), and makes reference to Venus-Aphrodite. Examples abound; Annabelle, Marybelle, Isabelle, Bella (Twilight franchise), Maybelle and Maybelline, Lisabelle, Tinkerbell... The bell and drum are also used for witchcraft. The bell is used magically for evoking demon gods and goddesses and even as a supernatural weapon. Drumming raises energy for the ritual.

If you examine what the goddess Liberty carries in the featured painting you'll notice how a rose is concealed within the red of the flag. I don't doubt that Chris Martin is aware of that fact, and what it means on more than one level. What do you think inspired the video opening scene's morphing-fluttering red rose, or is it just there for no reason? Liberty is the rose goddess they worship and serve, aka Mary. Hiding the rose makes it occult, by definition.

The hidden rose emphasizes the secrecy represented by the expression, sub-rosa, under the rose. Under the secret rose of the flag you can find another hidden symbol in her fluttering garment. The ends cross, forming an X. It's the mark of the sun god Horus, but let's connect the dots. The esoteric scene presents us with the rose cross ~ rosy-cross ~ Rosicrucian. Too subtle? The artist painted himself into the scene. He is the resolute looking fellow wearing the stove-pipe hat and holding a musket. The meaning of the name, Delacroix, is, “of the cross.” He placed himself in the scene sub-rosa, under the rose, secretly. Where does “of the cross” appear in relation to the hidden rose and the other hidden cross? That's not very subtle. Was the artist telling us that his companions in the illuminated brotherhood of the thorn bush kind were secretly behind the revolution, as inspired and led by the goddess? That's how the symbols read. Delacroix was a member of the National Guard, and it seems likely that the Rosicrucians, with the Marian Jesuits, were manipulating the conflict from every angle - as led by the goddess Mary, “their rebellion.”

Here's an excerpt from: The False Prophet Azazel by John of the Gentiles.

Appendix A - The Rose Cross of Azazel
“According to an esoteric reading of the Tarot, a Red Rose represents Venus (Azazel‘s human wife), while a Red Cross represents the angel Azazel. The combined Rose-Cross in one respect represents the sexual union of Azazel and his human wife. The word 'Rosicrucian,' is German for 'Rose Cross,' a term synonymous with Red Cross. In addition to this, the word 'rose' is an anagram for Eros, the name of the Greek god of Love, who was the first born son of the angel Azazel and of his human wife. The 18th Degree in Freemasonry is commonly known as the Rose-Croix (Rose Cross), a fact showing the relation to and establishing a link between these two seemingly diverse organizations.”

Elsewhere, the author identifies Azazel with Horus, I believe rightly.

The musket Marianne carries in her other hand is fitted with a bayonette. She is Athena-Minerva, goddess of war. The secret form presented is that of a lightning bolt, that weapon of Zeus that is also associated with the goddess. A related example of Liberty holding lightning is the Statue of Liberty, who holds a torch whose flame is the imprisoned lightning, according to the poem associated with her.

“A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.”

In that first verse of the poem she is the mother of exiles, and I believe this makes reference to the exiled Nephilim, who are being welcomed. The poem was written by Emma Lazarus. I find it interesting that the name Lazarus is associated with resurrection, which is very much the Queen Bee goddess thing. It's also associated with Spiritualism and punishment in the Bible. Relevant. I believe Emma is a goddess name. It certainly is today! The Goddess Emma? Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson merged to create 'internet goddess'.

The Statue of Liberty is an idol of the goddess honored by Delacroix and Chris Martin. It's linked to France in that exact period of time of the featured painting, and with Freemasonry as the French brotherhood's gift to their brothers in America. She is the goddess of their common revolution. She bears a torch and a tabula ansata, a tablet evoking the law. What law is this? Upon that tabula ansata is inscribed the date of the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776. A broken chain lies at her feet. Her law is rebellion. She is the Spirit of 76, and 7+6=13, rebellion. She is Mary, their rebellion.

What is meant by Liberty is a freedom from tyrannical rule, but in the context of those who follow the goddess and operate in the way of the occult, Liberty really represents a rebellion against the authority of the one true sovereign God. Their exalted revolution is intended to secure freedom from what is seen as the ultimate tyrant by seizing His throne. Being in charge, they hope to live forever and escape judgment and the due consequences of their wicked deeds.

The goddess sponsors this revolution as she makes way for the entrance of the Antichrist beast. This is what Coldplay is promotion with their revolutionary theme and symbols of the rose and bee.

Marxist art historian Giulio Carlo Argan defined “Liberty Leading the People” as the first political work of modern painting. Maybe, but beyond the politics of revolution it's a significant occult religious painting, and Coldplay is not the first to leverage it. For Americans, Howard Chandler Christie's poster, History of America, is clearly derivative, illustrating my country's national goddess composite of Nike-Athena who was usually called Columbia or Freedom. Patriots are following the goddess spirit of rebellion, or Mary, if you will.

So-called Christian patriotism is rampant in America, even amongst most of what I call the bike lane collective. Steve Quayle and Pastor Lankford and the Hagmanns have been blasting those who believe what was written to us in Romans 13 about civil obedience. They encourage picking up the sword, as Jim Wilhelmsen and Russ Dizdar. Those who live by the sword will die by the sword. Is my God not able to bring down even the walls of Jericho with the sound of voices and trumpets if he wills, or destroy the entire army of Egypt without a single sword being raised? Have they never read Matthew 26:52 in context? It's not a question of whether one is afraid of dying by the sword. It's a matter of trusting in the Lord, not presenting a show of bravado. It's about finding your life that is of the greater value!

For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it; but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it. ~ Matthew 16:25

Where else have we seen the red V symbol featured in the video? Have you ever seen the film, V for Vendetta? The bloody red V is set inside a circle. The circle itself is a goddess symbol. Their version conceals the head of an owl, the mark of Occult goddess worship. Alan Moore is responsible for the comic book and film. He has openly admitted to being a wizard and communicating with extradimensional beings. The main character of V for Vendetta stages revolutionary actions against the government. He's known as V, and we are led to see this as the Roman numeral of a room where he was kept. The number 5 is linked to Venus because of the points of the rose it traces out in the heavens. He leaves red roses with the victims he assassinates. Do you see the connections here? He wears a Guy Fawkes mask and follows in that revolutionary's footsteps. Guy failed in the famous Gunpowder Plot of 1605. “Remember, remember, the 5th of November...” the poetic tribute goes. Guy was a Catholic, leading Catholics in a revolt against King James I in attempt to install a Catholic Queen on the throne. It was a revolt led by the worshipers of Mary. You're connecting the dots with Viva la Vida, right?

Where else have we seen the red V symbol? In the TV series, “V” (for Visitors), the reptilian sky Queen was named Anna. Namesake: Inanna. She had a daughter named Lisa and her mother was named Diana. Three goddess names, three generations, modeling the Maiden, Mother, Crone. (Another example of triple goddess naming is in The Matrix, with the character named Trinity.) I'm not suggesting these are simply bad names but informing you how they are used in signal contexts. The blood red V is for 5-Venus and Victory, and ultimately through the Isis-Horus & Mary-Jesus (her counterfeit) in the bringing of their hopeful triumphant result of Victory over death. The Visitors were duping the world with false promises of healing, which has always been linked to the goddess apparitions. Another promised involved a gift of Blue Energy that would solve many problems, which I believe is linked to the blue-skinned goddess Shiva-Kali. I believe there is a connection between the V - for visitors and the Latin name Viator, meaning, “voyager, traveler,” which is the masculine form of, Beatrice, (Princess BEE - Great Britain) and, Beatrix, (Queen BEE - Netherlands).

The revolution, bee and rose themes are repeated in the song's official alternate video. After decoding that one I'll attend to the lyrics.


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