Monday, July 21, 2014

Some words about our time

We in America as around the world are witnesses to judgment being poured out, and the severity is escalating. I don't write about it every day because I have little to add to what I've already declared over the past several years. If you read the blog and pay close attention you'll see what you may have overlooked because you weren't ready to accept it - about judgment and sin.

On forums and blogs and videos there's a lot of chatter about what's coming, and it doesn't take much imagination to see that the social order around the globe is crashing. The flooding of the southern border of the US should be an obvious indicator that there's no intent to fix this country but rather the intent is to break it. The Gaza and other conflicts will expand. The US and Iran will engage, and first Iran then the US will fall. Daniel 8. In April, 2015, things will come to a head. The lawless one of 2 Thessalonians 2 will be revealed. If you're shaky on that, you've probably been paying too much attention to the wrong things. You have no idea how precious that knowledge is, which the Lord guards closely.

What about IMF Chief Christine Lagarde's speech touching on the magic number 7? (Gods final warning :Are the gates of hell about to be open July 18-27) What about SIRI was programmed to report about July 27, 2014 - is it true that the gates of Hades will open? Maybe to some degree, but the indicators I see clearly connect that with the opening of the Silver Gate, when Horus/Azazel comes through as the anointing of the Antichrist. The LHC is scheduled to be running at that time at double the power of the previous run, which has a definite bearing.

All the energy harvested in the mass rituals of magick entertainments, blood sacrifices in private, open crimes on individuals and groups, viral pandemic ops and military ops will fill the cup with blood. The goddess of the Marian apparitions is rising to a preeminent position and drawing all men and women to herself. All alike, barring the Bride and 144k sons of Israel will be drawn into her deceptive spells, as unlikely as that may seem to you.

If you've waited until now, when so many things loom as critical threats, to get accounts settled with people in the sight of God, according to the direction of the Lord Jesus Christ, I suggest you get to it straight away. Forgive what must be forgiven. Give what must be given. And perhaps, hold accountable who must be held accountable, in the way they must be with love. Do what is right in His sight and repent of making excuses.

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