Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Sign of the Queen of Heaven - now published to The Open Scroll

The fruit of my labors of the past few months are starting to be published. New additions to The Open Scroll website site include a study titled, The Sign of the Queen of Heaven. There is a worldwide phenomena where the Mary venerated by the Vatican is drawing everyone to herself - and this extends way beyond Catholicism. The mechanisms of promotion extend beyond the Romish church to include even Cris Putnam, who ministers alongside Tom Horn. (See the section titled, Trending Paranormal as Spiritualism - “The Supernatural Worldview”)

The related study, Our Lady of the Olympics, was published to the website a few days ago, which documents the hidden agency of Mary in the wildly popular Olympics.

As Mystery Babylon the Great comes to maturity, her ecumenical work prepares the world for when she will direct us to her son, whom the Papal False Prophet beast will baptize in an Antichrist anointing. Note, to be armed with knowledge such as this is not enough. There will be no substitute for what attends being rightly informed of the times and seasons.

Another new addition to the website is a study titled, The Dark Secret of the Eucharist and the Rite of Communion, which was formerly part of a larger work, When Will the Lawless One be Revealed? (The Sign for the Bride - Part 2). The updating of that lengthy work has been completed. Another new study split off that same work is The Sign of the Crossed Comets Hale-Bopp and Hyakutake.


  1. Is Washington dc laid out in a right triangle symbolizing the 47th problem of the Euclid? To usher in this new age?

    1. I think so, plus lots of specific Isis-Venus-Mary elements, like the pentagram and owl around the Capitol.