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Decoding Viva la Vida, Coldplay's song & “Liberty Leading Her People” (pt 2)

Continuing from part one, in this post I'll illustrate how the revolution, bee and rose themes are repeated in Coldplay's Viva la Vida official alternate video, then decode the lyrics.

Coldplay - Viva La Vida (Anton Corbijn Version)

The Anton Corbijn version complements the other official video. The painting that provided the background for that one, which is also featured on the album cover, is featured throughout. The king carries it around as his most cherished posession and a link to the past, putting it on display in various scenes. Identifying the setting and the identity of the king helps interpret the symbols.

The church-like building is the Ridderzaal (Hall of Knights), the main building of the 13th century Binnenhof in The Hague, Netherlands. It supplies the three themes of the revolution, the bee and the rose. The round window is called a rose window, and that one features the 8 rayed star pattern of the goddess. There are lion symbols adorning it and the other buildings, another symbol of the goddess. The Ridderzaal has long been used for the state opening of Parliament on Prinsjesdag (Prince's Day) , which is the third Tuesday of September. With Tuesday being the 3rd day of the week, Code 33 is stamped on the event. The royal throne is located inside the Ridderzaal. When the video was made, Queen Beatrix was the monarch, who ruled from 1980 to 2013. Her throne bore the letter B. Queen Bea, B, or Bee. If you never heard of her, you should know that she's a member of the Bilderberg Group, which was co-founded by her father. The secretive group of elites meets in the Netherlands in Oosterbeek in the Hotel de Bilderberg. From what little has been reported about their activity, sedition and global revolution seem to be their purpose.

Revolution and bees are highlighted in the identification of the king, as portrayed by Chris Martin. Students of history will readily identify him as Napoleon's brother, Louis Napoleon Bonaparte. Martin's crown and mantle (which he wears over the same clothes he wears in the other official video), resemble those of the French sovereigns of that Napoleonic period. In 1830, when Delacroix's, Liberty Leading the People, was painted, Louis was in exile. He had been appointed by his brother as the King of Holland, reigning from 1806 to 1810. The French had occupied the Hague, and King Louis would have sat upon the throne in the Ridderzaal. The orange pendants seen in the video illustrate how the monarchy had returned after his departure to the dynasty of William the Orange. The red, white and blue pendants in one scene indicate the rule of France. The downward triangle shaped pennants are feminine and more subtle goddess symbols.

The Star of Inanna is evident in the iconic badge of the Napoleonic era, as you see in this painting of King Louis.

In this screenshot from the video, we see him adoring the rose goddess Liberty in the painting. He wears the bee-adorned mantle and the bee-fleurs-de-lis Marian crown, which I'll elaborate on shortly. He's at the seashore (the birth of Venus - Stella Maris) and flashing us a V to signify that she is Venus.

Botticeli painted, The Birth of Venus, and included both the scallop shell and rose symbols of the goddess as she floated ashore.

The Mormons, with their grand Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, adore the Bee Goddess. They identify themselves with the word, Deseret (Deseret Industries), which comes from the Egyptian word for honeybee. They combine the scallop shell with the beehive on doorknobs. Doorknobs are the mechanism of opening doors, it should be noted. Holiness to the Lord. (click image for high-res) Not really my Lord, and not really holiness.

Back to the video imagery. Chris plays King Louis as obsessed with the painting and with the Hague, and acts rather depressed. The following excerpts from Wikipedia offer some insight into Chris' portrayal of the exiled King.

“His request to visit the Netherlands was denied several times by King William I of the Netherlands, but King William II of the Netherlands allowed him a visit in 1840. Although traveling in the Netherlands under a false name, some people found out that it was their former king, which led to a cheering crowd gathering under the window of his hotel room. It is said that he was quite moved by this demonstration of affection from his former subjects.”

“Louis supposedly had a poor mental condition at times, and supposedly suffered from periods of mental illness. Louis's "poor mental condition" may have been periods of depression caused by trying to hide his homosexuality or bisexuality. These periods of depression or mental instability (records fail to distinguish) would plague Louis, and consequently Napoleon, until his death.”

Because another key identity of Viva la Vida is Frida Kahlo (Part 45 - 2012 London Paralympics - “Our Lady of Coldplay” - and Frida Kahlo), who was also bisexual, there's another theme to be added to the others. This sexual “diversity” is common to many Marian goddess worshipers. Romans 1 speaks loudly about our day.

Napoleon was known as The Bee. The dark spots on the white part of Chris' robes are actually bees. They are broadly claimed to be a symbol of immortality and resurrection, and the connection must be made to the bee goddess. Chris' crown is identified with the fleurs-de-lis, which is most likely a form derived from both the bee and the bundled reeds of Ishtar. The fleurs-de-lis is a symbol of Mary to the Catholics.

The Coat of Arms of King Louis abounds with goddess symbolism. There's an 8 point star of Ishtar along with several other rosettes and bee-fleurs-de-lis, bees, a pair of lions and a pair of eagles on the blazon, and swords (Athena-Minerva). The scepter is crossed with a hand sign of Horus that represents the union of Isis and Osiris that produces Horus, whose mark is the X of that crossing. The white glove represents the isolation from their wicked deeds done in secret, their apearance of purity that a whitewashed selpuchre exhibits.

The lighthouse represents the torch and illumination of the goddess, and the reflecting surface of the water is the mirror named in the lyrics, an Aphrodite symbol, as well as signaling “as above, so below.”

When he lets his bee adorned robe flutter in the breeze he is miming the bee in flight.

Chris appears like a giant in a couple scenes at The Hague. This complements and explains a puzzling line in the lyrics, spilling the beans about the real subject, a much more ancient ruler who is in exile, asleep as in a kind of death, and who will arise and return. He will be received with more acclaim than with King Louis' reception in 1840 in the Netherlands!

Lyrics aside, to say that the alternate video draws heavily from Depeche Mode's, Enjoy the Silence, would be an understatement. Anton Corbijn directed that one too, which was released in 1990.

Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence (Official Music Video)

That video provides more support for the analysis above. What is meant by “The Silence” is demonstrated in the closing scene. The king comes out of the darkness and declares, “Enjoy the Silence,” putting his finger to his lips. He strikes the classic Harpocrates pose, who is the boy Horus. Leading up to that we see very brief flashes of a long stemmed rose. The rose appears on the covers of the single and album cover (Violator - ! VIOlaTOR - and note that LA=12+1=13). The goddess, playing a supporting role behind the scenes. The wandering king wears the France's royal crown and robe like what Chris Martin wears in the derivative alternate Viva la Vida video, so the ornamental bees and comparable fleurs-de-lis and the The Royal Bee are given attention. He passes by trees, goddess symbols. He passes by one that presents a huge V as he walks. 5-Venus, Victory, the Virgin Mary, Viator, the voyager or traveler, Beatrix, Beatrice, BEE. Instead of a painting, Depeche Mode's king carries a wooden framed beach chair, which is what you sit in when you're on the beach gazing at the surf. It's a symbol of the adoration of Venus, born of the sea foam. Mary draws the world to herself, uniting them. The point is demonstrated at the end, with Harpocrates. The Silence is their great secret, modeled over and again. Horus is returning from exile to claim his throne. The rose-bee seafoam goddess brings him into the world.

In 1990, a promotional video for "Enjoy the Silence" was shot by French TV (for the TV Show "Champs-Élysées" with Michel Drucker) featuring Depeche Mode lip-syncing the song while standing atop the World Trade Center at the WTC rooftop World observatory. ” (Wikipedia) How appropriate, for a promotion of Mystery Babylon, the Harlot who fornicates with the kings and merchants of the earth.

Let's give the lyrics of the song some consideration.

Viva La Vida Lyrics (my comments in parenthesis)

I used to rule the world (The sun god with His Queen consort)
Seas would rise when I gave the word (lunar tides - the moon goddess)
Now in the morning I sleep alone (the morning star becomes the evening star)
Sweep the streets I used to roam (black awakening)

I used to roll the dice (reference to the work of illuminated French poet, Stéphane Mallarmé. “A roll of the dice will never abolish chance”)
Feel the fear in my enemy's eyes (threatening offensive might being wielded)
Listen as the crowd would sing
"Now the old king is dead! Long live the king!" (The intended outcome of the revolution, which is the overturning of the sovereign God's authority and installing of the created Lucifer on the throne through his son: Osiris, raised-transformed-returned from exile as Horus through the regenerative magick of Isis. )
One minute I held the key (Revelation 9 - key to the abyss - the goddess)
Next the walls were closed on me (bound under the earth for an appointed 70 generations)
And I discovered that my castles stand
Upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand (Reference to Sodom, Lots wife. The castle-fortress-abode has no enduring foundation)

(chorus 1)
I hear Jerusalem bells are ringing
Roman Cavalry choirs are singing (Reflecting on 70 AD when the armies of Roman's Titus destroyed Jerusalem and reduced the Temple to fine rubble in the sacking of her plunder. A perceived triumph as a notch in the Adversary's belt. The ZION concealed in Olympic logos compares as an expression of their desire to lay seige to the holy city in a coup d'etat. This is the seditious Jesuit and secretly militant Romish church's game plan. Ave Maria.)
Be my mirror, my sword and shield (Mirrors = Venus-Aphrodite-Hathor, petitioning Mary as the able leader into battle as Victory, Liberty and Columbia and Freedom )
My missionaries in a foreign field (conquistadors, the army of priests establishing missions, and Mary herself - the able recruiter, drawing, drawing...)
For some reason I can't explain
Once you go there was never
Never an honest word (He is of the character of his father, the father of lies, incapable of being straight up. “You” could tell the truth, but once you go, there's never an honest word. He's not able to explain because that would be telling the truth, and he must lie.)
And that was when I ruled the world (And so it will be on his return)

It was the wicked and wild wind (4 winds of the 4 corners of the earth - dimensional construct)
Blew down the doors to let me in (dimensional breach)
Shattered windows and the sound of drums (the acoustic effect)
People couldn't believe what I'd become (the Antichrist)
Revolutionaries wait (Revolutionaries - codeword for Marian goddess worshipers bent on overthrowing the Creator.)
For my head on a silver plate (allusion to John the Baptist reprised, the counterfeit, the papal beast and False Prophet. John the Baptist was killed because of a king's promise to a dancer, and her evil mother. Salome has become a symbol for dangerous female seductiveness. Mary-Athena-Minerva -- Queen Jezebel. Also alludes to the fatal wound to the head of the beast, healed. The healing is a goddess thing.)
Just a puppet on a lonely string (marionette ~ MARIANette - Lonely? The Lonely Goatherd marionette show from The Sound of Music film, run by Maria. Also, the implied lotus-apple blossom president-king from I Pet Goat II. The “hanging goddess” is Ariadne, and Artemis)
Oh, who would ever wanna be king? (doomed to destruction - not a great finish)

(chorus 2)
I hear Jerusalem bells are ringing
Roman Cavalry choirs are singing
Be my mirror, my sword and shield
My missionaries in a foreign field
For some reason I can't explain
I know Saint Peter won't call my name (The fallen ones are not appointed for salvation. There is a restoration of all things, but that doesn't change the truth that no salvation is appointed for them.)
Never an honest word
But that was when I ruled the world

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

(repeat chorus 2)

In closing, the reference to Mallarmé in the rolling of the dice deserves some more attention, but that's another post.

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