Friday, February 17, 2017

Our YouTube-ification Project Goal has been reached!

We've just reached our goal in the effort to convert and present our HD videos on our YouTube channel. Most of them have had to be "decontented" to appease the "content owners" but even though they are compromised the response to them indicates that this has been a worthwhile enterprise. We still host the full pristine versions ourselves but for those who can't easily find or download them can at least discover and watch the "Youtube-ified version.

You can find all our video and audio including YouTube videos and playlists on the Video & Audio Content page on

Here are some of the latest additions.

What is "Back to the Future" Really About? - Part 7 - Secret of the Flux Capacitor & Buckaroo Bansai

Decoding Rocky Horror Picture Show (Part 1) - Time Warp as Trauma-Based Mind-Control and Ritual

The Dark Side of The Sound of Music - Pinecone-Pineal Illumination


  1. Flux=copious flow, capacitor=stores electricity, root word means stores a lot.
    Looks like the Mercedes sym. (Hevenly chariot). Or interdimensional vehichle. Which would be true ish if one was to have a fatal crash. Rotational symmetry, the guys at cern are into this. Staue of shiva dancing at the door. Kali (namesake of California, in my opinion) goddess of time, creation, destruction, and power, is shiva's consort. California sets the trends. Movies and music/programming flow copiously from there. Where the sun goes down. San fran out door/death worship/golden gate(way) bridge(bi frost, symbolizes the crossing of water(time) by controlling it(13). Rocky(trans/10/Q/androgenous, Blasphemous counterfeit). Time Warp/wormhole/#13 etc. Weapons of cali say lots.

  2. Ps queen b was dancing on shiva at grammies. She was doing a time warp again!