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Decoding: ReviveR® VIEW AED Logo

This cheery yellow emergency medical device (Cintas - ReviveR® View AED) is charged in more ways than one. It's a defib device designed to provide a high voltage discharge, and it is evident from the Occult symbolism present that it's demonically charged. During SRA programming of the kind related to Monarch and MKUltra, victims are often subjected to shock treatments, which facilitates the programming proccess in various ways. Whether this actual device is being used for such activity is something I can only speculate about, but it seems likely, given the symbolic imagery. It features the Eye of Horus, also known as the Eye of Ra. It is presenting the sex magick kind of CPR, the bringing forth of Horus and what Aleister Crowley considered to be a 'cipher' of the Great Work of a magician, which is a great evil.

The comments and insights fielded in response to introducing this Pop Quiz were excellent. Very well done! (If I didn't repeat an observation here, it's not because it wasn't deemed valid or significant, just not necessary to repeat. Folks can study the comments for more insight.)

In the logo-wordmark, if we separate the design into two parts we find that one matches the other. The heart and what's inside it matches what's outside it. The heart is a butt symbol. What is inside features the dot of the "i" in, ReviveR, which is the "i" or Eye of Horus. That dot is graphically well placed inside the heart-as-bum to picture the anus that is the anatomical version. Outside the heart we read, Re-eR VIEW, which is to say, rear view, meaning, a view of the rear. What's outside the heart is like a caption for what's inside.

The image is the butt presented for sodomy, because this is what the power button symbol that appears right underneath it represents, the phallus penetrating the orifice.

This is about the Sodomite Gateway. The word, VIEW, is there because one of the valued benefits of the exploitation of the sodomite gateway has to do with remote viewing, seeing as with the all-seeing Eye of Horus.

In the picture of the procedure there's an Info Icon, the letter. "i" Homonym. It's an EYE. The color is orange, linking the "i" to ritual sodomy. The shape presented by the woman who performs the procedure is that of the heart. It's repeating the heart i theme, not unlike the iHeart radio brand - the butt eye!

The Horus Eye is also known as the Eye of Ra, which name is also spelled, Re. There are two instances of his name in the title, which flank the heart as a mirrored pair, with even the final R capitalized to highlight that feature. He's the sun god, and the sun yellow color of the device supports that identity. That the word, ReviveR, is a palendrome, reading the same both forward and backward. As being mirrored, the reflected image bears witness to the Hermetic Maxim, As Above, So Below. This also exhibits the natural balance prized in magickal workings.

The charge of energy inherent in the device identified by the logo-wordmark is suggested as being demonic. The emergency device is used to keep a person from dying when they have suffered a heart attack. After their heart has stopped beating this charge revives them, thus, Reviver name.

Consider the fictional account of Frankenstein, how the monster was brought to life with the lightening charge. Frankenstein - It's Alive!

The AED presents a potent allegory, which involves the life and Eye of Ra, and Eye of Horus. The picture featured on the device of the procedure supports this. The man reclined on the table and the woman performing the revival technique bears witness to Osiris being raised into Horus by Isis. The usual device pictured in ancient times was the ankh, and the this AED appears to be the functional equivalent, in symbol.

609a. To say: O Osiris N., arise.
609b. Horus comes; he reclaims thee from the gods. Horus has loved thee,
609c. he has equipped thee with his eye; Horus has adapted to thee his eye.
610a. Horus has opened for thee thine eye that thou mayest see with it.
610b. The gods have bound to thee thy face; they have loved thee.
610c. Isis and Nephthys have healed thee.
~ Utterance 364 of The Pyramid Texts

“Osiris N.” identifies the one being raised in the ceremony, like a Pharaoh. The healing is from death, obviously, and in this you should see the potent metaphor of the AEM as the ankh.

There is also a magick word involved, according to the gematria system of Aleister Crowley and his Thelema. We'll get to that but not just yet.

Inside the heart we find, viv, which is the root that signifies, life. Given that this imagery is fundamentally about the sodomite gateway, the kind of life indicated is that of Luciferian illumination, which comes through the kundalini-pineal activation. It may be seen that every use of this Occult branded AED is a ritual kundalini Illumination and raising to life by the magick Thoth taught Isis to use - in symbol, of course, but that doesn't mean there is nothing more to it.

There's another side of the energy schematic in play with this device. Here's an excerpt from, Deeper Insight into the Illuminati Formula, by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler.

“The Illuminati believe that they can suck the life spirit out of a person through intercourse with what they call the Eye of Horus (the anus). This is why the leaders of this World Order (such as George Bush, Bill Clinton, and tens of thousands of others) are into sodomy, they are trying to vampirize all the years of life out of the victim to gain a longer life. Some of the sad child victims, who have been kept exclusively for this purpose do look like the life force has been sucked out of them. Sodomy has its own secret chamber on the cabalistic tree of life. ”

According to the principle of how the witch-magician casting a spell projects energy through the symbol, the energy flows from those influenced by the symbol back to those who cast the spell. You might think this is just imaginary, but you would be wrong. The Bible doesn't condemn these practices for no reason. Using sodomite gateway symbols aligns the energy sucking symbol with the life sucking sodomy. Ritual butt raping energy vampirism. This is why the Occultists are obsessed with wallpapering our environment with this kind of imagery. It works, and it's potent.

Let's consider some of the esoteric numerology and the magick word that is concealed in the appearance of the device.

Outside the heart we find the mirroring of Re. The value of Re is 18 +5 or 23. This is the number of sex chromosomes. This is doubled in the mirroring, and the 46 produced is the number of chromosomes in the body's cells. It's the biological numbering of life and sexual reproduction. Inside the heart we read, viv - LIFE - and this is surrounded by the symbol of life and sexual reproduction! If you see that as some kind of weird coincidence, read through this post again and put it all together.

“Give 18 Compressions”
The number 18 transforms to 666 because 6+6+6=18. I see in this instruction the embedding of Code 418. Four letters, followed by 18. 418 Crowley says he took great interest in ABRAHADABRA, and its qabalistic number 418. In the Book of Thoth, Crowley refers to Abrahadabra as a 'cypher' of the Great Work. The word appears several times in the 1904 invocation of Horus that preceded Crowley's writing of Liber Legis, upon which Thelema was founded.

The numbering of 18 is magically resonant with the 18th letter, the letter R, which appears with emphasis in the wordmark, ReviveR, because title case is applied in both directions in the palendromic mirroring.

I believe another Thelemite code is intended by the wordmark-logo, the conventional greeting of 93. This may be signaled very simply in letters as IC or RX, which are the 9th and 3rd letters when A is 1 and then when z is 1. The addition of the word, VIEW, extends the Eye of Horus to emphasize how it is the seeing eye. ReviveR View ~ Eye See ~ IC ~ 93. The Eye of Horus has long been represented as the Wedjat mimicking sigil of Rx. ReviveR ~ Eye of Horus ~ Rx ~ 93.

Another complex transformation identifies the Mark of the Beast code 666. Inside the heart, we find, viv. If you consider how the letter v is often used to signal 6, as the value of the Hebrew letter, vav, and how the letter i is the 9th letter in our English alphabet, this produces from viv the number, 696 that further transforms to 666. This 666 (Revelation 13:18) connected with the implementation of the mark of the beast will involve a genetic merger. Recall how inside the heart we read, viv - LIFE - and this is surrounded by the symbol of life and sexual reproduction (Re + eR as 23 + 23)!

There's a few more observations about gematria that should be made. When A is 1, the value of the word, ReviveR, is 99. This flips to the Abyss Code 66. I'm not going to elaborate on this much, but if you've been following our videos and blog for a while this should be meaningful. The simple and RAS reduction gematria of, ReviveR, are both, 45. This matching is notable, and so is the number produced. This number is equivalent to 54, the inverse, which is the love code. Love, like the heart symbol, like the AGAPE of The Law of Thelema that means, love. The number 45 relates to the volume of the Ark of Noah's day. Find the dimensions and calculate it yourself. We found this code being being used in the undeniable embedded time codes in, The Lake House. We haven't presented that yet, but we have made copious notes on the matter. What does the Ark of Noah's day have to do with the ReviveR View AED branding? It's all about salvation, right? It's about populating the world with the life characterized by having a specific genetic heritage.

This AED has some potent occult branding. To use something like this is to perform magical ritual. Whether the user understands or not, it's still that. So many of the objects we use every day in the course of innocently living our lives is the performance of ritual magick. This is how the world has come to be what it is today.

Here's an observation Aleister Crowley made as he reflected on the significance of his receipt of The Book of Law that Thelema is founded upon. This may shed some light on the spiritual dynamic behind the hypocrisy we see in the news, where those who accuse others of hatred hate so intensely.

The history of this must one day be told by a more vivid voice. Properly considered, it is a history of continuous miracle. Enough if it is now said that in this Law lies the whole future: it is the Law of Liberty, and those who refuse it proclaim themselves slaves, and as slaves shall they be chained and flogged. It is the Law of Love, and those who refuse it declare themselves to be the children of hate, and their hate shall return upon them and consume them with its unending tortures. It is the Law of Life, and those who refuse it shall be subject to death; and death shall catch them unawares. Even their life shall be a living death. It is the Law of Light, and those who refuse it thereby make themselves dark for ever.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law! Refuse this, and fall under the curse of destiny. Divide will against itself, the result is impotence and strife, strife-in-vain. The Law condemns no man. Accept the Law, and everything is lawful.
~ THE EQUINOX OF THE GODS (Copyright 1985 - Ordo Templi Orientis)

In closing, here's something that is of enduring value to reflect upon.

20 Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness;
Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!
21 Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes
And clever in their own sight!
22 Woe to those who are heroes in drinking wine
And valiant men in mixing strong drink,
23 Who justify the wicked for a bribe,
And take away the rights of the ones who are in the right!
24 Therefore, as a tongue of fire consumes stubble
And dry grass collapses into the flame,
So their root will become like rot and their blossom blow away as dust;
For they have rejected the law of the Lord of hosts
And despised the word of the Holy One of Israel.
~ Isaiah 5:20-24

We encourage you to pray for wisdom and mercy, and walk in it, in the light of day.

Blessings in Y'shua!



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