Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Grammys - The Mass Rituals of 2017

Mass rituals continue and abound in this season. We haven't commented on Lady Gaga's half time performance at the recent Super Bowl. She shamelessly played to the Chr-easter-anity crowd in a sweeping medly. The Grammy's were another mega ritual, with two performances really standing out. The anticipated political undercurrent was there but it was really just masking what evil underlies even that.

Beyoncé, or the Queen Bey, as some know her, was paying major tribute to the goddess in the identity that was easily recognized as the Black Madonna. She is pregnant with twins and this was given plenty of exaltation. The goddess motif was not subtle. Time.com noted, "According to an interview with Vogue Runway, Dundas revealed that the dress did, in fact, feature Beyoncé's face, as well as influences from Gustav Klimt, art deco-esque Erté motifs, references to the African goddess Oshun, and lyrics from Bey's song "Love Drought." Dundas felt that these elements helped to bring to life Beyoncé's narrative. "I like creating stories within a garment,” he said. “It was a fun way to celebrate the moment for her."

The most outstanding ritual was the performance by Katy Perry of, Chained to the Rhythm.

The casting of a magick circle was evident in the featuring of the 4 elements in a lightly veiled space-time ritual. We're still very deeply involved with another one of her productions that is very closely matched to it, "This is How We Do," which is actually somewhat antithetical. Many will see that Grammy performance simply as the making of a political statement, which ended with her shouting, "NO HATE!" while wearing an arm band that says RESIST, standing in a unity pose together with Skip Marley in a display of the US Constitution - "We The People". The lyrics openly reveal a deeper layer, and if you look deeply enough you'll see the story of the mind control programmed Illuminati slave. And, the seething hatred of the most High God, who is presented as the oppressor "up there in utopia" who is jerking our strings and making us dance to His rhythm. She's encouraging resistance - rebellion, like the angels who fell in the days of Noah. This is the role of the goddess. With her ROSE colored glASSes. Her look had a John Lennon - Yoko Ono vibe. "You say you want a revolution..." "Imagine - all the people..."

Did you watch Pizza Esoterica 7, the video exposing 4 Illuminati calling cards in Katy's video, "This is How We Do"? I closed it out with a clip of Bela Lugosi in, Glen or Glenda (1953), gloating over the teaming city. "Pull the string! Dance to that!" The evil mind-controlling Puppeteer and his puppet show. And now, here's Katy making a big show of it as being “chained to the rhythm. ”

So put your rose-colored glasses on
And party on

Turn it up, it's your favorite song
Dance, dance, dance to the distortion

Turn it up, keep it on repeat
Stumbling around like a wasted zombie, yeah
We think we're free (Aha)
Drink, this one's on me
We're all chained to the rhythm

Skip Marley joins in to give that a bump.

It is my desire
Break down the walls to connect, inspire, ay
Up in your high place, liars
Time is ticking for the empire
The truth they feed is feeble
As so many times before
They greed over the people
They stumbling and fumbling
And we about to riot
They woke up, they woke up the lions

It's a rebel anthem, calling for the lions who are being woken up to riot. (One element of a programming trigger?) Inciting violent resistence against Trump and his administration is just a pretext on the deeper level. This lightly veils the spirit of antichrist and the calling of the Most High God a liar and His truth, feeble. Break the chains. Cut the strings, puppets. They are ultimately going after the breaking of “the glass ceiling”, to breach the highest heaven and supplant the Most High with Lucifer.

The art of the drama performed on stage was literally the casting of a spell and the 4 elements of the guardians or watchtowers were evident. The platform for the performance rotated on top of the big stage, and Katy began inside it and walked around it. She's the High Priestess. There was a picket fence around the perimiter of a kind of dwelling, in the clouds as a heavenly tabernacle. Magick circles are typically cast with regard to the squared circle and primary directions and four elements, air, fire, water and earth. This one starts as the casting of the magick circle does, with air, the clouds and the lightning storm. Instead of following the rest of the sequence they kind of NLP it, including all of them in a loosy goosy way for obfuscation, but with a strong emphasis on the water and the fire, it's pretty obvious what's going on. As you consider the scene to see how the Earth is represented, you see that it's ever present, in the fenced area.

At one point, Katy appears as inside a large rose, and this image implies several things, for one, the element, Earth. For another, the celestial Rose goddess, Venus-Mary, while still in the clouds.

There are other shadowy characters seen with mirrors as Katy weaves inside the fencing. In the unseen realm, (as above, so below) entities lurk inside the earth. The fallen ones, Nephilim, giants. The dimensional prison walls are going to be broken down in a jail break where the time lock is sprung, and they will be set free to connect, as the song says. Time is ticking, as the song says. The appointed time for their full sentence that was levied for what they did in the days of Noah is being cheated. This is all biblical, and in the book of Enoch, and we've addressed these things many times before and it's all very familiar. When Katy performed a circuit of this fenced area, this circling was as the alchemist using a compass to draw a circle around the earth and the 3 dimensions of space, with the circle representing time, the 4th dimension. Katy performed a space-time ritual, toward setting those captives free, literally, to set these demons free that require host bodies to inhabit. This ritual is toward the goal of the implementation of the mark of the beast, as one objective. I see her joining with Skip Marley at the end and showing unity with "We the People" as the backdrop as the celebration of victory in their rebellion in the ultimate joining of "we the people" of Lucifer with their god. The set's fencing and former heavenly abode picturing space-time and the heavenly domain was deconstructed after burning it up in flames by the crew of entities in a shattering chaos scene, and the pieces or matter itself were repurposed to make the screen "we the people" was projected upon. Mass Ritual magick. Mass Illuminati mind control programming. Superimposed over the CBS presentation on our big screen TVs is the eye. Their logo. The all-seeing eye. Watching. Watching you.

CBS is the short hand acronym for the Columbia Broadcasting System. Columbia is the goddess of the District of Columbia, aka Freedom, aka Marianne, to the French, whose Freemasons "generously" gifted this country with the Statue of Liberty, which was set in place for honoring by this country's Freemasons. The people of The Eye, the Eye, the Eye.

Because we've been required to dig more deeply into Aleister Crowley's legacy works to understand about ping pong and pizza, the rigorous process has led us to insights about productions like Katy's ritual performance that really speak loudly about what's going on in the world today. (By the way, here's an anagram of his first name that could hardly be more apropos: ALEISTER - TARES LIE.) Katy Perry ended her acclaimed Grammy performance by shouting "NO HATE!" - while her entire performance was truly hate manifest. Consider the words of the elite's idol, who loved to identify himself as, The Beast 666. Is this not a highlighting of a certain foundation for the satanic antichrist incitement we're witnessing?


  1. How the mind treats “impossible things that couldn’t be happening” by Jon Rappoport

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    The stealthy practical GPS tracker for John. Q. Public arrives

    1. I should add, this, beyond the piggy-backing phone apps.

  3. Lots of dead pilots of airplanes could testify to that fact, if not for rigamortis and stuff. Queen B doing her dance. Q=10, androgyny. Q bits for quantum leaps in computing. Appropriate sub. For this bloody day. There's Life in the Blood. Worshipers of death exploit this ,leverage it w/sigil & chaos magik. You all out there get any chocolate in your V day sack?? B=2,. Q2. Square that Q. Im just scrating the surface. I crossed the X on the equator twice and refused the shellback initiation both ocagtions for those wonderin about old Craig. Guess how many squids and jar heads, (grunts and wingers ). I put my name on my posts to prove im a real person w/a google-able(made that up ha) background. Back to Blood. Like Light, there is 2 kinds. Ref. The sherwin Williams logo is example. That's not paint pouring out on the globe. Fr. Craig(rock in Scotish)Wolfe(fake Jew or Germanic mercenary title, or made up)

  4. Hey Bob & Aron, ref. Katy's lyrics, honest abe my fav rosicrucian. His image now sits on its throne observing the planets (gods) cross the sky over our beloved magik johnson (washington monument/ obolisk/Osiris's special purpose/the tool that inptegnates isis with horus). Google earth put a 360 deg red dot on the steps of his memorial. From here we can see abes perspective and read whats in stone behind his massive head. There's hyroglyphs inside washington monumet testifying to the magik cerimony we do when we ride the elevator. Who rides elevator plays part of the seed in the very act of bringing anti christ into this world. Thats our tallest monument! That tells me the watchers are either sleeping on the wall or dancing w/ the devil. Rev 7 tells us why the wizards use solomon's circle for magik. Fundamentals of magik are in "Direct" opposition. To the Living God! Donald means king of the world. Think 40 days fast of Yeshua. The satan tempts & offers the world. Trump, 53 card=joker, not funny. Trump is short for, "Yo! Aint no one on the wall sober or awake. Trumpets are warnings. They money changers make fun of zombies (american public) everyday in movies and song. America keeps paying up. Tha's a whore that pays his and her johns( customers).

  5. Very good art. By the way. We google rose cross we see a Celtic cross sym.. Thats a onk, key to 4th dimension. Same as pope's globus cruciger, a 3d onk. The bloody queen has one too. Uh, ill send a pic of her in front of her magik mirror.

  6. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/the_queens_diamond_jubilee/8014120/Queens-Diamond-Jubilee-Portraits-of-Queen-Elizabeth-II.html
    Here's the pic. So imagine significance of the title of the photo. Ill comment later. PS, all masses are "Black" in Catholicism. Witchcraft! Im Extremly sensitive to unfounded accusations from unnammed posters with self proclaimed titles. Shalom, alls cool.

    1. It looks like Her Royal SCRY-ness.

  7. Fr. BBC/223 the queens news.http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-38937141
    World wide vertual telescope to view sagirarus A, black hole in center of our galaxy. Galxy is a spiral, symbo for matrix/gateway/womb. Black womb=exit/out door, uh san francisco, and the gayness of it all. Ole queenie is a real stinker aint shee!

    1. So, Fr. is apparently shorthand for, "from" - okay.