Friday, February 17, 2017

Western Pennsylvania Supermarket Flies the Banner of Pizzagate Solidarity

Here's what Aaron found while shopping at the local supermarket today. No joke. I checked my own local branch of the chain and saw nothing like it, so this was specific to his locality. It seems pretty obvious that whoever is responsible for his store's displays is aligned with the illumined behind Pizzagate, perhaps flying the banner of solidarity with Comet Ping Pong Pizza and the likes of James Alefantis and John Podesta. Or perhaps it's somebody's idea of a joke.

Featuring the potent combo of ping pong balls with frozen pizza might seem less intentional if this weren't completely surrounded by items priced at 6.99, which is considered equivalent to 666. Or if the ping pong balls weren't packaged in lots of 6. 6. 6. 6...... Or, if it weren't aligned under the Abyss Code signaling of, “Family Favorites,” with FF as 66. The SRA activity connected with pizzagate is certainly dealing with Family Favorites, of the Illuminati kind.

It would also seem less intentional if this nearby end-cap pictured below weren't also featured as it is. The banner advertising Augustine's Pizza features the 666 hand sign (okay) and a classic chef image, doing the one eye sign. He's wearing a knotted cloth around his neck that says, binding tie of ritual sodomy illumination. Head (glans penis) and tie (sphincter) and hat-butt. The detached head says, dissociation. Visible above left is a sign for, Family Planning. You know what you'll find there? Prophylactics and such. Flanking the pizza banner are packages of pepperoni. This sausage like meat symbolizes the penis, okay, so think about the condoms around the corner. Aaron says the feminine hygeine products are there next to the condoms. Pizza, pepperoni, condoms, douche and such.

These photos show that the purple sodomite color is present in the store's decor where these displays are found.

Some might think we just make stuff up. There's certainly no need for that. Look around. See what you're looking at. This kind of thing might be in your own neighborhood today.


  1. Shabot Shalome, Fr. Craig Wolfe, excellent series. Seems the money printers are using the population/ zombies as a mirror. They throw these sigils and tallismans at us. Then with thier algorithms and computers they analyze the data they steal, and what we give them. Like a big snare/net/web. Google/gates/gmo mosquitoes/ X box/ 2d box is 2 , 7's/14=isis /etc

  2. Fr. Craig Wolfe,
    Medals made from garbage/old cell phones. Phones connect us to the web/ la machine!. Web was made by boys at CERN. Medals look like hydrogen protons colliding . makes ? Burn hydrogen we get h20/time??

  3. Ps theres a catch 22 &00 on there

  4. Fr. Bbc/223/Gen3:22, queenies fav. LISA/fr. Elizabeth/ my God is a oath, gravity experiment will look for black hole collisions in outer space. They bragg of detcting space time warping in ligo experiments. All fr. The clowns at AAAS(black hole)!
    Meanwhile our clown in chief is sending the carl vinson aircraftcarrier task force to collide with the Chinese. Fr. Craig Wolfe ps these huge detectors are mirrors, magik ones. 13/\13,rebell,rebell

  5. LA Olympics 1984, 4+8=12, time. Ref. Kali goddess of dooms day/time/black one being namesake of kalifornia. West coast/westerners/ riding into sunset. Fr. Craig Wolfe

  6. Bbc/revolving door/3 cubes,not squares(cubes are 6 sided/dice)
    Babbling babblers are to make movies of August's solar eclipse( sun knowing the moon/sex in the heavens/porno!). August/consecrated. 6th month in old roman calendar ck. Etymology on line. Intersting. Its my opinion that some if not all crescent moon symbols have multiple meanings. Like sex magik. Fr. Craig Wolfe

    1. Eclipse to be turned into mega-movies - Mega Ritual

    2. Hey Bob, didn't you do an article on pink=zues's flower floyd=grey/holy Dark side of moon/black one or isis"s back door?? The symbols are crazy. 8th album, the tracks are interesting. Money, Time etc..the light going through the prism is mind blowing. Its a gateway for the illuminated one!! Recorded @ Abby/monastery Rd. Fr. Craig Wolfe

    3. When I was a teen, that was one of my favorite albums.

      You'll get a few hits on this search:

  7. Bob,great information as usual. Just wanted to add there are 15 letters in Augustine'spizza. There name is written twice with (6 letters. Abbreviations are keys. AP =116 (11×6) ras~A=26>8 & P=11 (8×11). Red=27 > 9, White=65 > 11 & Green=49 > 13. [code33]
    Aug >137=11 (8th month), Ust=312=6 (6×11) and ines > 9/551 or 9/11??