Saturday, September 16, 2017

America's got Idolatry - Diovolo/Diablo

Diavolo: - America's Got Talent 2017

"You were pretty good down here. But you ain't really good." Diavolo-DiaBolo-Diablo - the Devil. What a Occult performance ritual. What a fitting song.

The big 3D circle (with crossing circles) and the 3D square, the Cube (with round holes). The square and circle of male female and space and time - and sodomite squared circle imagery. This resonates with the, America's Got Talent, logo. They have a star in the hole of the A. It's a graphic graphic, anatomically - a star-angel - in the A-hole.

The camera features the judge's stage, which is designed to feature the union of the X and O. When that is in the background, what it represents is pictured in the foreground, the romance of the celestial god and goddess.

The "dance troupe" constructs the Great Pyramid ("They tell me that the end is near.") and briefly model the Giza Plateau. They associate this distinctly with the descended god and goddess, fallen angels, and make the globe the capstone eye. What results is cosmic war, with the destruction of worlds colliding. This is picturing the real past, and the real future. ("We've been here before")This is what the Great Pyramid was for, and is for. Joseph P. Farrell calls it the Giza Death Star, and that's a fitting name. Star Wars. Star metaphor. Angel Wars.

The Great Pyramid is a time weapon, when it's greater purpose is known, for breaching heavenly realms. The circle is the symbol for time, and they connect the globe to the top of the pyramid for this reason, to flaunt their knowledge.

There was a big emphasis put on a rolling wheel, another XO construct that spoke to me of moving through history in their epic tale of the epoch.

"Welcome to the final show - hope you're wearing your best clothes" - speaks to Aaron and I of the final showdown/war with The Most High God and the enemy agents sporting their higher dimensional bodies that allow access to the heavenly realms. We reflect from time to time on Acts 12, where the angel visited Peter in prison and directed him to clothe himself. Peter and the angel left prison, passing through the iron gate in a sign of a dimensional transit. More clothing is featured with the same bodily metaphor in John chapter 21 and Genesis 45, as we have set forth on in the collection of studies titled, When Cometh That Thief in the Night. Aaron commented to me how the interconnected circles bring to mind the heavenly vehicles in Ezekiel, with wheels within wheels.

They ultimately get away, as ascending, transcending this earthly realm and becoming the gods and goddess of the moon. They secretly model sodomy when a pipe is shoved through a hole in the moon (mooning-butt), filled with DNA. This is a key to their entire effort.

Really, they really want to escape this realm and the judgment that's appointed. The Bible is true. The book of Enoch expands on the matters of the fallen angels. They will not escape.

What a comfort to know that our God has the victory, and not Diablo and those who worship him. Our God is love, and our hope is secure in the Lord Jesus Christ, whose name is above every name. His are the children of the Most High God, inheritors of what is truly good.

Shabbat Shalom. Aaron and I want to thank those of you who support our efforts. We are encouraged by your testimonies, your sending to us what things the Lord Himself inspires and directs, your prayers, your donations. Thank you. What a remarkably fruitful season this continues to be. Strange, bizarre even, in so many ways, but fruitful, and we are so grateful and honored to be able to continue serving in the Lord's bountiful harvest field.



  2. Magik for the masses/black.
    Sep 21st is coming up. United Nations Int day of peace! Rosh Hashana, New Year. Satanic holiday as well. Banana day etc.
    Sep 23 Rev 12 in the stars.for those into that.

  3. Hmm. Popes calendar is open from 20th till 24th. He was in Columbia 1st part of sep for the satanic holiday. Looks like hes taking that weekend off. Bet hes got a date.

  4. Trump comes from triumph, which means hym to bacchus(roman god of wine/harvest). Funny i missed that. Trump symbolizes a card with magik strategic significance. In games like bridge. That was from googles dictionary. The urban dictionary is interesting. Then devolves into some usual filth.