Saturday, September 30, 2017

MTV VMA - Moon Persons - Goddesses and Masters of The One Eye

The press gave lots of attention the bizarre dress worn by Mel B at the MTV VMA awards last month. "You Will Never Own Me," it reads, and it was interpreted as a message of defiance to her estranged husband Stephen Belafonte.

While the focus was mainly on her cleavage and speculations about the meaning of the expression emblazoned on the front of her dress, it was the backside that really gives it away. Yes, that's a big eye on her butt. It's the one eye, the butt eye.

Have you caught on yet, to the routine where people are owned by means of ritual sodomy, and that this Eye of Horus is the Illumined elite's mechanism of control?

Mel B's symbolic garment was accessorized with a pair of bright red stiletto heels. High heels raise the rear end, as an Occult sign that the wearer is available to be sodomized. This isn't just a fashion statement. It enhances the theme of the one eye ownership. And, red is the goddess color. A scarlet woman. The Rose Rebel.

You should be starting to see her defiant expression from another perspective. Since she branded herself with the sign of her ownership, which is to say that she's already completely owned, there's another context demanded that doesn't involve her marital relationship. She isn't defying her husband or her Illuminati handler, but rather the Creator, the Most High God.

Melanie Brown, Mel B, former Spice Girl. Nachash. This sequined dress presents her in a snake suit. She shows off a dragon tattoo on her back. She is a slave to the Dragon, the serpent, Lucifer, the shimmering, shining and hissing enchanter, the Nachash. She's modeling the reptilian, the defiant one who rebelled and was cast out of heaven.

As Mel B poses for the traditional photo op and shows off her backside, we see several images of the MTV icon, the astronaut they call, the moon man. This year, they began to call it a moon person.

Get rid of, man, and replace it with, person, which makes the statement: Not man. It's "1984" and we must comply with Big Brother's gender agenda, adopting the fashionable NewSpeak of the day. "Moon person" represents another step in the direction of moving the mind-controlled masses closer to the condition of Adam BEFORE the Creator opened his side and brought forth a woman. Check your Bible. After He did that, He called it, good. Before He separated them into distinct genders He said it was not good that man should be alone. The rebels want to turn that back, from good to not good, because that's who they are in kind. The not good Nachash kind. Tares. This is a sign of our being herded toward the welcoming of the Mark of the Beast.

The Lord's authority to do what He will as the sovereign God is continually challenged, yet, He will triumph, and really, has already triumphed. Jesus Christ rose from the dead and showed off His glorious resurrection body. Bam. Done deal! The day that the Lord's authority will go unchallenged will not arrive until all has been fulfilled that must be fulfilled. Until then, we have Mel B and the VMA folks to remind us that the ancient war is still being fought.

Why do I bring up this ancient war? Because Mel B signaled their secret weapon by going dancing with her BFF Heidi Klum after the award show. Branded with the butt eye, and as the tabloids made sure to report, dancing. Butt Eye can Dance. Butt Eye can fight, according to that familiar metaphor. This has to be the intentional referencing of the Dragon's ancient secret weapon, the Great Pyramid! Have you seen this video where we decode The Lake House film? That's where this secret was first revealed to me, because it's flaunted, big time!

The Lake House and the Arkish Butt Eye that can Fight (6/19/16) HD / YouTube-ified version

“But I can dance,”, one character casually says to the other. If you weren't tracking the production's time signature with an understanding of the numbers, you would miss it. Butt Eye can fight! That video was one in a series about the pairing of the themes of ritual sodomy and the exercise of authority over time itself.

Have you seen our Great Pyramid videos? We're not making stuff up, here. When you learn how to interpret the symbol language of the Occult elite you can recognize their ritual enchantments, being made more free of their mass mind-controlling influence. The Great Pyramid is a space-time weapon that was formerly operational in at least 4 dimensions, and apparently still is, to some degree.

The MTV and VMA is all about pairing the themes of ritual sodomy and the exercise of authority over time. This is what their trophy and their branding is about.

What is the moon person but one related to mooning, which is the exposing one's bare backside to offend or amuse. What is a person in a space suit called? An as.s.tronaut. Get it? The as.s.tronaut, on the moon, doubling up on the symbolism. Redundancy is potency. What action is taking place? A pole is being shoved into the moon. Right. Sodomy. Pole-as-Phallus. It's golden, like the flag, so this represents the magickal golden phallus of Osiris, toward the bringing forth of Horus. (Like Katy's mic, which you'll see below.)

The flag is an M, and the pole connects it with another M. Connecting M and M is MM ~ 33, from a rotated perspective, so this is an expression of Code 33! The M and M with a pole between them is the picture of a pair of butts connected by a phallus, as engaging in ritual sodomy. It's a clever bit but it's more than a gag.

The style of space suit is vintage, referencing the NASA missions called Mercury and Apollo. Alias, Hermes and Horus. The ancient gods are given tribute. The magus John Dee, who infamously communed with fallen angels, memorialized their identities in his cryptic tribute to ritual sodomy illumination that he called, monas hieroglyphica.

M - for Monas? That's what's emphasized around the Eye capped pyramid on the Great Seal! That is The ONE of the Federal Reserve note's one dollar bill. Illuminati shill and "former" Illuminati witch Doc Marquis would have believe it stands for Mason, but he's just laying down some cover.

NASA's astronauts were typically Freemasons, so you really have to see that M as the Freemason's stamp. Buzz Aldrin was alleged to have planted this flag of the Scottish Rite during the Apollo 11 mission, performing a ritual during a ritual. Can you find the 33?

The number associated with the mastery of time is 13. The letter M is the 13th letter, so when the MTV moon "person" spears the M with his flag pole, it's the staking of a a claim, a declaration of authority over that domain. It's expressing the mastery of time! The M is for Moon, because it's a moon person, so it's a picture of the mastery of space and time.

This resonates with the great pyramid. Mel B, with her butt eye dress and dancing resonates with the MTV's ritual icon. That's not random. The witness is plain, that, behind the scenes, strings are being pulled. The visible characters on the stage are like puppets on strings.

Katy Perry was the award show's hostess this year. She made her dramatic entrance by descending to the VMA stage out of the clouds, dressed like the MTV icon. Entrance. As.s.tronaut. It's a gag, but more than just that - a magical mind-control ritual. The clouds of heaven are known to represent trans-dimensional vehicles, even in the Bible.

Here she is, showing off the brand. One Eye. Stylized to accentuate the radial sun ray (Horus) and anatomical pucker. (A SUN anagram ANUS) So, together, the One Eye and the icon of the mooning as.s.tronaut. There's an added goddess throne establishing X O union , with its sex magick in the Horus Eye. AWArd. AWA - goddess.

Katy wears a sodomy color, purple. Her garment has a purple harness, signaling bondage. She's a slave, bound with the tie that binds, through ritual sodomy.

In our Pizzagate video series, we exposed some very significant things from Katy's music video, This is How We Do, including several instances of the signaling of the Illuminati She even identified the Golden Dawn and The Circle, and this was in the following, exactly, of the script of Aleister Crowley's standard, the Law.

The Eye. The all-seeing eye. The Eye See. The I C. Do the math. I=9 and C=3 Eye See = 93. That's code for, The Law. Summed up, 93 is shorthand for, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Love is the Law. Love under will.” Thou, does not mean, you, unless you happen to be the familiar spirit they call their guardian angel. And what they mean by, love, is flipped. It has to do with manipulation and exploitation and coercion, all in service of the false gods.

The Eye of Horus has a symbol, the Rx, which you see at the pharmacy. R and X, when Z= 1, produce 9 and 3. The seeing eye, the C-ing I, the Eye of Horus. The Illuminati. Their seal of ownership, and identifying mark.

Are you seeing what you're looking at?

The pairings of ritual sodomy and space-time mastery are rituals performed in the spirit of Antichrist. Sorceries. Pharmakeia. the deception of Mystery Babylon the Great.

Soon enough, actually, right on time, the sovereign Lord will bring all this into judgment. For now, pick a side. The war is on!


  1. "Is Girlfriend's Penis a Deal Breaker?"


    1. Anonymous2:44 PM

      That is sick, these demons need to be destroyed.

  3. Hello Bob and Arron,
    I don't remember these mentioned in you excellent series but the other day the thought popped into my head of 2 movies scenes that fit the Sodomite Gateway profile. The first was a movie that came out in the '70s called "Mother, Juggs and Speed". It starred Bill Cosby and Raquel Welch and was about an incompetent, failing ambulance company. There is a scene that shows a black woman (fecal reference) strapped face down on the stretcher (position of submission) that rolls away unattended down a steep hill (helplessness).During her trip she passes a Ford Mustang (reference to "riding the pony"). The runaway stretcher eventually crashes into a parked brown Ford Pinto (again, referencing a pony and the color brown). The interesting part is that the woman's HEAD strikes the vehicles HEADLIGHT at which time she looks up and opens her eyes wide (illumination). Here is a link to the scene.

    The other clip comes from the popular film, "The Shawshank Redemption" starring New Ager Morgan Freeman, and Tim Robbins as the Protagonist. Tim's character, Andy Dufresne, is falsely charged for the killings of his wife and her adulterous lover and sent to prison. There he rots away and is constantly sodomized before devising a plan to escape. He accomplishes this by secretly entering the bowels of the prison building one night and, by force, penetrating a large pipe that contains raw sewage and feces. He crawls through the pipe and is eventually deposited outside, freed from the confines of the prison walls which had been preventing him from reaching his (spiritual) potential. He exits the pipe during a heavy rain storm and is on his knees as he holds his hands in the air (showing submission and praise) as he is washed clean and illuminated by bright flashes of lightning. Eventually, Freeman meets up with Robbins in their New Life in Paradise- which in the movie is represented by a tropical beach.

    I'm sure there are MANY other scenes or entire movies with the same thread- including The Truman Show with Jim Carey but I thought others might find these two examples interesting.

    Thanks for your tireless work, God Bless you both


    1. Those are great examples. Thanks for sharing it with us, G.