Monday, September 18, 2017

Road Less Traveled - Occult Secrets

Lauren Alaina, award winning country music star, actress. Her album art has Occult Symbolism and Cabbalistic magick, and Nazi/Neo-Nazi code 14-88.

To be frank, it is also saturated with ANAL NLP. The Road Less Traveled is less about Robert Frost's poetry and more about the Dirt Road (anal sex), like the song from her earlier album, Dirt Road Prayer.

The imagery gives tribute to Hitler and the SS. With her songs, tribute is given to Madonna, the Kabbalah-obsessed singer/performance artist, specifically to her sodomite anthem, Like a Prayer, and her more recent, Rebel Heart.

The album art secretly honors Jupiter and Ra and is drenched with Goddess Symbolism, of Inanna and Isis and the Madonna (with Horus), of the Wiccan worshiped Maiden, Mother, and Crone - but mostly Venus and the Aryan goddess, Vanadis/Freyja.

Are you seeing what you're looking at? It matters. It matters plenty.



  2. Huricane Jose=Joseph is off NY=silver gate. Forcaste to do another loop. Huricane Maria=Mary off Puerto Rico heading up east coast. Funny after Harvey hit Corpus Christi.

  3. The art on the Mother movie was interesting too. You think it bombed intentionally. Critics are butchering it.