Monday, November 16, 2009

Part One: NCR - The Great Merchant City, from the builder's perspective

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It's time for a BIG REVEAL! What you're going to see is a dramatic presentation in like manner as how a story was told at the Olympic ceremonies in Beijing. I'll tell you right up front that it's going to be hard for some of you to grasp the reality of what you're seeing because of the nature of the content. Sadly, for most folks, it's impossible.

Have you ever heard of National Cash Register? Founded in 1884, they have always been about facilitating commerce through technology. They began with cash registers. Now, they're into ATM's and point of sale devices. "NCR self-service solutions facilitate 23 billion transactions a year on more than half a million ATMs, kiosks and retail self-checkout terminals." I already introduced you to their logo, an infinity-style immortality symbol with three bands or windings.

Their corporate Web site featured a series of flash presentations, animated scenes that told a story as if through five acts of a play. While it lasted you could view this series on their site by hovering your mouse over the five images located underneath the main presentation area. Since they replaced it, you can still see the animations I will be discussing in the video I made from a screen capture.

This company is all about commerce, technology that connects consumers to the banking network. We are shown a story where the means of connection has a biological facet and spiritual implications. This is the story of the mark of the beast. If it is not, I challenge you offer some other explanation that is consistent with the facts? If you're not seeing it straight away, don't give up without seeing this all the way to the end. Please note that I'm not singling this company out as THE enemy, but since they are offering this presentation I'm going to make an example of it. After all, symbols is as symbols does. :) Let's consider their story, one where the people you see are referred to in their marketing as customers.

Scene 1: The mark of the beast will be introduced in the context of health care, in a medical center. As indicated by the triple-helix animation, the mark will be introduced as administered by health care professionals, targeting children and families. This activity will be monitored by computer technology. The question posed is "Would you like to experience a world where healthcare is about making connections?" One answer is provided; "YES." The interaction prompted requires clicking the glowing "Yes" located on the triple helix, indicating acceptance. Following through with this action signals, "Yes, I would like to experience this world." What kind of world is it where healthcare is about making connections? What kind of connections are we talking about? Could the logo offer a clue, which testifies of the union of the sons of god with the daughters of men?

Scene 2: Here, the mark of the beast is introduced in the context of banking, where customers connect to the network. The tone of the scene is very muted, shadowy, constrained. On the right is a black shape and an expanse of foreboding gray Masonry. The customers in the center are in the shadows. It's initially rather disturbing, but arriving quickly on the scene is some comforting contrasting white text where we find the question posed: "Would you like to experience a new world of banking?" As before, one answer is provided, the glowing "YES" that is affixed to the triple helix. The vivid blue and white triple helix as the pure divine light proceeds once again from the right, from the dark shadows. We're invited to interact by clicking this glowing icon on the attractive triple helix. "Yes, I would like to experience a new world of banking." The world we're invited to experience is now a "new world." The triple-helix connects all the people together, as in the previous scene, but here it seems to focus on a single customer who is the brightest object in the dimly lit scene and the one who appears to be set free, engaging in commerce with a wireless connection.

Scene 3: In dramatic contrast to the previous scene, we now see a bright and beautiful blue sky, open, expansive and airy, above a lush green grassy hillside. This is the third scene, three being the biblical resurrection number and the number of the DNA transformation. Here is our new world in a view of Heaven above and Earth below. The distinctive horizon is the boundary thereof, where the blue and white triple helix drawing across the scene merges, on its way connecting the three sets of ecstatic customers who are all engaged in commerce. We see the triple helix as the heavenly connecter, flying heaven's colors. The question posed is, "Would you like to experience a new world of interaction?" Could the logo offer a clue as to what kind of interaction you will experience in this new world?

Scene 4: Here we see another side of their new world, the night side. The evening or twilight sky is filled with stars, and a glorious moon lights the scene. The earth is no longer in view: We have ascended and the destination is before us; the heavenly city, a Babylon, a Zion, the counterfeit New Jerusalem. The question posed is "Would you like to experience a world where travel is about making connections?" Through this connection, mankind has traveled, being transformed by the triple helix and thereby ascending. The stars are angels (fallen) and the moon, the goddess; a counterfeit Bride of Christ. She appears as the giddy ascended customer, clutching her holy white purse. The triple helix in this scene enters from the left and moves to the right, indicating the return trip back to the origin of this divine light. It connects the customer before it merges into the city that resembles the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Update: This also pictures a transit of the celestial Silver Gate. More info at these links: Part 6 - Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 - Fly Away on Wings of Wind and Series Links: Celestial Stargates

Scene 5: In this final act of the dramatic production there is once again no earth in view. The transformed and ascended customers, male and female, are in their heavenly city with their bounty. There's a facility prominently featured where transactions are made for merchandise, a Boutique. The adjacent sign reads "All Soul" and what we might infer as "Shop." WHAT - an ALL SOUL SHOP? "Would you like to experience a world where every transaction is a connection?" The triple helix enters the right and moves to the left, intersecting the two customers. Wait a minute! Are we buying or selling souls here? Exactly what kind of transactions and connections are these? What or WHO is the merchandise?

WOW! Are you seeing what you're looking at?

Part 2 is next, Lord willing, when I intend to make a second pass at these scenes to fill in a few of the gaps!

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