Monday, November 30, 2009

Part 8: NCR - Clark Kent and the Freemasonry Superman

Continuing to explore the presentation's allusion to Superman (scene 2), we find the poster boy for the transformed and ascended daughters of men linked to the occult and freemasonry. I'm going to build up to the REALLY interesting post a little more, so bear with me - it's worth it!

Take a look at this Action Comics cover. Of course, our attention is drawn to Superman's shield, in all its glory. Now, notice how the letter A in the title banner is not standard in form but styled, which calls it out as an intentional delta symbol. It calls to mind the compass of freemasonry, doesn't it? The yellow A forms an upward pointing delta, and its long leg marks off a blue delta in the upper left of the banner. It's a right triangle that points down. It pairs with the opposing blue delta formed inside the letter A to signal the familiar message: "sons of god with the daughters of men - triple helix union." I have to think the notches in the styled letter N that neatly form another pair of opposing blue deltas was intended. These appear at the end and balance the pair of opposing blue deltas at the beginning.

The letter N in "Action" is Zeus' three-legged thunderbolt, which is also a tipped yellow letter Z, for Zeus. This is the same symbol that marked the soul shuttle in's scene 1. This same element appears on the camera, making it pretty hard to miss! It's joined by the occultic white-on-black CBS network eye logo, the ubiquitous occult and freemasonry symbol!

Two more features of the title banner identify it as an occult symbol of the union of heaven and earth. The fine yellow line that extends from the stylized letter A bisects the banner. This subtle bisecting line is as the horizon line separating heaven and earth (as pictured in NCR scene 3), which is the element that marks where they meet. You get the picture. I'm going to toss a couple more at you for examples: Nissan, whose logo is ubiquitous, and another, one I hope you've never had to look at before this.

The bands of red at the top and bottom of the Action Comics title banner call out, "heaven above and earth below," "the sons of god with the daughters of men," with their union represented between them. You can consider these bands as pillars. As pillars, I want to point out that the placement of the thunderbolt between the pillars is a feature this Action Comics banner shares with the NCR scene 1. In both cases, one leg of the thunderbolt touches the heavenly male sun/son pillar. See for yourself!

For another example of the upper and lower band pillars, here's a image that should be familiar to you. YIKES!

By the way, the Star of David that is now the national symbol is to be understood as two deltas, not as a single six pointed hexagram figure. "Isaac Luria was influential in turning the Star of David into a national Jewish emblem by teaching that the elements of the plate for the Seder evening have to be placed in the order of the hexagram, but Gershom Scholem proved that Isaac Luria talked about parallel triangles one beneath the other and not about the hexagram." (Star of David entry from the encyclopedia) In another quote from the same: "Claims have been made that Hitler chose the star because of his occultist beliefs. See the work by O. J. Graham." I think you should know that Adolph Hitler was savvy about symbols. Remember how he was trying to create a race of "supermen"? Uh huh. And in one final quote from the same encyclopedia entry: "Some Orthodox Jewish groups reject the use of the Jewish Star of David because of its association with magic." To that, I say, good call!

Considering what we have learned about the great secret behind the symbol of this nation and people, truly God's chosen people, do you suppose this might be why our Creator, who loves his children and wants to protect them, gave the following commandment?

Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.
Exodus 20:4

Graven images are not just stone idols that look like beasts, they're symbolic representations of beings, items and precepts, symbols that might be "graven" in any and every graphic medium. If you think that makes Israel look bad, wait until we get to "Christian" symbols, Lord willing! Yet God has a people who are obedient who are being brought out of Babylon and its impure mixture.

Ahhhh, there's so much left to cover. Next time, Lord willing.

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