Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Part 9: NCR - Clark Kent, the Masonic Temple, Superman and Harry Potter

In this post I really am still in the midst of the NCR.com presentation but I'm going down the apparent side road to explore the Superman Masonic connection for a very good reason.

Whoops, did I get that image right? Uh - yup! This comic book cover is supposed to be upside-down. The temples of freemasonry have their checkerboards on the floor, not on the ceiling!

Compare these images. One is the inverted cover of the Superman comic from January 1967. The next one is a popular image of the Masonic Royal Arch. Then, there's the cover of the first Harry Potter book, The Philosopher's Stone. Do you notice anything in common? I have been saying there's VERY INTERESTING imagery and insight coming, and this is what I was referring to!

When you begin to see it and the common elements come to your awareness, it really gets to the point of seeming almost ridiculous. When you put these images together that come from seemingly unrelated sources and contexts, it really becomes obvious that there's a conspiracy at work. You can't lay the blame at the feet of the front men of freemasonry. It goes deeper, all the way to hell, to Tartarus, the Nephilim demons in the pit and the serpent dragon himself.

Let me explain about the Superman cover. The Masonic checkerboard floor appears between two columns. The column on the left is the male / Sun / heavenly "sons of god" column, identified for us by the square. When a square and circle are presented together, the square is the male symbol and the circle, the female. On the right, we find the circle in the lower right, signaling this is the female / Moon / earthly "daughters of men" column. Emphasizing the theme a little higher up we see the white text container objects, the rectangular on the left and two rounded speech bubbles on the right.

We see the two thunderbolts of Zeus on the heavenly side, touching the heavenly male pillar, a feature I had noted in the last post. On the opposing side, the letter A in Action Comics is now a big yellow downward pointing delta, signaling "daughters of men."

Here's another element that's pretty sneaky. See the helical winding on the female column in the Royal Arch image? In many Masonic images, the object winding around the pillar is a snake. See the banded tie snaking around Superman's neck? It's a ringer for a Scarlet snake. Do you know what Adam means? Red. Scarlet. Do you suppose they did this on purpose? Yeah, I know. It IS getting kind of ridiculous.

But wait - THERE'S MORE!

See the big green leaf up high on the left? Great Caesar's Ghost! :) Is that the tree of knowledge of good and evil himself! By the way, that's an interesting placement of the left hand, there, on the left side. It kind of matches the placement of the Masonic cornucopia under the Royal Arch. The spiraled horn is the Fibonacci pattern of life and symbol of fruitfulness. It's shape may explain why Allen Funt is positioned so awkwardly.

On the right side, the placement of the Masonic compass and square under the Royal Arch compares to Superman's diamond shield, over which they could be overlaid quite nicely.

And, let's not miss the shooting star in the Royal Arch, represented in the Superman cover by the discreet motion tracings of the opening door.

The letter G under the Royal Arch with the illuminating rays emanating from it seem to relate to Alan's radiant chrome dome/white hair. (I can write chrome dome - I've got one too!)

I would relate the Masonic shield to the Action Comics banner on the basis of their common "sons of god with the daughters of men" symbolism, but I don't want to get carried away. Oh right. Too late.

And there's more. Until next time, Lord willing!


  1. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Your comments hold substance my friend.
    Superman has the big S on his uniform. The S is actually a snake. You can see it if you look at it.
    Superman is obviously a fallen angel.

  2. Anonymous6:02 AM

    top blog dude.. blessings