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Part 14: NCR - Clark Kent - the Model Host

To open this blog posting I want to refer you to a news item coming in from the "It's later than you think" department, showing the scene 1 being fulfilled. Obama directs $600 million to health centers
"President Obama announced Wednesday that he is directing nearly $600 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act awards to repair, rebuild, or altogether replace federally designated community health centers across the country, $88 million of which has been earmarked to help digitize medical records."

Fans of the numberings of things will make note of what's signaled here. The scene 1 reveals to us the plan for the mark of the beast to be introduced in the context of the medical center. See the guy seated at the monitor? Is he the HealthLink system data entry guy, tasked with facilitating the positiveId partner who is so enchantingly presented in the recent TV ads? Is he being funded by the $88 million earmarked to help digitize medical records? Somebody is! A whole army of somebodies! The "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act" indeed. They are going to recover and reinvest as many Americans as they can get their needles and chips into!

Several posts ago I referred to the two faces or prongs of the charagma, the Greek word translated "mark" in the expression "mark of the beast." Here's what I had written.

"Those who are advancing the technology of the mark (like positiveID and NCR) are taking concrete physical steps toward the implementation of the mark of the beast. This is one face of the charagma. Those who are advancing the image or images of the beast through the craft of symbols and symbolic logos graven by art and man's device (like positiveID and NCR) are taking definite steps toward the same goal through the other face of the charagma."

These two faces or prongs of the charagma that are the science and the sorcery relate to preparing man as a host. When the hosts are fully prepared, one final element is required to bring this being to the desired state of completion; something to fill the prepared host. You can relate this to the process of canning. You must have the prepared jars or cans, plus the thing being canned. The third prong of the charagma is the fruit, the spiritual entities for whom the hosts are prepared. The spirits of the Nephilim will be joined with their hosts. This is the union of the sons of god with the daughters of men.

In that same writing about the charagma I presented the microchip implant as a primary technology of the mark's implementation.
I pointed out how the company VeriChip had merged with Steel Vault to become positiveID, and how the implanting of their chip into humans is metaphorically a mixing of iron (from the Steel Vault component, given how steel is mostly iron) and clay. Have you given thought to what it might mean that Superman is called the man of steel?

Because thou hast seen iron mixed with miry clay, they are mixing themselves with the seed of men: and they are not adhering one with another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.
Daniel 2:43

The physical bodies of men are composed of ash, of the dust of the ground, plus water. This is the reason for the metaphor where men are miry clay. The seed of men is genetic material. Who are the iron "they," who "are mixing themselves with the seed of men"? They are the men of steel, Supermen! Coming from the planet Krypton (Occult), Kal-El (Star Child) fell to earth (fallen star, fallen angel) as seed in a pod and was planted in a field. As dramatized in the Superman story as Kal-El, they are the sons of god of Genesis 6!

So comes the anti-Messianic son of the serpent, the master Superman. So comes the supermen spawn, the fallen star children, reanimated in new hosts. This is what the future holds. The dragon knows it, the evidence of which is being set before you now. It's been promised in the Bible, prophesied from beginning to end. Do you yet know it?

I believe Tom Horn has the right idea about much of this. I don't know yet if he sees the triple helix upgrade factor but his understanding of the hosting arrangement involved is brilliant. Here's an excerpt from a writing (a highly recommended supplementary read) found on


If indeed the activity of Watchers was the use of biotechnology to produce exotic bodies of flesh for beings that have the ability under extraordinary circumstances to reincarnate after physical death, would the method of their returning from the grave likewise be an advanced form of science? I believe this could be the case, and the Bible may actually provide a record of this occurring. The story is doubly important to our series and the Apollyon Rising 2012 book I hope to have out by November, because it centers around Nimrod, the original character who later was mythologized as the god prophesied by the Apostle Paul in the New Testament and by the Occult Elite in the Great Seal of the United States as the ancient spirit that will return to earth to rule the Novus Ordo Seclorum—Apollo/Osiris. Earlier we pointed out how Apollo is reanimated on earth in the end times when "the Beast" ascends from the Bottomless Pit and goes "into perdition" (into Apolia, Apollo. See Rev 17:8). The story of Nimrod (Gilgamesh/Apollo/Osiris) in the book of Genesis may illustrate how this could happen through genetic influence or even a retrovirus (of demonic design?) that integrates with a host’s genome and rewrites the living specimen’s DNA, thus making it a ‘fit extension’ for infection by the entity. In Genesis 10:8 it says about Nimrod:

"And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth."

There are three sections in this unprecedented verse that indicate something very peculiar may have happened to Nimrod. First, note where the text says, "he began to be." In Hebrew this is Chalal and means to "become profaned, defiled, polluted or desecrated ritually, sexually or genetically." Second, this verse tells us exactly what Nimrod began to be—"a mighty one" (Gibbowr, Gibborim), one of the offspring of Nephilim. Notwithstanding some of the writing on the Gibborim that my good friend Michael Heiser has done, Reed says in the Cambridge University book Fallen angels and the history of Judaism and Christianity, "The Nephilim of Gen 6:4 are always… grouped together with the Gibborim as the progeny of the Watchers and human women.". And the third part of this text says the change to Nimrod started while he was on "earth." Therefore in modern language this text could accurately be translated to say:

"And Nimrod began to change genetically, becoming a Gibborim, the offspring of Watchers on earth."

The reincarnating and returning from the grave that Tom described is what I have been showing from the Superman story. Recall from the previous blog posting how the location of the crypt underneath the floor of the Masonic Royal Arch represents the spirits of the Nephilim that are presently imprisoned under the earth. The inverted template of the Masonic Royal Arch scene that is pictured on the Superman Action Comic cover presents us with imagery that must be inferred as the rising from the grave, the reincarnating of these demonic entities. I believe the witness of the Superman story validates what Tom is concluding based on his extensive and well documented research.

Speaking of validation, the daily news brings a continual testimony that the dragon's plan is working as planned. This is good news! The sovereign God behind it all has good things planned for those who serve Him. Fear not, but only as you prepare, being found in Him!

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