Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Part 17: NCR - Their Guy from the "Occult World" and his "Cousin" Harry

Here's a noteworthy news item. Secret document exposes Iran’s nuclear trigger

Here's another, just so we, the sheeple, can see it coming. US to drill Iranian attack scenario

And here's where Turkey gets the "but we said they couldn't" exemption they will surely need when the neighborhood gets riled up about it. Turkey warns IAF against using airspace

So, here's America: Rushing Across the Threshold of Daniel Eight. America, you shaggy goat; your days are numbered. I've got a short term business strategy tip. Stock up on American flags, as many as you can get. Get ready to sell out then flee. Far better than that, though, take your direction straight from the Lord about what He would like from you, personally. I'm staying put, so far as I can tell. Silicon Valley. That's my plan. Subject to change without notice. As always.

Several posts back I introduced the Superman Action Comics cover and presented it alongside two other images for comparison. The Masonic Royal Arch was clearly the template for both the comic book cover and the Harry Potter book cover, which reveals how it's the same gods and agenda behind them. Those who can read the symbolic language are fewer in number by a large factor than those influenced by them. As I exposed the symbolic presentation of the antichrist themes of the cultural icon Superman I hope it became very clear just how great the deception and how sly the devices of the demons who prey upon the ignorant.

Here's a set of images I put together as an exhibit for you to ponder.

I was led to the Superman connection to the occult through NCR.com's scene 2, where the attributes of the focal customer identified him as a disguised version of Clark Kent. The NCR.com presentation has a subtle connection with Harry Potter due to the thunderbolt on scene 1's ZeusMobile, a version of which appears as a scar on Harry Potter's forehead. Yeah, that scar, the one above his eye. Yeah, just like the thunderbolt above the eye on the Candid Camera. 

The Harry Potter franchise hasn't been around for nearly as long as Superman, but if you search out just how popular the books and movies are you'll see how incredibly influential it has become! "The influence of the Harry Potter series. J.K. Rowling is the first and still the only billionaire author, with wealth exceeding that of Queen Elizabeth II, according to some reports." (Wikipedia) Rowling certainly has more influence.

Like Superman, Harry is considered as the agent of good fighting the agents of evil. It's the "good cop - bad cop" ploy that makes Harry our protagonist and hero.  With Harry Potter, the occult theme hasn't been cloaked in subtlety, like with Superman. There's just no longer any need to conceal it. The magic and witchcraft is presented openly and it has been embraced by the multitudes who seem to crave it. Yes, times have changed.

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