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The Skull and Crossbones - Avast! Be ye not a scurvy scallywag!

The symbolic skull and crossbones, like the skeletal man of bones alludes to Osiris, the Beast and the mark of the beast. The bones signal the Beast as the hidden man of death and reanimation. The skull particularly signifies the beast and the crossed bones, his mark.

Crossing the bones presents a very powerful symbol that is enhanced further by the power of the X. If you recall from a couple posts back this "sons of god with the daughters of men" image of the chromosome emphasizes the DNA union factor with all the focus brought upon the point of intersection, where the "transaction" is made. The union will produce offspring with a triple helix DNA. This appears to be the fundamental purpose of the mark of the beast, which prepares the hosts for this "up-converting" from man to beast. If this isn't making sense, welcome to the Blog! You have some catching up to do!

While the skeleton symbolizes the beast and the mark of the beast, the skull and crossbones do it even more powerfully. The skull is the Beast who is the head of a body that is identified by the crossed bones. The mark of the beast will transform and enslave the men and women who will compose his body of death. The second beast who is the False Prophet, on behalf of the first Beast, will present the same lie the serpent delivered to Eve in the garden of Eden, "You shall not surely die." Subsequently, the anti-death agent will be administered to the largely willing but frightened and deluded masses. Coming soon to a medical center near you, if you want to believe what fear-mongering wild-eyed conspiracy theorists like me have to say about symbols, the occult, devils and such. :) And I haven't even mentioned the Skull and Bones secret society and the agendas of the famous bonesmen!

I mentioned in the last blog how this symbol's familiar associations with poison and the pirate's Jolly Roger suggest "death" to most people. I want to expand a little on the these two elements and how they relate to the mark of the beast. It's obvious they are related to the mark by reason of their symbol, but there are reasons why poison and piracy are identified with the mark of the beast branding that should be noted.

The author of this study on the history of the skull and crossbones symbol traced it all the way back beyond the poison, pirates and the Knights Templar to ancient Egypt, associating it with Tutankhamen, the Pharaohs and ultimately, Osiris! Of course, by now we might have guessed it would be so, but he did the research and that's what he found.

Since I've titled this blog with some pirate lingo, let's start with the piracy connection. Arrrrrrr you ready? The skull and crossbones symbol of Osiris was apparently used by the Knights Templar as they engaged in piracy on the high seas. The symbol was picked by other practicers of the same, flown by some as their Jolly Roger. This banner was wielded as an instrument for gaining an advantage over their fear-stricken victims. Pirates were generally a lawless people, loyal only to their base natures. The antichrist beast is referenced as the man of lawlessness in 2 Thessalonians 2. He'll be a pirate, of the soul. Remember the Zeusmobile / getaway car / soul shuttle and the "All Soul" Boutique? The piracy of your soul through the mark of the beast is the certain testimony of the Jolly Roger. Do NOT let him make off with your booty! Aye, matey? Perfect love casts out fear. You will need to fly the banner of love when engaging in this battle.

I searched to find appropriate spelling for pirate lingo and landed on, where I, immediately upon landing there found my segue into the next item. Where do pirates work in the off season? Pharrrrmacies!

What does poison have to do with Osiris, the Beast and his mark? The most deadly poison ever concocted will be the anti-death agent (Revelation 9:6) that will transform men into beasts and seal their doom. Thus, the skull and crossbones, right? Consider the Greek word "pharmakeia." (I've written more about this subject here: Pharmaceuticals -The Sorceries of Babylon) From it we get words like "pharmacy" and "pharmaceutical." The biblical usage references witchcraft (Galatians 5:20), sorcery and poison (Revelation 9:21, 18:23). What we call recreational drugs, magical potions and, yes prescription medications, are all pharmakeia. While we can be assured that most doctors, nurses, pharmacists and lab technicians aren't meeting secretly for the purpose of casting spells, the prescriptions you fill are not the blessing you want them to be.

Do you really get that the mark of the Beast is about to be introduced through the health care community? The connection to the Beast network via the implanted microchip is no imaginary threat. The medical professionals who administer care to you and I are one with the those who use them as the means of distributing their magical potions, vaccines and poisons. Many involved in these industries at the higher levels are practicing occultists that do cast spells! Have you grasped the fact that they relish spilling the cryptic beans about the mark of the beast and their triple helix DNA plot through their occult logos and marketing imagery? I'll have more to add to all this when I address the symbolic imagery of Harry Potter flying the broomstick through the unHoly Royal Arch with a thunderbolt scar on his forehead, Lord willing!

In the news today I discovered this little tidbit. Feds mull regulating drugs in water "The Associated Press reported last year that the drinking water of at least 51 million Americans contains minute concentrations of a multitude of drugs. Water utilities, replying to an AP questionnaire, acknowledged the presence of antibiotics, sedatives, sex hormones and dozens of other drugs in their supplies." You might ask, "But can't they filter that stuff out of the system? Well of course they could. Ask them and they'll probably tell you, "yes we can." :) If you're like me, drinking only specially filtered water and avoiding prescription or over the counter meds, you have to know your body is still being "pharmak-ized" through our environment. It's inescapable. We breath the poisoned air, eat food that has been impacted either directly or indirectly by genetic modification activity, and we shower or bathe in contaminated water, absorbing the toxins through our skin. These environmental factors aren't just due to random or incidental pollution, not all of it. Chem trails aren't imaginary. There really is a conspiracy, a vast plot. The point is that no expense is being spared to make you a fit host for Satan's spawn.

Here's a noteworthy corporate logo featuring a prominent X, not unlike OsiriX.

Do you understand how the meaning of the logo? "In the beginning of 2007, Verichip Corporation created Xmark, its corporate identity for healthcare products. Xmark incorporates the Hugs and the Halo system of infant protection; the RoamAlert system of wandering protection; the MyCall emergency response system; and the Assetrac asset tracking system." (Wikipedia) VeriChip is now positiveID, remember? This is the implant chip company who recently merged with Steel Vault and is partnered with HealthLink. The xMark implant systems are for children. scene 1 shows the introduction of the mark of the beast as the blue and white swirling triple helix coming through the health care professionals to a child. Then his mother. This is XMARK!

If you search the Web for "xmark," you might first discover that this refers to an X that is used as a substitute for a signature. When a person cannot write their name, an X is used as their mark. Such a mark has to be witnessed to be valid. I see the serpent's sly mastery behind this custom. If someone puts their x mark on something and it is witnessed, it is their signature, signalling their affirmation of the terms of the implied contract and binding themselves legally to it, stamped with the mark or symbol of their identity. I think this company took this meaning to themselves on purpose.

As the name of their corporate sibling "positiveID" can be interpreted to mean "affirm or accept the mark," it seems pretty obvious that the occult meaning of the symbolic X combined with Mark in XMark is referencing the mark of the Beast!

I want to share something that some of you might find hard to accept. Lord willing, I'll make a video of it at some point. As you may know, I've put a lot of effort this past year into being a diligent student of reverse speech. I've produced about 40 videos on the subject and posted them to YouTube. The scripting that's represented in those videos is a small fraction of all the scripting I've done. I found a short clip on YouTube of Scott Silverman, the number one guy associated with the positiveID chip. This is what he was saying in the interview.

"We're here in New York to uh unveil to the world the plans for the development of an implantable glucose sensor using RFID, a radio frequency identification technology. A tiny microchip about the size of a grain of rice would be injected into the arm of a diabetic patient, where they could actually take their glucose reading from within the body on an external scanner, thereby negating the need to prick your finger one to four times a day."

When I reversed this and listened carefully I heard the following. "The bore will enslave, am not I at risk?" (reversal of "to uh unveil to the world") "The bore" is a figure of speech that names the means of injecting the chip for the chip itself, and all that it represents. The bore will enslave. I heard some other VERY interesting beans being spilled too! Scott is willingly complicit in this conspiratorial activity. He participates knowing that even he, himself is at risk. He is not exempt from the consequences, and he knows they are coming. Do you?

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