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Part 15: NCR - Amalga and Sentillion - Oh My!

I hope you're finding this series of postings engaging on many levels. Because of the intensity and level of detail of what I'm sharing with you, it's important to make the effort to keep a eye on practical matters, especially so if we're trying to communicate with others who may not have the depth of background we've got. What's the point of knowing this stuff about symbols and the mark of the beast? Think about being among a flock of sheep that's being herded by a false shepherd to the slaughterhouse. How far can we go with the flock before we rebel by following another shepherd's voice? How far can and should we go as part of the popular system, banking and receiving medical care alongside everyone else? Where do we draw the line? Unless we're attentive and can accurately interpret what the shepherds are signaling we'll shortly find ourselves unable to turn back. It's one thing to get fleeced. It's another thing to have your name blotted out of the book of life! Amen? The line that must eventually be drawn is coming into sharp focus. Keep watch. Don't forget that this is not about saving your physical life. It's about the life that is truly life! If you understand the responsibilities of the watchmen on the walls, you are sounding the alarm. If you see trouble coming and aren't yet warning others, what are you waiting for?

Yesterday, I referred you to a news item coming in from the "It's later than you think" department, showing the scene 1 being fulfilled. Today, here's yet another. Microsoft to buy Sentillion for health care software Here's a couple excerpts from that article:

"The software powerhouse said Thursday that it plans to buy Sentillion, a privately held company that supplies software to health care professionals. Microsoft hopes to combine Sentillion's technologies with its own Amalga Unified Intelligence System (UIS). The goal is to offer integrated technology that can help health care providers more easily access patient data from across multiple sources."

"Microsoft and Sentillion share a vision of a connected health system in which the free and rapid flow of information, coupled with streamlined access to a hospital's myriad health care applications, empowers doctors and nurses to perform their roles with greater insight, speed and effectiveness," said Peter Neupert, corporate vice president of Microsoft Health Solutions Group, in a statement."

That's the pretext, the publicity spin. If you've been following this blog, you know this is the very kind of connection NCR references in their "marketing" presentation scenes. You'll see some clear evidence of this a little further down in this post!

It's said that "Microsoft will focus on combining the health care technologies of both companies." Amalga is presently used by more than 115 hospitals. The Sentillion acquisition instantly adds more than 1,000 hospitals to their customer base. Sentillion's customers include clinics, community hospitals, academic centers, integrated delivery networks, and federal health facilities.

HealthVault is a product so closely related to Amalga that they share the same logo. This year, Microsoft made a deal with the American Medical Association that gives physicians access to patient records through HealthVault, Microsoft's online application that allows users to store their medical information. Here's an article from 2007 giving some history on Microsoft's "HealthVault" vision.

With the resources being applied to the effort of digitizing and providing uniform access to the medical records of every individual on the planet, how long do you think it will be before the "small beginnings" represented by the state of today's positiveID and HealthLink implementation will become multiplied through integration with Microsoft's resources? Beyond even those resources, other companies are already adding their efforts alongside Microsoft, like Google, Intel and Oracle, providing hooks even to Medicare! Yes, there is a massive commitment here, and it continues to build momentum.

I've read claims that among the absurdly large number of ObamaHealth bill pages is language describing a mandated hook to the system through some unspecified device. Just where do you suppose all this is going? Well, if we don't get it by now it's time to buy a vowel, Wheel of Fortune players. Mark of the Beast!

I mentioned corporate logos, so let's take the opportunity to read some symbols and see what's being signaled.

The company Microsoft plans to acquire is Sentillion, whose branding is simply their name in black on white, lower case, unembellished. Their home page, however, has a flash presentation that's very revealing. Here's some images from their slide show style presentation.

In one, the fins are forming a triskelion symbol, a triple helix DNA signal.

In another, consider the elements that are called out in green. I see two serpents and an ouroboros followed by three "daughters of men" deltas. Each green dot is a bindu. Look it up.

In the closing image that remains in view when the animation has ended, the fish form a simple delta. The lead fish stands out as unique, and the formation is reminiscent of the great pyramid with a capstone, like on the great Masonic seal of the United States. The fish is the second most popular symbol in Christendom, referred to as Ichthus. There are thirteen fish, the Messiah and his 12 apostles. Or, rather the counterpart versions.

Now, let's go after the big fish, Microsoft. Ignoring the ubiquitous triple-delta-formed-in-the-negative-space letter M, let's focus on the stylized elements of the basic looking font. An upward pointing delta is intentionally formed in the negative space of the central letters "os." These letters are of themselves the common occult ouroboros (O) and serpent (S) symbols. The last two letters are joined, approximating the basic form of the "vaulted heaven over earth" Masonic Royal Arch combined with something of a Yin Yang #69. The colors are the elemental black on white, "good and evil," like the Trilateral Commission logo.

Microsoft's HealthVault and Amalga identities share a logo, as I mentioned earlier. These are really interesting swirls, matching the colors of the swirling triple helix of the divine light streams found in the presentation and appearing as something of a cross-sectional slice.

I mentioned earlier that there would be some clear evidence coming that establishes a relationship between the vision of a connected health system shared by Microsoft and Sentillion and the kind of connection NCR references in their "marketing" presentation scenes. Not only does the logo of HealthVault and Amalga pick up the colors and swirling motion of's triple strand DNA element, the swirling strands extending horizontally across the presentation area are common between them! The Microsoft Amalga Unified Intelligence System 2009 page header is far too similar to the scene to be coincidental. Obviously, this is a conspiracy. I think Superman is behind the health care facility imagery in both of these pushing his agenda for the union of the sons of god with the daughters of men triple helix DNA upgrade mark of the beast divine light. :)

Another image found on that same UIS page tells a similar tale, because when I play "connect the dots," another very common occult and Masonic double delta construction is formed, signaling the now very familiar message.

And, finally, while we're on the topic of swirls of blue and white heavenly light, let's consider another item in the news. The
Norway Spiral, "a strange light that appeared in the sky across Norway last night, has Norwegian residents and international spectators baffled as videos of the incident hit YouTube. The light was spotted one day before President Barack Obama was scheduled to give an acceptance speech in Oslo, Norway for his Nobel Peace Prize."

I'm not clear on exactly what caused the phenomenon, whether related to HAARP, CERN, or the local Geophysical Observatory in Tromso. I'm also not clear on what it means, but perhaps the sign manifested could be considered as a special announcement of the coming of a man of peace who will prepare the way for the triple helix upgrade? I would not bet against it! I would bet against the "scientific" and political explanation offered. A failed Russian missile test. Call me skeptical.

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