Sunday, November 29, 2009

Part 7: NCR - Clark Kent's Tie and Superman's Shield

More, um, "something" in the news. Science untarnished by 'Climategate,' U.N. says "The head of the U.N.'s panel of climate experts rejected accusations of bias on Thursday, saying a "Climategate" row in no way undermined evidence that humans are to blame for global warming." Wow. Try not to step in that.

Let's continue the presentation's allusion to the cultural icon who represents the transformed and ascended man, Superman.

Superman is a super hero. The name "Herod" means "hero," and Superman is a SuperHerod! Herod is in the Bible a type of the beast. Students of the Bible have noted the Messianic parallels and Antichrist parallels present in the Superman story and have posted their observations online. I don't know if anyone's yet seen or written about the story from the angle of his being the poster child for the coming triple helix upgrade, so let me know if, in your searching, you find something.

Let's consider some more of the imagery linking NCR's version to Superman. Take a look at the shape of Superman's shield. This shield is shaped like the side view of a cut diamond. It's a pair of deltas stacked like a diamond, the "sons of god with the daughters of men", with a flattened top. The tie you see worn by NCR's Clark Kent is a really thin version of the same.

His shield has also been drawn at times as a simple "daughters of men" delta as you see in this image.

On the shield we see a red serpent in the shape of an S, which is very popular in occult symbolsim. Isn't this S a symbol of the Serpent Savior of Supermen?
The occult serpent is by itself a picture of the devil, sure, but also of the sons of god with the daughters of men, with the head as the heavenly sons and the tail as the earthly daughters. You can see Superman's serpent S on this old edifice, marked by the Masons who built it.

You see the serpent here, and certainly, you can draw the Masonic compass and square over the shield, but are Superman and freemasonry really linked? They really are! We have seen the occult symbolism found in freemasonry throughout the NCR presentation and it's notably found with Superman. Wait until the next post, where, Lord willing, I'll present some VERY INTERESTING imagery and insight!

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