Saturday, November 28, 2009

Part 6: NCR - Superman and Metropolis, the great merchant city

At the conclusion of my pervious post I had asked if you had let Fox News into your hen house. I had noted that they were not a trustworthy source. Hopefully, you already knew that and this next bit won't be a surprise, either. While ClimateGate sweeps the globe, Brietbart continues to appear rather oblivious in their report of how Obama heads off to Copenhagen for the meeting about the climate set for December 9. Obama faces delicate balancing act on climate. Isn't it funny how nobody put their name on the article? It might have been written by former Iraqi Information Minister Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf - who really knows?

Yet, some in the media still report what can be considered legitimate news, and conclusions seem more or less to be left up to the readers.
Bizarre calf mutilations found on Colorado ranch
Giant UFO Causes Commotion in Salta Town, Argentina!
Chinese Video Proof of UFO Landing and Extraterrestrials?

This installment of the series continues revealing the meaning behind the presentation. I'm not singling them out, just reaping the benefit of their willingness to betray the dragon's scheme. So far, I've given an overview and expanded on some of the key symbolic elements and themes that make it very clear that, while the diabolical family plan has been a well kept secret, some have known about it for a very long time.

Let's consider the appearance of Superman, the fictional man of steel who fell to earth from the planet Krypton. Several posts back I wrote the following about the customer featured in scene 2. "This rocket man who is the focal element in the scene is wearing a holy white garment, and the beam of divine triple helix light is focused on him. Beam him up to the mother ship, Scotty! The red tie is like Superman's red cape. Up, up and away!" I've come to see the Superman element as one that's really very significant in the dragon's scheme! The phenomena of Superman's popularity can and should be understood in light of the great secret! I'm going to present some common imagery between NCR's scenes and Superman to establish the legitimacy of this connection, and share some further insight about the allusion being made.

First, note the color scheme, how the colors of Superman stand out from scene 2's black, white and gray.

One of the really cool things I remember as a youngster was how Superman would ascend into the heavens, saying "Up, Up, and away." Our strong NCR rocket man is ascending!

Did you spot the Empire State Building nicely framed in the background? In the previous post I highlighted the metropolitan landmark's appearance in scene 4 that exposes NYC as the great merchant city Babylon. The actual city is more than merely implicated, when you really grasp what we're on to here. The symbol of the unholy city wherein the descended souls worship Zeus, the antichrist beast, is, in truth, both the concrete (literally!) and the abstract. In the Superman story, the city is called Metropolis, and Superman is all about defending it.

Superman fights for "Truth, Justice and the American way." Is that good? The dynamic here is what was described in the previous post as the "good cop - bad cop" ploy. We, who are being manipulated, won't go for the worse so we are led to embrace him as the better of the two options presented. His mission has recently become de-nationalized to encourage more universal acceptance. The empire that is Babylon is global in scope, yet the Empire State Building is in NYC. It's the pride of the Empire State, with its "tallest building in the Empire State" status restored, following the fall of the twin towers of the World Trade Center in the 9/11 event that echoed the words of Isaiah 21:9, "Babylon is fallen, is fallen."

The telephone is another shared element. See our hero holding the phone in his left hand? Just a coincidence, maybe? By now, I think we can safely cross "coincidence" off the list of reasonable explanations for what we've discovered in the extensive array of symbols that conceal and reveal the mark of the beast, in which those of the NCR presentation, as broad in scope as it is, play but a minor role.

In the Superman story, the telephone booth is where Clark Kent changes into Superman. The booth was a means of concealing his activity, thereby protecting his secret while he changed identities. I'll spell it out. The NCR story is about changing your identity from a regular "Clark Kent" kind of 2 strand DNA person into a Superman. The triple helix beam of divine light is the eCommerce solution that hooks him in to the beast system. His altered DNA changes his very identity!

This change of identity is the long guarded secret of the ages, a dark secret that's both concealed and revealed through symbols. The Superman story is the NCR story, the Olympic ceremony story, the Masonic story and the story of earth's history as related by the serpent to mankind from the beginning of their relationship.

After changing identities, the man formerly recognized as Clark Kent emerges suddenly and ascends into the heavenlies! This really does model man's destiny, but there is a genuine and there is a counterfeit, so let's be patient and discerning.

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