Saturday, November 20, 2010

More Branding Signaling the Mark of the Beast, plus News and Such

Like how the name and branding imagery of 23andMe is a powerful symbol of the mark of the Beast, a competitor has a logo that, not too surprisingly, appears to be in lockstep.

In the logo of deCODE Genetics I see two figures, red and black, stitched together by a white strand of DNA. This stitching of the two is the union of the sons of god (black) with the daughters of men (red). I believe there is an implicit triple helix DNA signal in this (knowing the CODE, so we can deCODE the meaning), one strand from the red, one strand, black, and one binding strand, white.

In the deCODEme sub-brand the red color from the graphic is picked up by the word "me," validating the symbolic identity of that figure as you and I (the daughters of men). The word "deCODE" picks up the color of the other figure, black (sons of god). I believe this signals that their intent behind all the genetic DECODING is to identify the serpent tree, the non-Adamic seed, in an effort to distill the residual genes and reverse engineer the fallen Nephilim body. Mengele-esque, to be sure.

Because the scheme has been declared redundantly in such a variety of ways, its hard not to see how the deCODE Genetics and deCODEme effort ultimately intends to transform us, creating fit extensions, or, hosts for fallen angels.

Here's a really sly bit of craft! In the letter string "deCODEme" the letters "de" are shorter than the others, so if you read just the emphasized "CODEme" you'll recognize the request, "code me." This compares to the subliminal request from the recently featured Verizon ad: DROIDDOES = "DROID US." This also compares to the subliminal action behind the PositiveID branding, which silently but effectively prompts us to accept (positive - affirm, accept) the mark (ID tag), the implantable microchip that will be the key point of connection and transformation.

Notice how the Hermetic maxim is emphasized in the "deCODEme" images by means of reflections that model to us, "As Above, So Below." The one upper right shows the three overlapped circles, signaling the triple helix DNA and, I believe the Osiris (green), Isis (orange) and Horus (composite triple helix offspring) identities. The reflections are given a lot of emphasis in that graphic, being quite unnatural in that there are three distinct planes of reflection in view. The central and primary Horus image has its own reflection inside the sphere, and the sphere itself has another. I believe the multiple planes reference the different seasons in which these things are manifested in the earth. Horus appeared before and he will again.

The circling green arrows are equivalent to the serpent/dragon ouroboros. Notice how the crossed elements lower left closely resemble the 23andMe chromosome-ish logo.

The deCODE logo graphic looks like a pair of lower case letters, "ii" - a pair of "eyes." This is a Watcher theme, since one watches with their eyes. I believe the popularity of owls in occult signaling and worship really points most essentially to the angel Watchers who fell and took wives for themselves among the daughters of men. These "ii" eyes aren't big goog-goog-googly eyes, but I do believe they are equivalent symbols.

Decode me? Uh uh. No thanks. No please!


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