Friday, November 12, 2010

Satan Claus, Toys-Horus, and the Horus Science Center

With this post comes, yes, yet more of the same! More exhibits of Satan's schemes are on display, bringing another series of witnesses testifying about how the One True God is faithful to fulfill His promises. He is preparing you and I with opening eyes to see the reality of our time and to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. The battlegrounds of the last days that were long foretold in the Bible are in view!

The first item is another timely seasonal "stars on top" image, found in an interesting context. (Chilean miners accept invitation to Israel) Notice the stars around Satan Claus' crown, like the King Jesus idol just erected. If you can't interpret that, reading recent posts should help.

The next item appears with thanks to a brother (Thanks Peter!) who brought the ToysRus and BabiesRus logos to my attention and made the star/Horus connections. I cobbled together a graphic comparison that includes a couple alternatives that reveal more openly what they mean.

Peter also sent me an image taken from a video he found featuring the Liberty Science Center, in Jersey City, NJ. Their name, logo and motto are signaling the familiar scenario, the coming Beast and his mark, the triple helix offspring. The three-legged star triskele signals the triple strand DNA feature.

The implied circle with central "dot" is an eye, the eye of Horus, and a fundamental male-inside-female symbol (compare Target's logo). The open circle compares to the crescent moon of the previous post, representing the open womb with birth canal. To see what you're really looking at here you have to think in terms of sexual reproduction. The element penetrating the opening is pretty obvious, with even the testes featured. When you recognize this as picturing sexual intercourse, look under the symbol and read the motto in context, paying particular attention to the word that was positioned directly below the male genitalia - precisely. Get it?

You can also see the figure as an egg penetrated by sperm at conception.

One more level of interpretation yielded up by the imagery pictures the birth of Horus from the womb of Isis, that ancient deity long identified with the coming antichrist Beast. The parents of Horus are Osiris and Isis. The customary green is picked up by the male genitalia symbol, signaling Osiris.

By coloring the word "liberty" the same as the Osiris element, the designer has presented us with another Horus symbol. As their offspring, Horus is the genetic combination of Osiris and Isis. The appearance of the word "liberty" shows Horus bearing the image of his father Osiris, picking up the Osiris color trait. The image of his mother Isis is recognized by understanding what is meant by liberty, an important connection that is validated by the context of where the science center is located.

The Liberty Science Center is adjacent to Liberty Park, which is quite near to Liberty Island in New York Harbor. You see where this is going, don't you? Liberty Island is where Lady Liberty stands exalted upon her pedestal. Lady Liberty is an idol of the goddess Isis, as I've stated within this blog and which has been recognized and declared by many others for many years. Isis is within view of Liberty Science Center, less than 1.5 miles away.

The "liberty" in the name is obviously connected to the Statue of Liberty, who is more properly identified as Isis. By presenting in their branding imagery the metaphor for Isis, "liberty," in the color of Osiris, the combination of these two parents as their offspring Horus symbolically appears!

Horus is just written all over this imagery. It is, of course, obfuscated, cleverly hidden, but when you know the scheme and how to recognize and interpret the symbols, it becomes hard not to see it. The next time you see ToysRus/BabiesRus branding, it will probably jump right out at you. ToysHoRus! BabiesHoRus!

In a recent blog post titled, The Liberty Bell and America's Independence from God I had written the following. "The Liberty Bell is an Isis bell, the fertile womb of Mystery Babylon. It's a symbol of the "liberty" that is independence from God." The testimony of the Liberty Science Center is that, through the Horus plot, liberty is being brought forth in the earth.

This is not the freedom that comes to disciples of The Truth, but a counterfeit, reserved for those who persist in their blindness and soon will surely follow the blind into the proverbial ditch. The goal of science so-called is to bring this false liberty fully into the world. You have been following CERN and the LHC activity, right?

The Lord continues to expose the enemy's plan through such as this kind of cracking the enemy's codes and ciphers. He is faithful to His promises, and He will have, despite all frightful evidence to the contrary, a holy people prepared when He comes for His Bride. I pray that you and I will be found worthy.


  1. Anonymous8:21 PM

    This information is so vulgar, repulsive. I am seeing it everywhere, thanks to Bob's insights. Sometimes I wish I knew nothing. The Scripture says "I hate the work of them that turn aside," and "The whole world lies in the lap of the wicked one." No kidding. Thanks for sharing, Bob.

  2. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Building on Anon's comment, most people, most of the time, see the world as a muddle of gray -- of good and evil, bound in a dualistic dance with no end. As difficult as this stuff often is to perceive (and once one sees it one can't *not* see it!) it has the useful effect of turning up the contrast on what some thought benign or neutral (no such thing). It makes me that much more thankful that the Lord is Sovereign and merciful, having triumphed over all of it on the cross at Calvary.

  3. By beginning to see and to understand these things it widens the rift between believes in our Heavenly Father and all others. He is separating us now and building those up who will be the remnant and the ones that will be fighting/destroying the nephilim in the future. He is preparing us for a supernatural battle that will be crossing over into the plane of existence. Praise Him in all things!

    Excellent points Bob, as always! You have been given extraordinary insight - thank you for your work and for allowing the Holy Spirit to work through you.

  4. Anonymous11:08 PM