Monday, November 29, 2010

A Collection of Items

A number of items have been accumulating on the list of "things I'd like to post."

My friend Kathi sent me a link I found really intriguing, knowing the power of visual representations and the likely goal of the CERN effort with the LHC that is to open a dimensional portal.
Artist from Austin TX paints on building at CERN's LHC facility
The image presents both black hole and Higgs Boson events. Thanks Kathi!

The Narnia image appears here not to promote the movie but to expose the occult symbolism present. Do you see how the letter "i" in "Narnia" is being called out to our attention, and how it's associated with the letter "R"? The R is the eye of Horus symbol, confirmed by that clever connection of the curling leg of the "R" dotting the "i," or, the intended homonym "eye."

Notice how both letters "A" have stylized cross members. This element presents in each a subtle Masonic square and compass, and of course, beyond that the overlay of opposing deltas signaling the union of the sons of god with the daughters of men!

If you find yourself around a theater where such a poster appears with nothing better to do, you might have some fun gently pointing out these features to interested passers-by.

C. S. Lewis fans, what you're looking at is not the making of something good into something bad. It's simple an evidence of the wicked deception embraced by Babylon. What Lewis has done in the Chronicles of Narnia fantasy literature is to present selected features of the gospel through symbols. [Correction added on 11/30 (Thanks Joseph!): The gospel has been represented in allegory and symbol as inspired by God and faithful to the Truth at times, in literature as in music and art. The allegorical works brought forth by Lewis have been the subject of plenty of controversy as many have set forth to expose the corruption of his message.] Even when it's dressed in morality tale clothing and sold as entertainment for children, it's still a perversion of the truth, a lie. The works of C. S. Lewis are bewitching, and it's my firm conviction that such has no part in the lives of the godly and can not be considered suitable entertainment for saints of any age.

8) Be of sober spirit, be on the alert Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.
9) But resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same experiences of suffering are being accomplished by your brethren who are in the world.

1 Peter 5:8-9

This next item comes as an update to the series exposing The Iron Giant animated feature as an antichrist vehicle. When I wrote the series I hadn't yet come to understand the signaling of the clock. What I more recently wrote here, Mecca Time vs. GMT - A Battle for World Domination, joins with a few others where an argument is presented for how the clock itself has been used by our enemies to detach us from the Creator's natural time keeping system and thereby distance us from His ways and from He Himself.

Clocks are commonly found in contexts alongside other elements signalling the Beast and his mark. In the Rexall Pharmacy, with its "Rx" eye of Horus as a featured graphic, one of the key pharmakeia scenes played out when, with musical accompaniment, Hogarth drugged the government agent in a successful bid to elude him. Seeing the drug store as a clock tower simply adds yet another layer to the symbolism, strengthening the network of dots being connected as we learn to see what we're really looking at in the world around us.

Notice the time on the clock. It looks like it's showing exactly 13:00 hours, but if not, it's surely 12:05, one small degree of obfuscation away! Thirteen hundred hours is when the ball drops to mark Greenwich Mean Time, advertising to us in a boastful flaunt this "alternate" or substitute time system under which rule which we become servants of Babylon. Thirteen is the number for the rebellion associated with the Beast and even very particularly with the times of the Beast. Connect the dots and the picture drawn becomes filled with detail.

My watchful friend Phil has continued looking into the recent incident involving the 29 miners trapped in New Zealand's South Island's Pike River mine who have now been written off as dead. It's sad to consider the painful loss of those personally involved in this unfortunate situation as surviving friends and families. Yet, for the sake of those of us who remain in this life with its incumbent struggles, even in the midst of such disasters we must continue to seek whatever the Lord would have us to learn. Thanks Phil, for bringing the logo of the mine company to my attention.

The logo seems innocent enough at a glance. It appears to be a nice lush green mountain with tunnelling inside for black coal. However, it also looks like an sinister face with eyes. It reminds me a little of the helmet of Darth Vader, of Star Wars.

Being familiar with occult signaling you will immediately recognize the ubiquitous pyramid, green like on the dollar bill. The eyes of the logo's green face suggests to me that their pyramid is the capstone eye. The pyramid represents the Beast Kingdom and the capstone, the Beast himself.

The product produced by this company is coal, so they're an energy company. I haven't checked their clientele, but they are probably a supplier for power utilities and therefore a source of the network supplying power and light, illuminating the population in a figure.

There appears to be three primary elements in the logo, signaling the triple helix of the DNA of the Beast and those who receive his mark.

There are spirits in chains bound in chains of darkness under the earth that are are going to be released onto the earth.

For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment;
2 Peter 2:4

Since this release for judgment is associated with the Beast, I have to see this Pike River Coal logo as yet another evidence that this knowledge is well known in the kingdom of darkness. The day for their release approaches.

In another item, some of you are following the Time Wave prediction modeling with rapt attention. Are you aware of the elf connection? Machine Elves 101, or Why Terence McKenna Matters - by Daniel Moler

Finally, here's a few more links of interest.

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