Thursday, November 25, 2010

VIVA (May He Live) But who?

It's Thanksgiving Day, and I'm giving thanks for much, and for the Lord granting me eyes that see and ears that hear!

VIVA is a stylish local establishment I see regularly when I shop for groceries. Most probably see it as a lively and fun place. Every time I see it I just shake my head because I recognize it for what it is, a temple to Apollo/Horus that celebrates his return while recruiting worshipers.

The branding imagery practically screams, "Hey, I'm signalling here!" I've been looking forward to the opportunity to address the symbolism, and that time has arrived. So many elements addressed in this blog are in view that I hardly know where to begin pointing them out! Since their Web site puts such emphasis upon the shooting star, let's start there.

Stars represent angels. When you see an image of an angel or star it's a graven image, according to the second commandment. The angels thus represented are fallen angels. When stars are pictured with trails as shooting or falling stars, further emphasis is placed upon the symbol as a fallen angel. Viva's "cover story" for this featured imagery is noteworthy, so I intend to revisit this.

The VIVA sign adorning their gable is rich with symbolism. The word "VIVA" is stylized and offset to position a letter "V" in the center. This is the largest letter, which is even more highly emphasized by placing it as the top layer in the graphic, superimposed over the trail of the shooting star that appears superimposed over the adjoining letters. This "V" suggests the square of the Masonic square and compass, with the gabled roof edge forming the compass. This is the main set of upward and downward pointing deltas signaling the sons of god with the daughters of men. The red "V" is the downward "daughters of men" delta and the gable itself is the upward pointing delta.

Because the "i" is styled as an upward pointing delta, the word "VIVA" presents two pairs of alternating deltas. As you consider them from left to right, they point down, up, then down and up again. This redundancy adds to the subliminal and supernatural influence to the symbol. The balance of the elements in this occult signalling collection do nothing to confuse or dilute the message, serving only to amplify the effect and clarify the meaning.

As I mentioned in recent posts featuring imagery with "stars on top," the common three star collection represents the Egyptian trinity, with the central Horus flanked by Osiris and Isis. The VIVA sign follows this pattern. The way the letter "i" is shaped suggests a pyramid. The star on top is as the luminous "all-seeing lamp-eye of Horus" capstone pictured on the Great Seal of the U.S. That central yellow star represents Horus. The flanking green and orange stars compare to the flanking green and orange of the deCODEme "compare our genetic tests" image, the green being Osiris and the orange, Isis.

Here's an enlarged image of the sign's shooting star so you can tell it's orange. The images below it are blowups of two of the stars inside as seen through the windows. These are both hanging upside down in the manner of signaling "spirit into matter." This, as you should know from previous posts, represents the indwelling of the hosts with devils. It's part of the supernaturalism advancing this primary scheme of the fallen star Lucifer, his Beast and "mark of the beast" regeneration and reproductive scheme.

The gender being emphasized in the gable's symbolic elements is female. The letters are all red, as the Adamic earthly daughters of men. The featured shooting star with the trail is the orange Isis star. If memory serves me correctly, the upside-down bowl shape below the sign is a hieroglyph that can translate as "woman." I believe the reason for this focus on the gender is because it is a "neighborhood eatery," which I'll elaborate upon shortly.

The graphic sex magick that's frequently embedded in esoteric symbols here also involves the star trail. If you consider the five points of the Isis star as a head, arms and legs, with the head pointing towards 2 o'clock the star trail connects as to the birth canal of Isis. From the perspective of a conception, the trail links to the male symbols, the upward pointing deltas. From the perspective of a birth, follow the trail from Isis to the Horus symbol.

"VIVA" translates to life, "long live" or (Italian) "may (he) live." (Collins English Dictionary) Since it's categorized as an Italian/American restaurant, "May he live" is the applicable interpretation. Taking our cues from the imagery, the returning god worshipped by the Romans as Apollo, aka Horus of Egypt is clearly implicated as the "he."

Taking a step back to see this in the larger context, the building's architecture resembles that of a classic temple with columns, a porch and the gable or pediment. Beyond that, elements of classic cathedrals can be identified. Although it may seem strange, this compares to the Amish Star Barn, described in a post that I highly recommend as a collateral study. Ditto, the post describing Rochester, NY's High Falls Garage.

The purpose of a temple building is declared by the imagery featured on the tympanum, where the VIVA sign appears.

"In Classic Greek and Roman architecture, the analogous feature [to the gable] is called the tympanum. Strictly speaking, the tympanum is the infill area, often triangular, of the pediment, which also consists of the raking cornice or ends of the sloped roofs (which may appear to bear, but do not actually bear on the tympanum - the fact that many tympana bear intricate and expensive carvings declaring the building's purpose is evidence of its non-structural role), ..." (Gable - Wikipedia)

What's the purpose of this temple? With the pronouncement of VIVA, "May he live," it gives honor to and celebrates Apollo/Horus!

In accordance with cathedral design, a pyramid (roof of the white room with three windows) is elevated as above the vault, establishing a virtual worship zone below. The typical spire doubles as a pole from which the state flag is flown.

It's interesting to observe that the flag pole spire functions as a lightning rod, lightning being recognized by pagans as the weapon of Zeus, the father of Apollo. This and any lightning rod associated with pagan architectures can be considered as a symbolic witness to the established domain of Zeus. I suspect this was not lost on Ben Franklin, the famous Freemason to whom this invention is attributed.

More to come, Lord willing!

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