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VIVA (May He Live) - Apollo/Horus - the Beast

Continuing from the previous post, let's consider how the stylish lighting out front fits the scheme.

If you're familiar with the famous California mission bells, you'll recognize the lamps as bells. There's one in Los Gatos, a couple miles away in "Old Town" at the east end of the Main Street bridge.

The guy currently responsible for the promotion and proliferation of these bells, John Kolstad, lives in an adjoining community. He's the guy I encountered at the barber shop back in September, 2010 in one of two notable signs that highlighted the importance and timeliness of the subject. (See California Bell Company - "Originators of the 1906 El Camino Real Mission Bell and other Mission Bells and Bell Street Lights")

These bells are associated with the early Spanish missions. These Roman Catholic outposts were and are a form of pagan "christian cathedral" / pagan temple, houses of idolatrous worship of the ancient gods. These Viva lamps as mission bells establish the link to the local tradition of worshiping Horus as the sun god in ceremonial mass and exalting Isis as the mother goddess through Marian worship.

As referencing bells, we must import into the context of these mission bell lamps everything that applies to the bell that has recently been presented in a study titled, Bells - Supernatural Enchantment and a Biblical Perspective. The bell instrument has a significant role in the pharmakeia/sorcery of Revelation 18:23!

The attributes of this local establishment present a lot of dots to connect, yeah?

Some might argue that I'm making something out of nothing, here. I will argue that critics make nothing out of something, and support that with plenty of evidence of such a kind that is being recognized by growing numbers of folks whose eyes are no longer dimmed by the dark light of the false god Lucifer. Praise the Lord for His work in this season that delivers us from darkness to light!

The bell enchantment is there by way of the imagery yet there's no actual bell ringing. However, a couple other agencies of pharmakeia are actively featured at Viva. They serve alcoholic beverages, which involves the "drug" facet, and they feature "live jazz" on Friday and Saturday nights, bracketing the weekly Shabbat with musical enchantments. This should seem very familiar to those of you who have been following along with The Open Scroll studies for a while.

(This is not to suggest that every instance of alcohol consumption and jazz playing is evil, and neither is that statement an endorsement of any kind. These things must be taken in context.)

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The Owl

Now, did you notice the owl perched over the entrance? If nothing else stands out about Viva, certainly the owl should flag our attention! I'll address the general meaning of the owl and the more specific meaning as it appears in the context at Viva.

Quoting from a recent post: "The deCODE logo graphic looks like a pair of lower case letters, "ii" - a pair of "eyes." This is a Watcher theme, since one watches with their eyes. I believe the popularity of owls in occult signaling and worship really points most essentially to the angel Watchers who fell and took wives for themselves among the daughters of men. These "ii" eyes aren't big goog-goog-googly eyes, but I do believe they are equivalent symbols."

You can't see this owl's eyes because they're turned towards the diners. Yet, notice how the owl is positioned near to the double "O" in the word "neighborhood." Consider the "OO" as the owl's Watcher eyes, like g-OO-gle eyes and the "ii" eyes in the deCODE logo.

Many are aware of the owl's association with the gods of mythology and it's popularity with secret societies. "The screech-owl was regarded as the animal familiar of the god Haides just as the little owl (another species) was Athena's bird." (ASKALAPHOS) Athena(Minerva) as the goddesses of Wisdom may well be associated with Viva, given the owl and female gender attention. Yet, I believe the gods referenced must be seen in the most fundamental context, beyond even the manifested personalities of Athena, Isis, and even Apollo and Horus.

The Bohemian Grove features a 40 foot tall owl. One appears in San Francisco's Bohemian Club, a replica of one found on the Acropolis in association with the chief temple dedicated to Athena. (See Owl of Wisdom: Illuminati, Bohemian Club, Schlaraffia, James Gordon Bennett Jr. While visiting the link, scroll down to see the Bell Ringers at Herald Square, with the owl on the bell!) There's the infamous owl that can be drawn around the US Capitol (upon which building's dome appears Liberty/Isis), and the one hidden in the one dollar bill. There's much more that could be noted here but the point has been made that the owl is an important symbol.

This unclean bird is a bird of prey. It hunts for its prey under cover of darkness. This is as a parable for what the Watchers do. The fallen angel offspring, the giants or Nephilim were cannibals, eating human flesh and that of their own kind. As presented in Who is Cain's Father? Part Three, the practice will continue until the curse pronounced upon the serpent in, "Dust you will eat," is fulfilled, and Adam is dust. (Genesis 3:14,19)

It's in this context that you can know why the Viva owl is facing in towards the "eatery." The customers as unsuspecting prey are "on the menu," ultimately. Steve Quayle would get a kick out of this one, who understands and promotes this truth. What is meant by "Neighborhood Eatery" is really that you and I are intended to become as human sacrifices to feed the gods. The "Neighborhood Eatery" is really about eating the neighborhood. Of course, I'm not suggesting that the restaurant is kidnapping and "serving customers" literally like as in "Soylent Green." I believe there is, however, the intentional meaning of actual consumption to be read into the symbolism, and also that there is a kind of sacrifice in view that involves death without literal consumption being required.

Now, as significant an insight as that appears to be, there's yet even more with regard to the restaurant aspect that's being leveraged in this scheme!

A restaurant is where people go to "break bread," which is an idiom that means, to eat. Breaking bread, as an idiom used in the Bible, means, the opening of the understanding. (See The Feeding of the Five Thousand)

They began to relate their experiences on the road and how He was recognized by them in the breaking of the bread.
Luke 24:35

Connect more Viva owl dots. The owl as the secret society's wisdom emblem relates to the watchers eyes and also to the third eye, the enlightened eye of illumination. The illumined ones see themselves as the owls, the enlightened ones who watch and prey. They break bread together, with their eyes being illumined.

That this is an establishment that would be recognized by Freemasons and other "illuminated" societies as one of their temples should be pretty obvious. Masons do represent the guild of builders and are the inheritors of the mysteries behind the buildings made to honor and worship the gods. There are a number of Masonic lodges in the vicinity. The Bohemian Club in San Francisco isn't far away. The Rosicrucians have a remarkable Egyptian museum and extensive library in nearby San Jose, maybe 15 minutes away. If you were in the brotherhood, wouldn't you want to be eating there, soaking up the atmosphere created by the stars, owl and other elements shared with the Egyptian pyramid, Greek and Roman temples, Spanish missions, and "Christian" cathedrals?

There's a link on the Viva home page asking, "what's with all the stars?" When you click through, the landing page simply states, "Why the Shooting Star? Our Viva 'Shooting Star' Symbolizes the Celebration of Great Food, Wine, Spirits & Attitude, and the True Stars [note:image of the Star of Isis appears here] Our Neighborhood Clientele. Thank you for dining with us! The Viva Staff"

On their Web site's About page, you may read, "Viva is more than just a restaurant, we are a Celebration of Great Food, Fine Wines & Spirits, & our Neighborhood Clientele. The 'Shooting Star', visual throughout the restaurant, symbolizes 'Celebration'!"

What's up with the "Neighborhood Clientele" bit? When I read in their blurbs about "Our Neighborhood Clientele," it reads to me like a veiled reference to the local illumined brotherhood, who would be the "True Stars." Note the caps. Note the well placed star image. I really have to agree that it's more than a restaurant. I have to agree that they're celebrating Spirits and Attitude. The ancient spirits. Gloating and prideful Attitudes. Viva - "May he live" Hiram Abiff certainly comes to mind. Seeing the entrance to the restaurant as a version of the familiar Royal Arch of so many tracing boards isn't difficult at all.

There's one last observation I'd like to make about this restaurant and about every public dining area surrounded by such occult signaling as discovered here at Viva. For a while now, I've been wondering just why it is that dining is involved in some of these locations the Lord has had me blogging about. The Clock of Nations in Rochester, NY was featured in the Atrium at Midtown Plaza. You may recall how there was a cafe style restaurant nearby, which was acclaimed as being somewhat of novelty back in its day. When the Clock of Nations was relocated to the ROC airport it was placed right in the midst of the food court, featuring open dining. I've personally eaten in both locations, right next to the clock. It has finally occurred to me that the dynamic here is a reproductive metaphor! Thank you Lord! Let me explain.

In John 6, the Lord is teaching about eternal life. He presented it in such a way that some took great offense, interpreting it as some wierd cannibal doctrine. About this matter, I have written the following.

"The very profound truth hidden here is that food is to the eater like a father is to a son. Something of food is imparted to the eater, which becomes part of them. Something of a father is imparted to the son, which becomes part of them. Get it? Genetic material is transferred from father to son as nutrients are transferred from food to eater. Read the context again with this understanding. Natural food relates to physical life. The genetic material "food" relates here to eternal life! The natural eating involves putting things in your mouth and chewing them up. The other kind of eating is procreative." (Who is Cain's Father?)

Realizing that the devil is not entirely ignorant, and, given his history, going all the way back to the Garden of Eden, I have to acknowledge that he's quite well informed about the eating as reproduction metaphor. This appears to be the reason why these dining facilities are set in such magickal contexts. Wow! It's one more level of powerful sex magick akin to the obelisk and dome.

The serpent dragon wants kids. He's out to get you and I converted, no joke. He is sly and very, very subtle. But he's got nothing on my God! There are many battles to be waged before this war is over, my friend. I pray you and I will be well equipped, with offensive and defensive appointments fit for victory.

In closing, news of interest with a deadly Masonic connection: Michael Brea, bit-part 'Ugly Betty' actor, says, 'I didn't kill her. I killed the demon inside her'

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