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Amarucan Eagle as Feathered Serpent, Hoover Dam and the Mayan Lord Pakal Ahau

As an adjunct to Part 49 of the Rango series, I must give the Hoover Dam some more ink because there's more for us to glean. Some items of note come from the two sites I had linked for recommended resources. First up, a comment left on the blog: Lord Pakal Ahau's Maya Diaries, a response from the site admin to a simple complement.

i200908 says: Wow, very nice. thank you!

The Pakalian Group of Mexico Says: You’re welcome! If you have the chance to visit Hoover Dam in 2012 do it…someone very dear to us will be transforming himself into a protogod at that place full of memories and imprints. Empower your tuning. Thanks for visiting our blog.
Pakalian Group of Mexico

2012: Oskar Hansen’s Precession Design of Mayan Star Map – Hoover Dam Part I

Empower your tuning? That's interesting. Remember, this is where the “winged figures of the Republic” that I've been calling tuning fork angels (acoustic antennas) are found.

Although it's a little ambiguous, a little research turns up that the one called Lord Pakal Ahau is the “someone very dear to us” who is believed to “be transforming himself into a protogod at that place full of memories and imprints,” which is the Hoover Dam. I was told by a journalist that nightly rituals are being held there, which may be related to the expectations of a forthcoming protogod transformation “at that place full of memories and imprints.” While that's rather ominous, of itself, there's more here that's of significant interest!

The following quote is found in the first paragraph of that blog post where the comments were found.As we promised, this research paper has been long overdue since our Director, Lord Pakal Ahau, published his brief notes in Geoff Stray’s Dire Gnosis website and the 2012 Theories forum. It was April 7, 2001 when Lord Pakal Ahau visited Hoover Dam the first time for plain curiosity.

I remember what I was doing that day, not because I've got a great capacity to recall every day of my life, but because that was a very special day! As I reported a couple days ago in A Watchman's Report - The Timeline, I was watching for the lawless one to be revealed in 2001, while “Lord” Pakal Ahau was visiting Hoover Dam! If you followed the url I offered to the archive site you would have seen a news entry for April 7. That was when the sign for the Bride was foreshadowed, an instance repeated exactly seven years later in a more amplified fashion. While I don't interpret this as a sign “Lord” Pakal Ahau will soon be revealed as the very lawless one, it's well worth noting this observation.

The Hoover Dam is a monument of gigantic scale and a devoted place of ritual worship of the ancient gods. “The most ancient of earth’s temples and monuments were built to bring about the resurrection of the destroyed world of the gods.” (Edfu temple texts, Egypt) I must add to that how that many modern constructions follow suit.

If you've been listening to what Tom Horn and Steve Quayle have been saying, and I recommend you do, you should find the content on this blog I'm referencing somewhat familiar.

From: Who is Lord Pakal Ahau of Palenque?

“He was born on August 22, 1952 (Maya Calendar 1 Ik 5 Yaxk’in) under the constellation of Leo (Regulus Star) at the same time French-born archaeologist Dr. Ruz L’huillier entered to the mysterious sarcophagus of King Hanab Pakal and moved the Reincarnation Lid to unveil King Pakal’s mummy, fulfilling the Ancient Mayan Prophecy of the Temple of the Inscriptions since its final construction in 683 CE, that the last Solar Child of Palenque would be born to seal the Gate of the Stone Time in 2012 in a world of believers and non-believers.”

“It is said in the 2012 Prophecy that he will enter to the Underworld Kingdom of Xibalba with the rest of mankind during the Cosmic Alignment of 2012. This prophecy has also been documented in the Popol Vuh, the Books of Chilam Balam and other Mayan Chronicles of 1800. (Mythology of Palenque, Temple XIV Tablet and West Panel Temple of Inscriptions).”

There is an important post in the queue, several actually, addressing time, time seals and gates. Lord willing, these will be forthcoming.

From this post on the site comes an ominous declaration. 2012: CDC Zombie Apocalypse – Emergency Preparedness WarningNOTES FROM THE EDITOR: Here’s an interesting quote that Lord Pakal Ahau made on August 12, 2010 for this blog. He said, “I worship the divine light that comes from the shadows. When the demons arrive in 2012 those alive would be better off dead.” What does he know about this zombie apocalypse that we don’t know yet? I think his Mayan vision is scary!

I recommend you actually visit the blog, where you'll find another post with a poster image modified by “Lord” Pakal Ahau that declares, “In 2012 No One Will Hear You Scream.” His latest declares boldly, “You Shall See Darkness. ”Hints like this are dropped all over the blog. What is intended is more than the transformation of a man into a protogod, it's something resembling a zombie apocalypse, and further suggested as possibly extraterrestrial in nature.

If there is something to that, at least the appropriate official agency of the government responsible for the Hoover Dam monument and temple (and AllSpark/Alcyoneus hypercube?) will be able to claim that we were sufficiently warned in advance. CDC Blog - Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse

I'm not making light of this. This seems to be on some level what the Great Seal and other emblems of this nation have been concealing and revealing. Tom Horn has been writing and speaking about many of these things for years. Apollyon Rising 2012 and PETRUS ROMANUS (Pt 16) are recommended reads. The symbols and centers for occult ritual aren't only in Washington DC and the Vatican. Steve Quayle and others have been popularizing the notion of a zombie apocalypse, based upon the testimony of many diverse people over many years. I've observed validating evidence in many symbols embedded in our culture, the subjects of this blog for two years, going on three.

I'll explain more in future posts, Lord willing, but I doubt that a black awakening (Russ Dizdar) and a flood/counterflood event resembling a zombie apocalypse is coming before 2014. Then, however, yes indeed, I do expect an event bringing that kind of trouble. There's a lot here to consider and it takes some time and effort to collate, assess and publish what the Lord is bringing forth. If you think there's something here to be concerned about, seek the Lord and devote yourself to obedience with the focus of a runner who's not starting a marathon.

I want to comment on the secret identity of the national eagle featured at the Hoover Dam in the dedication area, a central figure of our Federal branding. The way of occult symbols is that, ultimately, most are interpreted simply at their basic level. I believe this eagle represents Satan himself and his incarnation in the Beast. He is the feathered serpent and sun god, known by many names. The many layers of interpretation assigned to eagles serves to confuse and obfuscate, to conceal the most valuable truth. Those truths really do need to be hidden because decent and common folk just wouldn't abide with plans of the symbol makers if what their symbols really meant was understood. So it is with the American Eagle. Some say it's really a phoenix. I'll accept that, but I believe there's yet another level that's closely related and it's not that hard to figure out.

An interesting report has recently come to my attention about the derivation of the name America. This identifies North, South (and Central) America as Amaruca, the land of the plumed or feathered serpent.

These Children of the Sun adore the Plumèd Serpent, who is the messenger of the Sun. He was the God Quetzalcoatl in Mexico, Gucumatz in Quiché; and in Peru he was called Amaru. From the latter name comes our word America. Amaruca is, literally translated, ‘Land of the Plumèd Serpent.’ The priests of this God of Peace[that Plumèd Serpent or flying dragon], from their chief centre in the Cordilleras, once ruled both Americas. All the Red men who have remained true to the ancient religion are still under their sway. One of their strong centres was in Guatemala, and of their Order was the author of the book called Popol Vuh. In the Quiché tongue Gucumatz is the exact equivalent of Quetzalcoatl in the Nahuatl language; quetzal, the bird of Paradise; coatl, serpent--'the Serpent veiled in plumes of the paradise-bird'!"

Manly P Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, 602.

The way I see it, the Amaruca Eagle is known as Q'uq'umatz and Tohil among the K'iche' Maya. It's the ancient feathered serpent, the biblical dragon and his incarnation.

If you would like to argue that neither we nor our founding fathers were children of the sun, anyone familiar with the sun cult at the Vatican and their Jesuit settlers (and the complicit daughters of Babylon), the obelisk and dome/womb in our national capital, the great seal, etc, etc, etc..... would present some pretty solid evidence that we are just such a nation that has long been dominated by the children of the sun. We simply haven't admitted it. The eagle is the bird associated with Zeus. Didn't our POTUS celebrate his nomination in a model of the Altar of Zeus? Doesn't he still brand himself with a sun wheel, that ancient and enduring emblem of the worshipers of the sun god? That would be, yes, and yes.

At the Hoover Dam, the star Alcyone is identified as central to whatever it is that's really going on there. Is the Alcyoneus identity another alias for the Amarucan Eagle pictured?

Let's give what the designer, Oskar Hansen, had to say about the design elements some further consideration.

The building of Hoover Dam belongs to the sagas of the daring. The winged bronzes which guard the flag, therefore, wear the look of eagles. To them also was given the vital upward thrust of an aspirational gesture; to symbolize the readiness for defense of our institutions and keeping of our spiritual eagles ever ready to be on the wing.

Hoover Dam History - Artwork

The upward thrust of an aspirational gesture. Is that, like, raising the dead or ascending through a portal? What kind of institutions need to be defended there? The tuning fork angels wear the look of eagles. There are spiritual eagles that are ready to be on the wing. There's a huge eagle with a shield and arrows right before them, apparently ready to be on the wing. Armed for battle, even. The Mayan “Lord” Pakal Ahau has a banner image on his blog that pictures a man wearing a metal helmet, displaying also his motto, “The Sun is my strength and my shield forever.” Interpreting what I see he's got people who already worship him, as even a warrior who expects to become a protogod in another 8 months, with a raising of the dead and reigning terror in something resembling a zombie apocalypse. Plus, he's basically in parallel with our federal government.

Ominous. Very ominous.


  1. A very thorough, well cited blog on the topic of our continent. I like how Creator calls our Lands by different names and thus explains their purpose. Arsareth is the "Other Land ", "Clean Land". Aztlan is "Clear Land", Egretz Land". Avalon is "Fruits Land", "Tree Place". Yah's purpose for the Land is clearly re-explansion and reconquest of the Lands defiled before the flood by Extra-dimensional predators known as gods, bad spirits, aliens, devils, anunaki, archons and many other names.
    Serpent Land is what Kukulkan / Amarucan name is the twisted inverted, perverted notions of the Enemies of Humanity.
    Shalom and Salvation to all. please visit and read my web+book at smiledreamer.com