Thursday, April 26, 2012

Part 54 - Rango - Unobtanuim, the Black Stone Body

I believe the black stone as pictured in Rango's terrarium gravel also symbolizes the DNA of the Beast that will be the genetic-supernatural/hyperdimensional binding of the heavenly sons of god and the earthly daughters of men. This black stone body will be their reward, the “immortal” “light” body promised to those who worship him by choosing to join themselves with him, becoming one. They will become a chip off the ol' block, his black stone heritage.

DNA is a crystalline structure, a gem stone, if you will. (DNA Learning Center - Use of X-ray crystallography to prove that DNA is crystalline, Maurice Wilkins) It is the scroll of the book of life and a stone, as previously illustrated in this series.

When we see a black stone being presented as ascending or hovering it is the DNA transformation that ascends man to godhood, as appearing between heaven and earth, the hybrid man as the bridge. I'll illustrate this with a variety of examples.

A hovering black stone was pictured in Avatar (2009), in a display sample of the MacGuffin of the film. This mineral that was mined from the moon, Pandora, was so valuable to the industry sponsoring the operation that they were willing to exterminate the indigenous population to acquire it. James Cameron's obsession with Avatar science goes way beyond what you might think is reasonable for a movie, probably exceeding even Carl Sagan's science of Contact, his own novel and movie projects. You have to know there's some really important meaning concealed in this. I see it this way. This black rock was called unobtanium, a name that can be traced back to aerospace engineering in the late 50s that is usually spelled, unobtainium. It's a play on "obtain," expressing how the thing either can't be had or how it's nearly impossible to acquire. If your read and understood The Avatar Stratagem you can associate the avatar body with the unobtanium that was mined. That's the big key. Equate the two. The avatar represented the merging of the two kinds. That's the “nearly impossible to acquire” MacGuffin that the Serpent has pursued since discovering Eve in the Garden of Eden. The Cain gambit nearly succeeded, but the “final solution” is the unobtanium, the black rock that hovers between heaven and earth. (The avatar-as-unobtanium equality is supported by a consideration of why the moon is called Pandora.)

In this collection of images you see two versions of the fictional element presented in a “scientific” manner. Those who mocked up the fake periodic chart imagery chose the symbol Ub to represent unobtanium, assigning the element numbers 120 and 121. We've only “discovered” elements up to number 118 to date, but, pending discovery, the name of element 120 will be Unbinilium, in symbol, Ubn. Element 121 will be called Unbiunium, Ubu. Those responsible for the mocked up images present the symbol Ub, which falls short of a legitimate three character symbol reference but certainly does present us with something of note. Ub ~ You Be. Get it? You Be a Black Stone. This is a subtle projection of your receipt of the mark of the Beast!

Some who watched Avatar became depressed and suicidal because the avatar body and life on Pandora could not be had; it was perceived as intended, as unobtanium. Folks just cannot wait for the black stone light body, the promised avatar experience. What they don't realize is that with the mark of the Beast they'll become the empty shell instead of the avatar driver.

'Avatar' driving us to suicide, say fans
Audiences experience 'Avatar' blues

What I just wrote about Avatar's symbolic unobtanium applies to another version of the floating black stone, one that appears in a music video by Doda titled Bad Girls. I wrote about that back in January. (Doda - Bad Girls - Poland's Pop Queen as the Mother of Harlots and Doda - Bad Girls - "Try Me" - Mercury Rising)

The stone bearing the devil girl's symbol is pictured as in the womb, gestating. At the end, after Doda (as a man-eating dragon-booted hair-braided rebel leader) ascends to the throne, the marked stone rises to hover in her hand. She says “Try me” and then the symbol from the stone is dramatically pictured as if in the heavens. I already addressed this in two posts and many more could be written, but, in brief, she is as Isis, bringing forth Horus as The Black Stone and, in the process, for those who accept her invitation to “try me,” ascending them as the hovering stone to the heavens as gods. The process begins with gestation because the Black Stone is reproductive, genetic. The end result is ascension as a god, shining as a light in the heavens. The problem with Doda's version is that Bad Girls get the counterfeit.

When I listened to the song backwards I was surprised to discover that, even though her first language is probably Polish, the reversal sounds typical of most English speaking folks. When she says, “Try me,” even though it's not the most easily recognized phrase, I hear, “Cain Marriage.” That's the Black Stone work.

There's a Hermes theme in this that's shared with Knowing (2009) and gives us an important witness about where this is really going. The floating black stone in Bad Girls bears the alchemical / astrological symbol of Mercury or Hermes. In Knowing, the white hare is the symbol for Hermes. Hermes is a psychopomp, the escort to the underworld. The boy and girl each hold a hare while they ascend from the earth, presenting to those who can interpret the symbol what is actually their descent into the underworld with Hermes as their escort. The “whisper people” who chose the children are dressed in black. Just before they ascend with the children, they shed their dark coverings to reveal their bodies of light. This scene where this takes place is very obviously covered with the black stones that had been given special attention throughout much of the movie. What all this is revealing is that the beings associated with the black stones were black stones themselves, that their light bodies clothed in black were what the symbols represented, just like how in Avatar the hovering black stone unobtanium was equivalent to the avatar body. When the alien ships that the children and light body beings ascend into blast off into space, the black stones on the ground ascend and float. Point taken.

When the children were dropped off on what we assume is some distant safe planet, we see a big tree, alluding to the Garden of Eden, with the boy and girl as a new Adam and Eve. The boy's name is Caleb, alluding to one of the two who came out of Egypt and entered into the promised land. The tree is also featured in Avatar and The Fountain. These are all “of a piece,” telling the same story. As Caleb is about to ascend he signals his Dad, signing, “You and me together forever.” If you've seen The Fountain, the tree and the emphasis on what Caleb signed should be familiar. Izzi: Together we will live forever.” Again, in Doda's Bad Girls, this is roughly equivalent to, “Try me,” which she says as the floating stone appears as shining in the heavens.

To be continued... Lord willing!


  1. Floating stones:

    Moon (2009) by Duncan Jones (David Bowie's son)
    The harvesters produce a constant flow of flying moon rocks under whch the protagonist is buried in his moon buggy.

    Apollo 18 (2011)
    Floating stones in the Apollo moon lander after it returns into space and shortly before it hits the spacecraft.



  2. Hey Bob,

    Something of interest in the element labeling of Unobtanium. The one is labeled UB 120, which can be read as, "You be one too!".

    Of more interest and even greater import is the labeling UB 121, which can be seen in the context of the avatar-driver relationship. Once again we see the "You Be", but in this labeling the ratio of 1 "demonic/avatar" driver to 1 "shell/avatar body" is expressed.

    UB 121 is thus rendered, You Be One Too and You Be One To One (with your demon/avatar body driver". Ominous indeed!

    Excellent work, brother.