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A Watchman's Report - The Timeline

When I posted "The Coming Great Deception" and the Watching - April 4-5, 2012 and followed up with The 2012 Watch Day Report, I didn't explain much about the larger pattern that led me to expect this year would not be the year for the sign. If you followed the links you may have put it together, but the time has come to start spelling these things out on the blog more evidently. In this post I'm going to share an annotated timeline intended to put this year's watching into perspective.

The observations while on watch are like the scientific testing of a theory's hypothesis. I consider what I've witnessed while watching as validation of what I've learned from my studies, as led by the Lord. I present this to you as my testimony. If you buy it, fine. If you reject it, fine. It's not my job to convince you. Conviction is the Lord's business. Mine is to give a witness. It's the report of a watchman on the wall.

1957 - Born in Rochester, NY. November 20. You have to start somewhere. :)
1971-72 - This winter brought a memorable experience at The Mill in Sodus, NY. Grinding at The Mill - A Miller's Testimony
1980 - The Lord had been drawing me and finally got me, at 22 years old! I'm His!

1989-90 - The Lord hit my "reset button" and took me "out of Babylon" and to his feet as a student, with substantial instruction in "actual obedience." His curriculum featured lessons in how to study His Word and how to hear His voice, giving me insight into Keys to Developing a Hearing Ear. It began a new era of discipleship for me and opened the way for all that has come since, the most hidden of which pertains to the chronology of the end times.

1991 - First Shemittah in the count begins, with an accounting on Yom Teruah. He opened the celestial sign of Genesis 49:10 (9/10-11/1991) beginning in May. The count began from that celestial sign, although I didn't realize yet there was any counting involved.
1992 - I was clueless about watching for the sign.
1993 - Still clueless about watching for the sign.
1994 - There were some others who had published reports of the Lord's coming for His church, but it still hadn't occurred to me to watch on the thirteenth day of the first month in particular, and with no internet connection yet, it would have been by the monitoring of TV/radio news or awaiting print news media, none of which I did. I was quite isolated, with my strictly limited resources being only as the Lord brought to me very directly.
1995 - Possibly still not watching for the sign. I began a newsletter called "The Open Scroll" and got online with a web site.
1996 - I might have begun attempting to watch on the 13th day of the first month around 1996. - No hint of the sign.
1997 - No hint of the sign.

1998 - No hint of the sign. - Second Shemittah begins on Yom Teruah.
1999 - No hint of the sign. In the fall of 1999, I caught on to how the pattern of the week of years that I had been learning so much about was actually synchronized with the accounting of the millennia. It seems so obvious to me now, but it had never occurred to me that the target package of seven years might align with a count that began with biblical year 1, and that this was the very cycle later identified as the Shemittah. That was a big deal. I believe it was then that I understood that, given what I knew about the position of the sign within the context of the target Shemittah, the sign would only be observed in the third year of a Shemittah. I understood that watching for the sign on the thirteenth day of the first month must still be an annual exercise. I was hopeful that this Shemittah was the one hoped for, that the Oslo accord had met the criteria for Daniel 9's covenant with many. I considered the possibility that the pattern of Shemittah counting matched the season when Joseph was in Egypt, where 7 years of plenty were followed by seven years of famine. The span of 1991-1998 sure was looking like seven years of plenty. I had no revelation insight into which Shemittah was the one appointed for fulfillment, and I knew it, but I was sure hopeful this was it! The potential for some Y2K crisis and other items in the news and changes in the culture represented a dramatic escalation when compared to seven years earlier.
2000 - No hint of the sign.
2001 - I watched for the sign with hopeful anticipation. It was an amazing season! As I watched on the thirteenth day of the first month for the revealing of the lawless one, Bill Clinton, who was visiting India, had just spent some time at Mother Theresa's tomb. He was then reported in what looked to me like it had potential for the sign! He was ceremonially dedicated to the Hindu gods and subsequently worshiped by a throng as he rode a royally decorated elephant through a village. I'd like to be able to show you that news article but I didn't save it and haven't been able to find it again. I'm pretty sure it was in AsiaWeek magazine. His trip had begun as recorded here. 5 April, 2001, Gandhinagar, Gujarat There's an archived version of The Open Scroll site with a page of historical interest here: last updated 4/24/04. You'll note that for some time after the watch day I was still hopeful that what I had seen might have been the sign, holding out some smidgeon of hope against hope that the Bride Theft might be on a second Passover provisional schedule. The life I knew was collapsing, once again. I could already see the looming threat of divorce on the horizon, which would indeed come that next year.

What I had witnessed was what I now call a “pre-echo” of the sign followed by a “pre-echo” of the Bride Theft on the 21st day of the first month, right on schedule. Bill had secreted his wife away to a tropical location for an intimate season referred to as a “secret Easter getaway.” Again, I wish I had copied it so I could show you the report. It was only reported in a special exclusive by Matt Drudge, so far as I could tell, perhaps picked up off a wire service. By the time I thought to save it, it was gone. The Drudge Archive only goes back to November 2001.

9-11 - WTC event - TEN SOLAR YEARS FROM THE SIGN IN 1991 - TO THE DAY! Coincidence? Probably not. The world would never be the same, launching the world into an era where "peace and safety" are the bywords of the control mechanism within which incubates the new world order.

2002 - No hint of the sign.
2003 - No hint of the sign.
2004 - No hint of the sign.

2005 - No hint of the sign. The election of Pope Benedict XVI on April 19, 2005 had my close attention with regard to the potential for his being the false prophet. Third Shemittah begins on Yom Teruah, September 5. Clinton's Global Initiative launched: September 15-17, 2005 in New York City, which was considered with respect to Daniel 9 and a covenant with many.
2006 - No hint of the sign.
2007 - No hint of the sign.
2008 - As I watched on the appointed day I observed another pre-echo of the sign of 2 Thes. 2. There was a rare Papal visit, with Bill Clinton in range and heading steadily in that direction as he stumped for his wife, perhaps arriving at the Pope's point of departure for a meeting. Again, like seven years earlier, this wasn't the sign but it was a much louder pre-echo than what I witnessed in 2001. Most significantly, perhaps, the revelation insight I had lacked was granted. The count relating the target Shemittah to the celestial sign was finally revealed! John 13:38 “Jesus answered, “Will you lay down your life for Me? Truly, truly, I say to you, a rooster will not crow until you deny Me three times.” I knew exactly what the Lord meant when he lit that up for me. This came during the watch in the third Shemittah from 1991. That would have to pass, as a third instance of the church (Peter) rejecting the Lord. The Bride was not yet ready, truly ready to lay down her life. If there was an up side to that, which was quite frankly feeling pretty grievous, there were “only” seven more years until what I sought would be fulfilled. 2008+7=2015. Since receiving that insight, I've seen confirmation of it in more than one way, but it's been most particularly expressed in the pattern of “three things and then a fourth.” Later this year I began writing about the Olympic Ceremony signs.
2009 - No hint of the sign. Late this year I repurposed the blog and began posting about symbolic logos, etc.
2010 - No hint of the sign.
2011 - No hint of the sign.

2012 - No hint of the sign. Fourth Shemittah will arrive on Yom Teruah, September 17. Will there be a covenant (perhaps Clinton's Global Initiative) according to Daniel 9:27? It's never said to be a sign, but it's certainly something to watch for. High expectations for events like London Olympics, plus major “smoke blown up around it”, e.g. December 21, with end of Mayan long count calendar...
2013 - Expecting no hint of the sign
2014 - Expecting no hint of the sign
2015 - I'm all in on this bet: The Sign will be seen when the lawless one is revealed, followed by the Barley Harvest (Bride Theft) and sealing of the 144k, then the Wheat Harvest at Shavuot...

The key pattern in this watching for the sign is the testimony of foreshadowings spaced seven years apart, in 2001 then in 2008. I expect the revealing of the lawless one in 2015, on the thirteenth day of the first month.

The essential framework of the Lord's calendar within which the watching on the thirteenth day of the first month may be understood involves three elements:

  1. A reference point upon which the accounting is predicated
  2. The target week of years upon which the sign is imprinted according to an established pattern.
  3. The relationship that links the week and the reference point, establishing the count that fixes the week to our calendar.

From the celestial sign prophesied by Jacob on his deathbed to mark the coming of the Lord in judgment, three Shemittah must pass before the appointed season may begin. Within that long anticipated week of years, the third year is appointed for the revealing of the lawless one, a pivotal event and sign to the Bride.

Do your homework. Test this and see if it isn't so. It matters plenty.

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