Monday, April 09, 2012

Part 50 - Rango - Now Streaming on Netflix - with Cubes

Good news! You can now watch Rango on Netflix streaming, so you can watch the entire movie, if you haven't already, and closely review scenes I reference in each post.

Have I mentioned that I'm going to be wrapping up this Rango series? Right. Probably this year, but don't hold me to it. :) If I were driving this venture, I would have made a few posts and quickly moved on. It's a good thing I'm not in the driver's seat.

The ice cube in Rango's umbrella drink is a key element in the scene where the chameleon falls to earth as an other-dimensional being through a portal, a god. The crystal and the cube are elements common to other movies and works of literature, fictional and mythological, and it may be seen that there's legitimate physical science lending support to their roles. There's a few instances featuring the crystal cube I want to address before I move on (probably to the black stones, finally). I'm not going to touch on ice cubes featured in soft drink and liquor ads, but you'll find more leveraging of the same themes if you choose to explore them.

The artwork on display in the Bank of America Corporate Center lobby in Charlotte, NC has been given a lot of attention of over the years for it's blatantly occult nature, comparing to what's found at the Denver International Airport. I blogged about one of the panels here, from December of 2010. Caves and their Secret as Attested to by the Bank of America - Part One One of the other panels features a clear cube. Inside the hovering cube is a hovering woman, with strings as a marionette has strings. She appears to be swaying, as being made to dance in a ritualistic manner. She faces away from us, towards a pyramid and burning bush (allusion to Moses, meeting with the angel of the Lord and being commissioned). To the left of her we see peculiar sets of staircases ascending from the ground into the sky. I'm not going to analyze the entire scene, but if you consider this cube with the previous cube posts fresh in mind you'll have some insight into what's going on. The strings reveal to us how the woman's programmer/handler is off stage, out of sight. She's being fully controlled from another dimension, which is why she's in a cube, the shadow, if you will, or intersection of a hypercube in our time-space. The puppet master's stage access is via the stairway to heaven, a mecillah, a portal, the Bifröst. The strings pass before the sun and moon, in solar eclipse, highlighting the importance of the celestial or angelic agents and the times and seasons of their appointed interactions.

Anyone with a new LG HDTV is presented with this crystal cube when there's no signal, an animated icon. Thanks Aaron, for your help with this. [video] LG HDTV spinning cube icon for no signal

LG knows their occult imagery. Their logo has been identified as a hidden Pac Man but it's more than just a trendy homage to the classic computer game. The LG crystal cube contains a head like one from Easter Island, an ancient god. LG's corporate logo is perhaps the most blatant instance of Harmerty (Horus, who rules with two eyes), next to Lady Gaga, of course. The LG cube - Horus who rules with two eyes inside a rotating cube. Horus ruling from another dimension. Is this Horus the off-stage puppet master of the B of A's esoteric Masonic "art"?

Another rotating cube appears as the corporate logo of the ficticious Massive Dynamic in the TV series Fringe. I couldn't get a really good animated image directly from the J. J. Abrams produced show but you can see it in this version somebody modeled on the one from the show. Massive Dynamic icon (a fake modeled on the show's version) The letter M is common code for the number 13, signifying rebel lord beast. The Horus Beast in the hypercube - isn't that unusual? Oh, right. Not really.

The Nissan Cube is a container for beings and as a car it's a “throne” vehicle! The most unique attribute of this car is its asymmetrical design. Notice the licence plate in this image just clipped from Nissan's site: ASYMTRY. See the familiar as above so below Hermetic maxim and the wave patterns? This Cube speaks to me about how the volume intersection in this time-space domain asymmetrically balances to a far greater volume external to this dimension.

Nissan actually sponsored a Hypercube promotion in 2009, giving away 50 Cubes.

“Nissan Canada Inc. has launched 'Hypercube', a unique social media campaign to promote its all new cube(R) vehicle. Hypercube celebrates, recognizes and rewards 'social creativity' in Canada. The company behind the newest example of modern mobility is offering an online stage for 500 creative thinkers and talented individuals from across the country to demonstrate their social creativity and audition for a chance at driving away in one of 50 new cubes.”

Nissan Canada Mobilizing the Country's Creative Thinkers Through Social Media (March 18, 2009)

Nissan also sponsored a crystal cube promotion, a Cube inside ice. [video] Nissan Cube in a Cube

Yeah. They're just following their own sponsor's agenda.

The cube, the hypercube, the crystal - these elements and their pervasive theme isn't an exceptional instance of something coming from nothing. The Adversary has to blab about his activity. It's there for those with eyes to see. There's a reality that is soon to be brought forcibly to our attention, and will not be for our entertainment.

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