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Bring the Heart to Wisdom - Heptadic Time Waves

Of the sons of Issachar, men who understood the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do, their chiefs were two hundred; and all their kinsmen were at their command.
1 Chronicles 12:32

You hypocrites! You know how to analyze the appearance of the earth and the sky, but why do you not analyze this present time?
Luke 12:56

To number our days aright let [us] know, And we bring the heart to wisdom.
Psalm 90:12 YLT

Like Noah, who knew when the flood would come, the Heavenly Father has ordained that some will know when Y'shua comes for His Bride. This isn't just one of the perks, a fringe benefit so the Bride can “touch up her makeup” (although it will be in the final season of refining beautification). There's reasons for it that translate to salvation, and that on the most grand scale. Many of us have an invitation to participate. A few of us will accept.

Quoting from a post from a few days ago, (A Watchman's Report - The Timeline)
The key pattern in this watching for the sign is the testimony of foreshadowings spaced seven years apart, in 2001 then in 2008. I expect the revealing of the lawless one in 2015, on the thirteenth day of the first month.” The principle behind this reasoning involves the science of waves. The observation of "lite" versions of the sign demonstrates something of note.

Many of us are at least a little familiar with Terence McKenna's Timewave Zero Theory, a predictive model which I believe has some merit.

The principal device of the Timewave Zero theory is a fractal function (constructed using numerical values derived from the King Wen Sequence of I Ching hexagrams) which maps time onto 'novelty'.

Timewave Zero Theory

I'm referencing that as an example to illustrate what I believe is the principle model beyond it, at least one facet of it. This is more than just a fanciful excursion. Our 3-space is a medium through which sound and light travel. Its structures resonate according to the imparted energy from these waves. I see time as an integral system, a medium bound to 3-space. Consider an event as impacting time-space like a pebble tossed into a pond. It causes time waves. The effect is more precisely like concentric energetic bubbles extending out from a point of origin. What we see on the surface of the pond is the boundary interaction between two media, one more dense than the other. The splash we hear is the acoustic wave traveling through the less dense medium. The amplitude or height of the wave expresses the level of energy, which diminishes as the dampening media receives the transferred energy. The waves have a time element expressed in the frequency of the waves, a factor seen relative to the media in the distance between the rings. On a line projected through the event origin, waves will be found intersecting it on both sides - in space and time. That's a simple enough illustration, and there's no need in this for any consideration of quantum physics.

Just like heptadic (sevens) structures are found in the Bible, there is a manner in which time manifests as a fractal on the math of 7. In the Bible, the number 21 has been shown to have a fundamental meaning of "time." As 21 is the product of 3*7, the time number is heptadic, with the resurrection number as a multiplier. The 7 day week, repeating over and over as the cycles continue, is part of the fundamental fabric of time, in the Lord's economy.

The foundation for this was the creation week. The basic pattern is that six days of a kind (work week) are followed by one of rest. A day is a fundamental unit. The heptad of days is the unit of the next order, the week. On another scale, in the next order of the fractal, the year is a basic unit and the heptad of years is called the Shemittah. At the next order, a generation spans 70 years, which is a heptad of decades. The decade introduces another unit multiplier, the number 10. The 7 and 10 together are also seen in a high order of the heptad fractal that can be described as a week of millennia, units of 1000 years (10 cubed). Beyond these there are other heptadic structures on the Lord's calendar.

7 days - week
7*7 days ~ Shavuot count from Pesah's wave offering (Feast of Weeks - counting a week of weeks of days)
7 years - Shemittah (a week of years)
7*7 years - Yobel/Jubilee (a week of Shemittah)
7*10 years - generation (a week of 10 year long “days”)
7*103 years - millennial week (1000 year long “days”)
(* 7*102 years? Extrapolation of hidden cycle?)

Manifesting on the reference system of the Lord's calendar, time expresses itself as waves with nodes repeating at regular intervals of 7n. It's kind of a grand musical expression with a time signature of 7/n, in a sense, with seven beats per measure, with a range of notes that get the beat, all playing simultaneously through His creation, synchronized and orchestrated according to the Lord's appointment. There seems to be a further expression in space-time of overtones in a harmonic series, if you will.

Now, following the exodus, the Lord God instituted the Pesah (which, as I write, we are in the midst of celebrating) as a memorial that can be considered an event with time waves extending out into the future from that point of origin. Another valid perspective is backward looking. Every holy day is instituted as a rehearsal, with time waves having the primary node at the point of their fulfillment. The primary event for which the rehearsal is instituted may be identified as the point of origin for a time wave, broadcasting outward with waves extending outward in time where nodes of intersection appear in our referential system "historically." That's finally what I've been trying to express.

This explains the pre-echoes seen in this extended season of watching for the sign for the Bride on the thirteenth day of the first month, which exhibit the pattern of foreshadowing instances spaced seven years apart. The event in 2015 is the point of origin of a time wave, extending outward to intersect our space-time with a wavelength period or interval of seven years to the day on the Lord's calendar, His appointed referential system. What I observed in 2001 had an amplitude diminished from what I observed in 2008. What may have been observable in 1994 would have been further diminished in amplitude

It should also be acknowledged that there was another set of Pesah fulfillments, events generating time waves in 32 AD during the season of Y'shua's crucifixion, burial and resurrection.

As a stand-alone post, this might not be of much use, but in the context of everything else the Lord is rolling out, here and elsewhere, the Lord's purposes are served; and I thank Him for the awesome privilege of serving in this amazing season!

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