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Part 49 - The Sodomite Gateway - Childrens Charities: Ronald McDonald House and The Second Mile - Arrow

Because the act of sodomy is so vital to the advancement of the Adversary's plan to transform and weaponize Adam-kind, I'm continuing a focus upon one of the prime areas of their interest, where the raw materials for this scheme are sometimes sourced.

Children around the age of 3 are targeted aggressively because this is the age when they are most effectively programmed. These operations require cover, and a wide variety of front organizations provide an important layer. While a steady stream of whistleblowers or bell ringers continues to bring this horrific activity into the public view, little if any impact is ultimately made because those who are trusted to come to the aid of the victims are themselves compromised, from the media we trust to report with honesty and integrity, to the lawmakers, law enforcement, and the courts. It's not just an uphill battle but one that is doomed to utter defeat.

Rather than despairing of seeing justice meted out, take this work of decoding the cryptic symbol language as encouragement that we do have a sure promise from the One who is sovereign that justice will be brought. If you perceive this and take comfort, you can help others by helping them see what you now see.

The logos and branding imagery of these charitable institutions testify of pedophilia and mind control. The horror of this witness goes beyond the corruption and perversion of helpless children. They become agents themselves, in a pyramid scheme of the very worst kind. This is how the psi warrior supersoldier army is created. The once-innocent become deadly assassins who will bring chaos and revolution. Out of that, the new order will be antichrist, and initiate the campaign of Armageddon. Keep this in mind as you see the signs of ritual sodomy embedded in your familiar world.

As today, the ancients knew and exploited the abuses of rebellion against the second commandment.

Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws” ~ Confucius

Warning: What follows may be triggering if you're struggling with issues of SRA-DID. If you are easily disturbed and offended by suggestive imagery or descriptive language, you may want to skip this post. You're not going to be able to unsee what's here. If you have followed this series up until now, you should be fine. If you haven't been, I recommend getting familiar before continuing.

Ronald McDonald House Charities are popular. Their brand practically shouts Occult Freemason pedophilia. This collection of images illustrates several layers. Beginning with the obvious creepy clown adult Ronald McDonald's hand holding a child's hand, the red and white striping symbolic of Adam-kind made divine identifies Ronald's nature to us. The child's hand is white, and the sleeve is red. Ronald's golden glove love touch is making the Adam divine. Their hand holding is a picture of their bonding, which is achieved through ritual sodomy.

Ronald's glove bears the golden arches. Those golden arches are a sodomy signal. The “M” is for “McDonalds”, of course, but also for “Mason,” and “Monas,” as in “Monas Hieroglyphica.” These allude to the signature gloves of Freemasonry.

When the logo is inverted (according to the Hermetic Maxim, “As Above, So Below”), the square and compass emblem of Freemasonry appears in its familiar orientation. The 5 points of the house connect to form a star, which is the Baphomet, and in any orientation, the ubiquitous signal of the fallen angel.

The house graphic has a chimney with red smoke forming a white puff in the shape of a heart. A child would readily recognize this as a drink box with a straw, like with chocolate milk or juice. The heart is a little child's bottom, and, as disgusting as it is, it must be said that this is yet another signal instance of the magickal traumatizing dirt pipe milkshake, drained from the bottom after ritual sodomy. (Part 22 - The Sodomite Gateway - Quik Bunny's Secret)

To see even more offensive and disturbing sodomite imagery associated with the branding of this and affiliate institutions just visit the Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Ozarks site. These charity sites certainly deserve to be Pedobear'ed! I think I know now why “Grimace” looks like a big purple turd. Yeah. Sorry.

Jerry Sandusky was convicted last year as the sodomite pedophile at the center of the Penn State scandal that also involved Joe Paterno. (One Year Later, Questions Linger Around the Sandusky Scandal) In 1977, Sandusky founded a children's charity called The Second Mile.

“The Second Mile, which was founded 35 years ago by Sandusky, has said that although it has continued to receive support for its programs, financial and volunteer support has significantly waned following a series of child sex abuse charges against Sandusky, making it impossible for the organization to continue running as a fully functioning entity. Sandusky has been accused of taking advantage of and "grooming" at-risk boys who came through the charity for sexual abuse.” (Jerry Sandusky's Second Mile Foundation to Transfer $2M to Christian Ministry)

If the abuse taking place in association with this charity organization was actually limited to Jerry's grooming for personal use, I'd be very surprised.

Dissecting their brand, I see a CON at the center, as I highlight here, and an instance of Harmerty, signaled by the darkened left registered trademark eye. The seeing eye is the “i” of Horus composed of the “I” in “MILE” that is the child's figure dotted with the “O” in “SECOND.” In the stack of words, the H sits on top. Horus. If you consider all three central letters in the stack, it's an I, O and H. IO ~ spelling the equivalent to Helios.

The slogan for The Second Mile should probably be interpreted a little differently than most think. “Providing Children with Help and Hope.” I don't doubt that they have been providing children, being very helpful with supplying this precious resource for ritual abuse and sacrifice to an illumined clientele. Whatever hope the pedophiles name is no real benefit to the children in that scheme, but that which is expressed in such eloquent Lucifer-speak by the Lucis Trust.

Some will take comfort in reports that the charity has been shut down as fallout from the scandal. However, resources have merely been shifted. What I see in the branding of the recipient informs me this maneuver compares to the reassigning of the exposed pedophile priests of the Romish sun cult to another parish.

Arrow Child and Family Ministries is a Houston-based Christian organization. Many will think, oh, Christian, that's good, right? If that's you, you're really gullible, still, because that label is assurance of nothing other than that the facade operates under this banner.

The arrow as a phallic symbol is widely leveraged. See Part 30 - See, it's the "i" of Horus! Phallic Arrow Brands for an introduction to the class. When an organization identifies itself as Arrow, that's an alarm. This arrow symbol is more than just a generic phallus because it represents Horus. That's Horus the sodomizer, and his phallic eye, the illuminated third eye powered on through ritual sodomy. Horus aka Apollo is the Arrow. Research it and see for yourself.

An example in popular culture comes from a new TV show on the CW network, Arrow. I've watched all the episodes so far and there's plenty of the supersoldier trauma-based mind-control that supports what we're shown in this promotional image. This is pretty obviously alluding to the back of the dollar bill, which Tom Horn has capably demonstrated as a collection of symbols pertaining to Apollo. The one eye. The truncated pyramid. Osiris Green. A hero will rise. It's about the rise of Apollo, Apollyon, the antichrist Beast.

By the way, the CW network is signaling 69, the two digit number signaling the mark of the Beast transformation.

C=3 ~ resurrection
W=23 ~ sex chromosome
CW=3*23 = 69 = 46+23

The CW is the mark of the Beast transformation of double strand DNA man into triple strand hybrid Beast, side-loaded with the serpent.

The Arrow charity's white cross inside an arrowhead logo has symbolism that is complemented by other imagery on their website to clarify what is meant. The array of large squared circle sodomy signaling buttons begins with one that says "Get To Know Our Heart." See the graphic. See the white cross? X marks the spot. See the children inside? You don't need me to draw a picture for you. They have already done it.

Ritual abuse is usually a family thing, so that explains button 2. “Child and Family Programs.” Right. The relatives are handlers that execute the programming scripts.

Button 3 is a high place with a big phallic symbol, titled Church and Community Alliance. These kinds of alliances are required to operate fronts for ritual abuse.

Button 4 is labeled, “Freedom Place.” It's a butterfly. Right. This is one of the most popular symbols of Monarch programming. There is a sodomite sexual position called the butterfly position (* graphic language here). During ritual sodomy, the victims dissociate, which is to say their awareness goes to another alter to escape the trauma of the abuse. They go to another place in their minds, one that is called by a variety of names. It's a happy place, a freedom place, somewhere over the rainbow.

Some accuse me of just trying to tear down everything good. I suppose that's a valid observation, but only from the good is evil and evil is good mindset installed in ritual abuse victims that is still entertained by those who have not yet come to see and accept the reality of our times. Not everything is bad, but let's not be naive. See what you're looking at and let it speak to you. Seek the Lord's help and all His provision for you.


  1. Elishabella,
    The shield's truth - must be interpreted as a reference to what one receives and perceives that comes through the portal represented on the shield: The Luciferic illumination of the sodomite gateway.

  2. Kyle suggests the Arrow cross is a Templar Cross. Thanks Kyle.

  3. Elishabella says thanks to Bob and Kyle. Blessings and Shalom Shalom, Elishabella!

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