Thursday, November 29, 2012

Part 56 - The Sodomite Gateway - Spirals Hearts and Triangles, Children In Crisis

In Part 55 the sodomite gateway imagery of the childrens charity Locks of Love was featured. In this post I'm going to build off that to introduce another shameless pedophile brand that signals the exploitation of boys instead of girls. Both genders are useful to the Illumined abusers, and sought after when they are around the age of 3 because that's when they are best recruited into the SRA army of supersoldiers.

Front organizations are used for cover, and those that deal specifically with children, especially traumatized children, are prime for evaluating and harvesting these valued “resources.” I'm not calling out these organizations as a whistleblower does. I'm drawing your attention to their branding and helping you interpret the symbol language, so you can read their own coded declarations about who they are and what they do.

Among the tell-tale graphical elements on the Locks of Love website we find a signal pairing decorating some of the backgrounds; hearts and spirals. Combining the pair equates to spiraling hearts, which is the GirlLove symbol. The colors used by Locks of Love even match the color of the pedophile GLogo, which leaves no room for mistaken identity.

The GLogo represents male and female adults who sexually “love” or lust after little girls. The equivalent for adult pedophiles who lust after boys is the BLogo, and the similar LBLogo that specifies lust for little boys. The Glogo form is spiral hearts and the BLogo form is spiral triangles. The GirlLover version is pink and the BoyLover, blue.

It is apparent that the blue logo for the Make-A-Wish Foundation (Part 54) uses the modified A as a triangle and adds the superimposed spiral to perform the same magickal trick that Locks of Love plays in their backgrounds. Combining the triangle and spiral equates to spiraling triangles, which is the BLogo!

And now, introducing, Children In Crisis, Inc., an apparent counterpart to the Locks of Love brand! Decorating the background are darker and lighter blue spirals on a powder blue background. These spirals are irregular and compare favorably with the pedophile standard symbols as mirrored versions of the doubled triangle LBLogo. Those solar rayed spirals should be rightly identified as representing the anal triangle, the puckered sodomite gateway that ritual abusers use to produce flashes of white light as the victim's third eye is opened. If that's all a little too subtle for confident identification, we have their logo to add some redundancy to the message.

The white on blue graphic is for a charity that boasts the slogan, “Providing Homes...Keeping Brothers and Sisters Together.” Obviously, its a boy standing in front of a house with a happy looking sun in the clear blue sky. On the esoteric level, however, what looks like the sun has already been identified as what has been called the black sun, and the black hole sun. The house presents a pyramid, and the boy's head forms the pupil in an eye outlined below by his arms. Draw in the upper eyelid mentally, if you like. This eye is the capstone of a pyramid! Familiar, yes?

Just like on the Great Seal of the USA and in countless Pop music videos and fashion shoots, this triangle eye is the esoteric signal for the sodomite gateway! In the sky above the pyramid of the Children In Crisis, Inc. logo we find the illuminated and illuminating triangle. This should be recognized as the symbol of Horus, the sun god and a patron of sodomy, an agent of Lucifer worshiped by the Illumined brotherhood.

Here's a similar image, one I enhanced very slightly for a recent post about the sodomite Shriners. The “Steps of Freemasonry” poster pictures a kind of pyramid house with an illuminating G-EYE in the sky. Connect the dots.

When we read the slogan, “Providing Homes...Keeping Brothers and Sisters Together,” it should be understood in light of how Freemasons are the builders of the Beast pyramid temple, tracing their history back to Nimrod and the Tower of Babel, and further yet back to Cain, the very first builder of cities. In that ancient sodomite tradition, they figuratively use their trowels to bond families together, binding the living stones of their sacred house together with the mortar of the GI track. “Providing Homes...Keeping Brothers and Sisters Together,”

The scene I chose in this screenshot from their website pictures a line of boys, not with happy smiling faces but presenting their backsides. I looks like an ad for, hmmmmmm, right. What's that? Are those Shriners? No, oh no, no no. Silly. Those aren't the red fez, and they are much, much too young, you see.

The spiral in the hand you see in their prompt for interaction is a familiar magickal inducement that is sometimes also presented as an eye in the hand. There's usually a 666 embedding or some other Beast signaling appearing in conjunction with beast pyramid imagery. The mark of the Beast will be in the forehead or the right hand, and I believe this hand sign indicates just that.

The past and present exploitation of the sodomite gateway will serve until the mark is fully implemented. It is assured.

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