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Part 1 - Forstchen's "One Second After" - Announcing The Son Being Eclipsed by the Antichrist Moon

By Aaron Hermann

I had first heard of the book "One Second After" during one of Steve Quayle's radio shows and even though my initial inclination was to dismiss it as just another in a long line of "prepper" books that men like Steve love to market I put it on the list of potential purchases in my Amazon "wish list". At the Lord's prompting I purchased the book last month. I was not sure what the Lord had in mind when He prompted me to purchase the book, but it became rather apparent with the beyond-coincidental timing of its arrival that there was something important in there.

One afternoon Bob was doing his usual blogging routine and took a short break to conduct a bit of Craigslist business with someone who came by to purchase an item he had listed, and while he was attending to that UPS dropped off a box on the front porch. Bob brought the box in and I told him that it was most likely the book I had ordered. We went into the kitchen and I explained that the premise of the book was the United States being the target of an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack that shut down the national power grid and crippled the country. When Bob saw the title "One Second After" he said, "I was just writing about that in my "Revolution" post . . . and now this book shows up one second after!"

Coincidence? No, not even close. The timing of this was most definitely significant and it got our attention. It really was just one of those kinds of days.

At that point the Lord had our attention, and when we started breaking down the imagery and signaling on the cover and sampling the rich NLP in the summary on the back of the book, we knew the Lord was putting us onto something especially in light of what He had been revealing in the pilot episode of "Revolution".

The primary element being signaled is that of the ubiquitous "power" symbol. The word "one" in the title relates to the arabic numeral "1" and acts as the vertical phallus in the power symbol with the solar eclipse providing the necessary companion element being penetrated.

The familiar power button symbol is technically the standby symbol. In 2004, the standby symbol was accepted as a symbol for a more inclusive “power” functionality. The elements that compose the simple graphic are the 1 and 0 of binary code. In occult symbology, the form can be considered as an Ouroboros. It might also be considered as a sperm fertilizing an ovum at the moment of conception. A vertical line is a basic heavenly and male symbol, usually in the context of the horizontal representing the earthly and female. The circle is a female symbol, usually in context of the square as a male. Because the power symbol is now being presented in media with exaggerated lighting effects, it's not difficult to discern how that it is the Key of David illumination through ritual sodomy primarily being signaled. The binary digits are the phallus and anus, with penetration. This symbol is one of many variations on the “squaring the circle” theme, comparing to so many forms of the familiar upper-case letter “G.”

Part 43 - The Sodomite Gateway - Power On

An image of a solar eclipse is used to form the power symbol and is an appropriate reference to "things going dark", but there is also another level of symbolic significance to the eclipse. The eclipse can be seen as a signal of the union between the Sun god Osiris and the moon goddess Isis bringing forth baby Horus, aka Apollo, the Beast of the Book of Revelation, or the Antichrist. This is a graphic representation of The Son, Jesus Christ Y'shua HaMashiach, being eclipsed by the Antichrist coming in His place for a short time to deceive those who can, and will be, deceived and openly received by those who are knowingly calling for Satan's rule on earth.

Many of you will remember that the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 London Summer Olympics featured the Pink Floyd song "Eclipse". Bob wrote extensively about this and the following is certainly pertinent to what is being signaled here:

They appeared to be elevated into the celestial heavens to appear over the circle of the Earth, to the accompaniment of Pink Floyd's Eclipse.

All that is now
All that is gone
All that's to come
And everything under the sun is in tune
But the sun is eclipsed by the moon.

The devil as the moon, eclipsing the true messiah, in symbol the Bridegroom Sun? This is a signal of the rise of the antichrist Beast, coming soon.

Part 31 - 2012 London Olympics - Opening Ceremony - Ring of Fire = Magick Circle

At the climax, just before the area explodes with a massive fireworks display, we hear the enchanting closing refrain, “All that is now. All that is gone. All that's to come. And everything under the sun is in tune. But the sun is eclipsed by the moon.” The sun is eclipsed by the moon. This echoes what we had just been shown as Satan's boast, what had just been enacted in ceremonial magick. The Bridegroom Sun of Psalm 19:4-6 had just been eclipsed by the moon, the lesser light, Lucifer, Zeus, Apollo. Allah Akbar. The flame of Apollo is now the flame of the burning thorn bush in England's green and pleasant land. Do you get it? Do you grasp the extent of the offense and abomination?

Part 35 - 2012 London Olympics - The Burning Thorn Bush

The cosmos was featured in much of the ceremony, and creation itself, yet not the truth as presented in the Bible. It looked like a big anti-Creator sales job, the familiar subversion of academia. The moon was apparently exalted, which might be seen as a nod to the influential presence of the Islamic population of London, who worship Allah, the moon god.

The moon. The sun, eclipsed by the moon. You may recall the opening ceremony and the refrain of Pink Floyd's Eclipse playing after the Cauldron was lit. That ceremony's climax was matched to the line, “but the sun is eclipsed by the moon.” We are presented with the eclipsing of the Creator Lord God and His Messiah as the sun by the moon god.

Part 41 - 2012 London Paralympics - Occult Opening Ceremony

Solar and Lunar eclipses have always had a very special and powerful meaning to Pagans. Author of "Pagan Moon", Geoff Maxted writes:

The laughing and merriment continued until the sky began to grow dark. At the eleventh minute of the eleventh hour on the eleventh of August, unseen behind cloud, the moon overwhelmed the light of the sun. The sky watchers became hushed and subdued, bathed in a weird ethereal non-light as they watched the moonshadow rush towards them like a beast across the open sea. An east wind came from nowhere and the temperature dropped like a stone as the sun's warming rays were extinguished by blackness. This was not the dark of night but something else. This was the dark of Armageddon; the twilight end of the world when screaming harpies will rise from the deep as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse reveal themselves to us at last...

Then the eclipse was over and I had to come back from that occult place in my mind. Two minutes had passed, it seemed, in two seconds. Light levels rose quickly over a rising murmur of awed conversation, but the atmosphere had changed. The carnival spirit had gone, to be replaced by something more emotional. Even the previously disinterested knew they had seen something special. A moment of magic never to be repeated in our small, insignificant lifetimes on our small, insignificant island...

An eclipse of the sun is a spectacular sight to us. Just imagine the effect it would have had on our ancestors and their superstitions.

In the West, especially in deepest Cornwall, there has long been a following of pagan religions; beliefs as old as time. Mother Earth and the moon and stars above have been worshipped long before the rise of Christianity. A total eclipse over this land is of great significance to pagan worshippers. Witches weave their spells. Palms are read and runes are cast. Necromancers commune with the dead.

The eclipse is seen as a union between the Sun God and Goddess Moon, a profoundly sacred moment. At the mystical location known as Boscawen-un, The Place of The Elder Tree, sermons are given directing love and healing along the line of totality to those in need about the world. At standing stones and other revered places throughout the region Archdruids perform rituals to the sun. Marriages are performed as believers commune with nature.

Pagans interpret their own emotions as outside energies, an essence of Mother Earth, and to them this is a time of great transformation; a shift of energy after weeks of tension and physical tiredness. Astrological charts reveal a powerful and preternatural configuration of the planets in their Zodiac Houses, known as The Grand Cross, in the sky. This arrangement of heavenly bodies signifies to some a period of apprehension and edginess with potentially violent outcomes; to others, a return to old or familiar ways or a move to an age of newer and greater meaning. It's a disruptive time.

Pagan Moon

When writing about a return to old or familiar ways or a move to an age of newer and greater meaning, this individual under the influence of the Antichrist spirit is referring to the forthcoming Aeon of Horus!

It's a disruptive time. Right. At this point the familiar saying, "Order out of chaos" may be coming to mind. The necessary chaos that will create the setting upon which the Antichrist Beast will appear to assume his God ordained period of rule in order to accomplish all that my God, Yahweh, intends; however, there is a limit to his rule and the One True Sovereign God will ensure that it ends right on time!

There are some more signaling elements on the cover that I would like to address. You will notice the word "one" above the word "second" creates two alternating instances of "EO". The first instance is created by the "O" in one and the "E" in second, and the next instance is created by the "E" in one and the "O" in second. This is a signal to the return of Helios, the beast, who is also known by the name EO (Credit goes to Chris Constantine for this insight).

Also being signaled is the anal triangle "T" that can be seen in the "T" in the word after. Notice that the T is lined up with Horus' backside, which is clearly a reference to the ritual sodomy third-eye enlightenment hook up that serves as the precursor to the Mark of the Beast.

The outline of the Sun also highlights "One Econ" as the "s" and "d" of the word second fall outside of the border of the sun. I believe this is a reference to the one world economy that the Antichrist will establish on earth that will require the Mark of the Beast for participation.

The suggested price of the book listed on the back cover is $14.99. The price can thus be interpreted as "1+4+9+9 = 23" which signals the extra 23 chromosomes added through the Mark of the Beast implant transforming the 46-chromosome double-helix DNA of Adamic-Mankind into the 69-chromosome triple-helix DNA of Satanic-hybrid beast mankind. Also worth noting is the presence of the universal bar-code on the back of the book below the price that many recognize as a "666" reference symbolizing the Antichrist.

This book is incredibly rich with signaling, NLP, and really reads like Satan's playbook. It is my sincere hope to present much more of what is in the book and continue to expose the enemy's schemes, Lord willing!

By Aaron Hermann


  1. If you go to google earth, then to the Lincoln memorial/temple . click on red dot on the steps, we see what ole abe is looking at. google picked a before sunrise pic for the 360deg view.

  2. One Second After in Simple Gematria Equals: 144 or 12x12 or (3+3+3+3) x (3+3+3+3)
    14 letters or 7+7.
    Or 3x6x5 = 90 = 30+30+30.
    144 + 90 = 234 which adds to 3+3+3.
    234 = 39+39+39+39+39+39 or 13 x (6+6+6)