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Part 50 - The Sodomite Gateway - Princess Beatrice's Royal Wedding Hat - Isis and the "On Ya" Chakra

Hey - Fifty posts. Wow! Rango territory! I'm curious whether what is happening in Israel is yet the beginning of the engagement with Iran that will end with a punching of America's reset button. (Search this blog for “Daniel 8”) Reports of Iran's nuclear expansion plan add to the expectancy. But this post is about the sodomite gateway, so let's move on.

There's more childrens charity material in the queue but before I continue that line I'm going to follow up on yesterday's post with some more sodomite Isis magick imagery in the Pop and in the Royals cultures.

The first item up actually crosses over into the childrens charity theme a little because the item of note was auctioned off to benefit Unicef (which I addressed in Part 48 and “Children in Crisis.” (She's not just a hat stand after all: Princess Beatrice's pink 'toilet seat' hat to fetch £80,000 for charity The winning bid on the eBay auction was for £81,100.01, about 131k dollars. )

When Prince William married in 2011, the rather bizarre hat worn by his cousin caused a bit of a stir. Some, who weren't completely baffled, referred to Princess Beatrice's unflattering hat in unflattering terms. Technically and in polite terms, the hat was called a fascinator but it was popularly labeled the “toilet seat” hat. I believe that's a valid observation, and even an allusion intended by the designer! I'll explain why shortly. The symbolism I see in this hat interprets on many layers to signal that Princess Beatrice is an illuminated Monarch sodomite, a mind-controlled slave and Illuminati witch. This is entirely consistent with the Royal brand, the Order of the Garter being one example. For another example there's the reptilian nachash dress Princess Eugenie wore to the London Olympics.

The pair of images shows the princess wearing two butterfly hats. One is rather drab compared to the other, but I think you can identify the form as a butterfly easily enough, and as a composite of several. The butterfly is a popular signal for Monarch programming, trauma-based mind control. As a princess in the Royal family, she is a Monarch, and a Monarch victim.

Monarch slaves are third eye illuminated, and you can easily see the scaled up bindu, the third eye, with radiant waves. The front view presents the cap as the bindi within the circle. This is a solar disk, a symbol of the sun deity. If you're going to complete the pattern suggested by the ribbon around the bottom you're going to form it around her eyes in a way resembling goggles. Her strange dark eye makeup invites just that, giving them the appearance of being recessed. Darkened eyes behind goggles. The hidden eye. The third eye. The illuminated Eye of Horus.

Eye of Horus illumination traces back to the Egyptian culture where we make the Cleopatra-style eye makeup connection. This hints at Isis, the mother of Horus. The hat is an obfuscated Isis headpiece, a royal Egyptian crown! Picture the ribbon at the bow as the horns.

I believe the Lord set me up to see Princess Beatrice in this hat as Isis, because I've been pondering what the hat means for a week or so. It occurred to me just this morning as it came together. Thank you Lord!

The name “Isis” means “Throne.” She is the Throne Goddess. In this hat, Princess Beatrice is the Porcelain Throne Goddess, crowned with the Toilet Seat hat!

When one sits on the porcelain throne, one's royal bottom is exposed. The bottom is flesh, the color of the hat, which lends to the allusion. Picture the royal bottom on that seat. There's the imagery of the sodomite gateway to third eye illumination, the ancient kundalini activation. Today, as in ancient times, this is the seat of power, if you will.

The “knot” in the bow is the tie that binds, illustrating the bonding that is such a key feature of the sodomite relationship.

In this set of images on left, the wings belong to Isis, who performs her illuminating and regenerative sex magick. The butterfly wings of the royal Isis-throne hat are filled with air.

Is the Princesses hat like an antenna broadcasting a signal, a spell of Isis enchantment? I suspect, yes.

Notice how this ribbon resembles the classic anja chakra symbol of the third eye enlightenment. The symbol is sometimes represented as a mirrored version. Both sides of the hat, the two versions... Note the triangle in circle motif of the anja symbol. You know how the third eye gets opened? Right.

Do you see in the wings of the hat a mirrored pair of 3s? The signal 33 of sodomite Freemasonry? Yeah, this is one trick hat!

The hat also invokes images of sperm, a womb with fallopian tubes, Cthulhu, and what I believe was also intended, Mickey Mouse ears. She's definitely an enlightened club member, in the figurative sense.

Before putting the Throne Goddess behind us (uh, not that way!) a few more iterations of the Monas Hieroglyphica are called for, the contribution of Dr. John Dee who served her Royal Matriarch, QE1.

I don't perceive a sodomy connection in this next item but this is another Isis who made the news recently. The Daily Mail contributor misidentified Heidi Klum's assumed identity: Supermodel face-off! Gisele Bundchen and Heidi Klum both turn into Cleopatra for Halloween Is Isis really that hard to recognize? Heidi plans to wear this elaborate costume for her deferred Halloween celebration, a haunted Christmas party. That may seem odd, but given the Saturnalia and Winter solstice and 12/21/2012 celebrations and rituals that are planned around the globe, the sex goddess' impersonation of Isis just seems fitting.

With over three million views, this video is pretty popular: Meital Dohan - On Ya ft. Sean Kingston

The song is pretty simple, musically and lyrically. The songstress changes outfits a few times but the gold Isis costume flashed throughout the video is easily identified, with what seems intended to resemble an Egyptian desert and people for background. The set of screenshots here captures a few key images that illustrate how this Isis is all about eye of Horus sex magick and the sodomite gateway.

The background of the Isis shot looks like a sun ray solar disk. That's the sex magick of Isis bring forth Horus, the rayed black sun, the anal portal and sodomite gateway to illumination.

The second panel shows an array of Isis-Thrones inside the plane, equipped like a military transport plane for paratroopers. Meital is pictured wearing a skimpy Apollo-golden paratrooper outfit with high heels, which are used in fashion to signal presentation for sodomy by elevating the rear.

See the beams of light flooding from her eyes? Yeah. Take a wild guess what that's telling us.

She exits the plane through the “back door,” a ramp that pictures her in a triangle, like how the popular making of a triangle eye is done with two fingers. The front of the plane is washed out in illumination. Uh-huh. Ritual sodomy.

I had never heard of Meital Dohan before Aaron brought this video to my attention earlier today. He noticed her name on the tail of the plane and noted how “Meital” unscrambles to “Me Tail.” That we should divide the word into two is suggested by the separation between the T and the A. T and A? Breasts and Bottoms? The wording on the plane is Meital Peace Force. Peace of Tail? Is Me Forced to be a piece of tail? I think that's the message.

After diving off the plane, she gives her arms a few flaps: The winged Isis. The fanning wings of Isis are an important symbol. This is the sex magick of reanimation and the bringing forth of illumination and of bringing forth Horus himself. The winged disk is used in magick today as from ancient times as a symbol of air. Witches use this emblem to invoke the elemental guardians. The fanning wings should be understood in relation to the prince of the power of the air, biblically, and the authorities of Ephesians 6:12. Another symbol presented as she falls to earth and is caught by worshipers below is that she is a falling and fallen angel, received as a god. (Think - Skyfall - James Bond)

She's falling, singing the line from which the song title is taken. “I wanna be on ya, on ya, on ya.” “On Ya” is obviously a reference to being in the dominant position in sexual intercourse. She wants to be on ya like Isis, hooking you up with the illuminating sex magick of the sodomite gateway! “On Ya.” This is how “anja” is pronounced, the 6th chakra that is associated with the 3rd eye. “I wanna be on ya,” which is to say, third eye illuminated! “On ya ”is repeated three times in the lyric. This is subtle, but not that subtle.

The bottom panel contains another solar disk of the sun god Horus. It's another symbol of the sodomite portal that opens the third eye. It's also another clever reference to the sex magick of Isis because of the fan connection. The blades of the jet engine are fans.

Yeah, the Adversary is clever and his worshipers are very committed. Royals and celebrities rule the world with their signs and symbols, and who perceives the role these play? The reason for the second commandment is exploited all the day long, and we're easy prey. Lord help us see what we're looking at. Forgive us for our rebellious ways, for rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. Set us free from the pharmakeia, the sorceries of Mystery Babylon. I pray, Lord of the Harvest, asking as you have led that you would send forth workers into your Harvest Field, in Y'shua's name, the risen and returning Lord Jesus Christ.

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