Friday, November 30, 2012

Part 57 - The Sodomite Gateway - Children's Services

Several posts in this series have highlighted childrens charities with sodomite and pedophile branding. There are many sodomite branded adult charities too, which I may address in posts to come, but I'd like to give attention now to other childrens services.

After seeing so many cleverly obfuscated images in this survey, the logo for the Joint Council on international Children's Services is such an obvious backside view it's difficult to imagine it as anything else. I can see options but a “J” and a “C” is a bit outside the range. It resembles an H with an dot over a hidden “i” for a Horus Eye. On each side there are mirrored letters “C.” The “C” is the third letter of the alphabet and there are a total of 6 of them, so this is C * 6 or three sixes ~ 666. This combo is very familiar. The third eye illumination through ritual sodomy. Add a layer for the signal Beast and his mark. Simple. Clever. Evil! Could this really be what they are about? If brand identity means anything, well, read it for yourself. You'll note that there are three crescents on each side, 3 and 3 ~ 33. Signature Freemasonry and an esoteric signal pair of buttocks exploiting the sodomite gateway.

Pridelines Youth Services. Their website features purple text, with bold rainbow streams of color. “Pridelines Youth Services is dedicated to supporting, educating and empowering South Florida’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth in a safe and diverse environment.” That explains the purple and the rainbow. It also explains why their logo can also be read “psy,” a homonym of “psi,” the word used to describe the powerful abilities installed in multiples during ritual sodomy, a fundamental of MK-Ultra trauma-based and mind-control programming. The third “bead in the string” is purple, which speaks to me of the spinal column and kundalini activation of the third eye.

The Children's Service Center logo is a rainbow arch portal signaling the sodomite squared circle gateway. Arcing off the letter “i” in “Children,” the familiar “i” of Horus symbol is called out to our attention. The letter H for Horus is signaled, as well as the 3rd eye, by way of the appearance of the words “Hope, Help and Healing” inside the arch.

See the green “i” dot in “Service”? The blue “i” dot in “Children” makes 2. What would be an apostrophe before the “s” is actually a red dot, and it's linked to the letter “i” at the other end of the rainbow arc. The treasured pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is the third “i,” the hidden “i,” the golden illuminated third eye of Horus.

As the logo declares, the Children's Service Center is a behavioral health organization. If the brand identity is genuine, that's a reference to programmed behavior, installed through ritual sodomy. The sign says children are serviced in this center for hidden third eye of Horus rainbow power.

An agency dealing generally with vulnerable children is the North American Council on Adoptable Children. Their brand features the same style of eye we saw in the Children In Crisis logo from the previous post.

These five floating eyes are imagined to be the heads and arms of adoptable children placed with foster parents. The more prominent eyes are set above the letters “A” in “NACAC.” These become the capstone eyes of pyramids. It may be that NACAC is code, with “N” as the variable multiplier, as in algebra. The ACAC might be interpreted as Adult-Child, Adult-Child pairings, which is suggested by the relative sizes of the associated eye-people. Given that this is an esoteric interpretation, and given the pyramid eye signaling of the Illumined, the message sent says nothing good. The sodomite gateway is signaled through the eyes capping pyramids with the glowing triangle implicit in that association.

The National Council for Adoption signals much the same with their branding. The stylized letter “A” in “Adoption” draws our attention and seems to point up to the letter “C” in “Council.” Is this another Adult-Child pedophile signal? Perhaps this is signaling the AntiChrist as the AC? Both?

For a subtle sodomite clue, I see a ubiquitous circling of the square feature, a simple rounded corner.

Common to many of the children's benefit brands, the children are holding hands. When there's hand holding pictured between adults and children or between children, the binding tie function of ritual sodomy may be signaled. The way it's done in the NCFA logo speaks to me of the repeating overlapping letter “M,” for “Monas” and “Mason,” and the signal number 13. What I also see is a very clever formation of three letters “v” in their joined hands. vvv=vav vav vav = 666. Ahhhhh. AC = Antichrist, indeed!

The logo for CASA, Court Appointed Special Advocates For Children looks like pedophile porn, a graphic picture of a little child pleasuring an adult female. If the red heart is taken as the backside, and it really must be, there's another horrible picture where the child's head marks the anus. This must be seen as an eye like those in the NACAC and Children In Crisis, Inc. logos, with the head-pupil framed underneath by the arched arms. This anal-eye symbolism is an anal triangle-eye capstone that completes the picture of the pyramid whose base is formed by the child's legs and torso. This powerful sex magick symbol must also be identified as a R-style wedjat eye of Horus, with the kicked out leg. That's loaded, but there's even more to it than that! The child is really a five point star and the heart implies Wicca's encircled altar pentacle. The heart is also a big red rotated 3 positioned above the child's head, signaling 3rd eye anja (on ya) enlightenment and the crown chakra. That's a richly layered and very potent symbol!

Wrapping up this post, here's one like the Vitruvian Shriner from Part 45. Watch those hands.

Summit County Children Services. “Building Families... Building Futures”

The brand identity says there's the builders again, Masons, hard at work building with their symbolic trowels and mortar. The future they are building by servicing children is dark, not light.

Those engaging in this enterprise are doomed to the lake of fire for their activity, with precious little time remaining for repentance.

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