Friday, January 25, 2013

Part 78 - The Sodomite Gateway - Alice Adventures at Sundance, While Disney Advances MOB

Two items of interest in the news are causing a stir.

“Parties at the Sundance Film Festival typically feature maverick filmmakers, the best in nouvelle cowboy cuisine and plentiful pours of high-end spirits and Utah microbrews. But the bash thrown by Hollywood's powerful Creative Artists Agency on Sunday night took festival revelry in an unexpectedly bawdy direction, as Sundance guests mingled with lingerie-clad women pretending to snort prop cocaine, erotic dancers outfitted with sex toys and an Alice in Wonderland look-alike performing a simulated sex act on a man in a rabbit costume.”
(A bawdy CAA party at Sundance shocks guests, including clients)

Alice in Wonderland perversion? In Part 76, this children's classic was featured as a standard for Illuminati programming of slaves. If anything seems at all unusual about what was reported, it's how the activity is more public. I suppose there's little need for cover anymore.

The next bit from the article is telling: “In addition to its renown as North America's preeminent indie movie festival, Sundance long has enjoyed a reputation for scenes of epic partying — a kind of bottoms-up free-for-all for celebrities and movie executives alike that functions something like Hollywood's annual spring break, albeit in a skiing hamlet where you can't rent a keg without a temporary beer permit.”

Here's a screenshot from the Bond franchise, The Man With the Golden Gun, lending us a visual on the “bottoms up” comment.

In another excerpt: “"I thought it would be a tamer burlesque show integrating live art," Fogle said. "Instead, it was like going down the rabbit hole. It was like an acid trip the whole night."” Going down the rabbit hole is of course code for the ritual sodomy trip to Wonderland for programming.

Apparently, some celebs have not been programmed sufficiently.

If the Creative Artists Agency logo's Occult message was to be accepted, it would be apparent that giving and getting it up the A was their real interest. Apollo's A? The doubled A looks to me like the owl, of the Bohemian Club and Grove variety that speaks to me of the Watchers. It looks to me like a male train, like the ITV and Toys for Tots brands.

The Sundance Film Festival brand is itself sodomite, a phallic arrow fest, themed orange. The three arrows featured at the top are heavenly phallus emblems, signaling the third eye illumination and triple helix DNA of the counterfeit resurrection style of reproduction. The browser tab icon associated with the website is an erect version akin to the male gender symbol, but orange. The festival store imagery uses a collection of orange arrows to create a white illuminated anal star in the negative space. This is how the sun god is worshiped. It has only ever been this way. I believe what is meant by the “sundance” is ritual sodomy.

Next up, Disney plans to unveil MagicBand RFID bracelets for eCommerce this spring at Walt Disney World in Orlando.

Disney's computer-chip bracelets raise concerns, lawmaker says

Disney, busy about their usual business of lubricating us to more readily receive the coming implant, connecting us to the Beast and his network.

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