Friday, January 11, 2013

Target: 2015

When I write about where we are on the Lord's calendar I often refer to a series of events in 2015, which includes the pivital event where the lawless one will be revealed in a baptism and anointing. I find it interesting that references are now being made to the same.

From: DHS Insider Report: Coming This Spring: “Life for the Average American is Going to Change Significantly”

“What the DHS Insider suggests is about to happen is exactly what many of us fear – a police state takeover of America, with urban centers to be pacified first, all outspoken critics of the government to be silenced, and travel restrictions across the United States to come shortly thereafter.”

“The dollar collapse, riots, the mobilization of domestic law enforcement, gun control, rationing of food and gas, suspension of the U.S. Constitution and a complete lock-down of America as we know it. According to the report, sinister forces within the U.S. government operating at the highest levels of our country’s political, financial, intelligence and military hierarchies have set into motion a series of events that will leave the populace so desperate for government intervention that they’ll willingly surrender their liberty for the perceived security of a militarized police state.”

“During all of this, and you’ve got to remember that the dollar collapse is a big part of this, our country is going to have to be redone. I’ve seen – personally – a map of North America without borders. Done this year. The number 2015 was written across the top, and I believe that was meant as a year.”

America has to be "bounced," reset, and soon. This work has been in-progress for a while. Right on time, it will come. Seek the Lord with a burning passion. You want to opt-in to all He has for you in this season! It will be sooooooo WORTH IT!

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