Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Fringe Series is History

The last episode of the sci-fi series Fringe has just aired, ending the fifth and final season. It might be one of the higher level Illuminati programming vehicles on TV. The final episode spilled some beans about the revealing of the lawless one as baptized by the false prophet, even correctly identifying the year. As usual, it was delivered in a convoluted fashion, ever concealing from the ignorant while revealing to those who are familiar with the script and symbol language. I just posted about Code Orange, which featured an obfuscation of the appointed day of the year. The time is known, and there's only a little more than 2 years remaining.

The Lord has opened such a flood of insight to Aaron and I over the past week or so that it's a tough call what might be most pertinent for the blog. Thanks so much for your prayers!

Fringe has leveraged the bell in several episodes as a dimensional portal device, as I've blogged in the past. I've also featured the Fringe Division logo as a match to the Pope's heraldry, a sodomite portal. The black umbrella signal for ritual sodomy is leveraged heavily in at least two recent Fringe episodes, in “Black Blotter” and “The Boy Must Live.” I'll address these in upcoming posts, Lord willing, but I want to establish the foundation for the umbrella symbol first with a variety of examples. All this is exposing the mind-control programming mechanisms and schemes towards bringing forth the hybrid Beast and his mark, and this ministering is preparing a remnant people in advance of that crucial season!

Before even that, I wanted to share another insight that I'm hoping will really speak to you. Those who produce Fringe know things. The devil and his crew are not stupid. They lie, and their knowledge is restricted, but there are coded communications passed into our world that conceal and reveal important messages that are some very prized secrets of the Illuminated Luciferians. Fringe uses a simple substitution cipher to present one word messages during the commercial breaks, one letter at a time. The glyph for the letter E is one of four that features the apple, cut in half. Inside, instead of seeds we see 2 human embryos. It's a womb bearing twins.

If you understand what happened in the Garden of Eden you can interpret this as a symbol of Eve's womb, with Cain and Able as the two seeds, having “eaten the apple”! Many years ago, the Lord Y'shua revealed to me how that Adam was sodomized in the Garden. I understood the orgy scene, and that Eve would later bear twins. She was impregnated by the Nachash, and then later by her husband in the way of heteropaternal superfecundation or superfetation. (See Who is Cain's Father?) This is the secret of the apple glyphs!

The father of Cain still gloats about his victory, and he has been using Fringe in his craft as one of the vehicles for advancing yet another seed scheme. (Johnny Appleseed is a legend and a parable of the seed lines branched from the Garden and from Genesis 6, and 9, until the prophetic declaration of Genesis 3:15 is ultimately fulfilled.)

Blessings in Y'shua!

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