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Part 79 - The Sodomite Gateway - Holy tIHS!

A few nights ago I was catching up on some videos and came across one I really appreciated. It features the Jesuit Christogram, the Roman Catholic institution's symbolic sun with the IHS inside, the “Holy Name of Jesus,” so called.

The usual caveats apply, so if you're a victim of ritual abuse who is still being delivered or you're easily offended by mature subjects and descriptive language, please move on. If you're new to this series, welcome! You may want to start at the beginning to get the foundation for what's here. Series Links: The Sodomite Gateway

Satanic Religious Symbols in Christian Churches by Chris Constantine of, and on YouTube, alias Gorilla199.

The image you see here is the Jesuit's iconic symbol rotated 180 degrees. Spelling it out, t I H S is upside-down, S H I t. That's it! What else would we expect inside the sun god's rectum? So, there it is!

In this bottom's up position, the three “nails,” as the pretext goes, are coming down out of heaven, just like the three cloudy sky phallic arrows on the sodomite Sundance Film Festival website.

This IHS symbol is referred to as the “Holy Name of Jesus.”

From Wikipedia, Holy Name of Jesus: “In Christianity, the Holy Name of Jesus refers to the theological and devotional use of the name of Jesus. The reverence and affection with which Christians have regarded the Holy Name of Jesus goes back to the earliest days of Christianity. The devotions and venerations also extend to the IHS christogram (a monogram of the Holy Name), derived from the Greek word IHSOUS for Jesus, or referring to Iesus Hominum Salvator, Jesus saviour of mankind, representing the Holy Name.

HOLY tIHS! Really? That's just foul and offensive. This thing is an idol. Babylon imprints the unholy upon the holy and runs the counterfeiting scam. What a spell of obfuscation, what a thick cloak of secrecy has been cast over this!

The Jesuits aren't the only brand leveraging the IHS. The Rosicrucians have been capitalizing on this sodomite magick for a long time. Here's an image of the IHS you won't be un-seeing any time soon. Hey - it's not what it looks like. Well, no, actually, it is.

You see the IHS (or SHI) inside, but where is the letter "t"? Zoom out. That big love cross is leveraged as the "t" to finish spelling the word. That foul image is from a religious textbook for youth, used 400 years ago. Take away from this just what is actually being referenced when the sodomites speak of love.

So, from the video about Satanic Religious Symbols in Christian Churches, I don't know whether Chris has really identified the sun symbols as the anus and symbol of the sodomite gateway to illumination, but he is well aware of how sun worshiping Pagans are sodomites. That's made very plain in this next video, which I think you'll find well worth your time.

BBC PaedophileRing and Masonic Witches Coven

(Technical note: I would have embedded the video in this blog post but the embed code just wrecks the formatting. Google doesn't appear to want want embedding of a competing site's video, so it won't play nicely.)

I don't know Chris personally but I really admire his moxie and appreciate his insight. (Nice job, brother!) The way he exposes what's going on in the children's program with the banana package is excellent. What he exposes about Mr. Mopple and Twinkle in the rocking chair is brilliant.

(Hey - Twinkle Twinkle little Star. Uh, right. Noted. Also, I note how 3:00 is the time set on the moon-faced clock, and 3 am is the prime SRA ritual hour. Do the math: 3 hours of 60 minutes is 60 60 60, or 666.)

What Chris notes about homosexuality and Pagans, Masons and Apollo is well done. What Chris believes goes on under the Alexander Palace, that it is where ritual rape and murder of children happens; I have to think that seems pretty likely to me. I agree that it is not just the BBC acting alone, and that the government and police alongside them are responsible for this evil. Where I depart from his take on such is in perspective, which has a bearing on what response is really called for.

Rallying opposition with boycotts and the witch hunt, demanding personal accountability for involvement with the shows, this might be his thing, but it's not mine, at least not with respect to the earthly agents we see. Those behind the scenes, the SRA network, the Illuminati tares who work dark magick in the shadows, they own this deal. I've addressed such as this recently, and frequently. Behind them are fallen angels and the demonic authorities of Ephesians 6:12. Spiritual warfare recognizes the agents and the nature of their weaponry, as the Lord reveals and directs.

I responded to an email just this morning that I felt was very pertinent, so I'm going to include the thread here.

Subject: Question about artists

Thank you! Btw, I was wondering if you ever "out" the marketing companies that design these logos. I know you say that sometimes the company they're making the logo for knows the score, and sometimes they don't. But it seems that those actually designing and rendering the logo would know what it meant.

Would it do any good - without putting you at risk of a lawsuit - to say "this and such company drew this logo"? Now that I write it out, it seems it would. But you don't seem too trepidatious about that sort of thing, considering what you post online.

I also thought that maybe graphic artists are handed pictures, singers are handed songs, producers are handed movies, marketers are handed commercials - etc. - and just told "Make these as we say, and you'll prosper. And keep what we tell you to yourself!"

May God bless you and yours mightily.

[a brother in haMashiach]

My response:

Hi [brother],

I have not been led to out them. My interest is not in bringing them down, but bringing you up. Does that make sense? The world will not be fixed until the Lord has accomplished what He will with it. There’s a love test going on, it must be said. The Lord works to discover who really loves Him and who really doesn’t. The proving grounds are required.

I understand the industry works like you describe, where in large part, the artists are handed scripts and assigned producers, etc, and some say the CIA is behind the programming, actually running the show. Those who haven’t hit the big time (indies) are influenced by that, and under mind-control all the same. The important dynamic to grasp is that the devil and his agents are running the whole show, just like with politics and religion, and ultimately, the sovereign Lord has all this well in hand. He is sovereign, you see. And just. Have you worked that combo out yet? Are you aware there will be a restoration of all things, and ages to come?


With that said, there's a couple more points I want to make about the videos above. Chris does a lot of video exposing Alexander the Great and other identities of Apollo that are cryptically embedded in our cultures. In the second video he shows the BBC Television Centre with a circular building and courtyard. They refer to this as the doughnut, which is what the anus is often called in prison. Theirs has Helios aka Apollo (and Horus) inside the circle at the BBC building, which I covered in part here. Apollo holds a ring that is the signal anus. The pole he stands on is the male phallic element inside the female circle, the Osiris and Isis reproductive sex magick that brings forth by the action of the sun Apollo himself, the coming Beast. The stadium set is itself a signal anus, pierced by the phallic obelisk topped by Apollo. There's big magick going on at the BBC, an organization to which I've applied the apt label, Bell, Book and Candle network. At the base of the phallic pole are two graven images, reclining figures representing sound and vision. All this is said to represent the radiation of television around the world. So, the pole is a broadcast antenna. Is it merely a symbol? No, symbols have power, it is broadcasting - a spell. Witches understand, do you?

See some of what I've written about the BBC here (Part 47)and here (BBC New Broadcasting Building).

I discovered Chris Constantine's videos maybe a couple years ago now, watching several of them. I think I was already pretty aware of the Horus Eye signaling, and I found his identification of a wide range Apollo or Helios symbols interesting. I didn't find the evidence for some of it very compelling, but I kept it all in mind. At one point, Aaron and I noted how the Lord was bringing the X = IO = Helios signaling to our attention, and we immediately came across an image that really spoke to us. What we saw was immediately confirmed by others, and while it hasn't become a major tool in the shed, so to speak, it does factor in on occasion (like Part 46) as the Occult layers of symbolism encountered are identified and decoded. (Again, nice job - and thanks Chris!)

The promotional imagery celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission is rich! The cleverness of the imagery is immediately obvious, with an overlay of letters and numbers to present the name of the mission.

Apollo 11. That's the one with the pictures of the moon landing that famously had the shadows all wrong. Some claim Stanley Kubrick (A Clockwork Orange, 2001: A Space Odyssey) was engaged in the project for his expertise. Did man actually go to the moon in 1969? I doubt it.

So, NASA is an Occult agency with plenty of secrets, built with former Nazi science and magick. Their mission patches are high level esoteric symbols. The Apollo mission openly names the god being honored with no obfuscation whatsoever. Most, however, ignorantly think as I did for so many years, “Oh, it's just a name.” Well, to NASA and people who worship God or gods with an awareness of idols and supernaturalism, a name is never "just" a name. Is the name of Jesus Christ just a name? No. The missions named Apollo do honor that god, the ancient identity of one who was, and who is coming. I've written of this god more than once or twice, most frequently in his alias as Horus.

The promo for the 30th anniversary of Apollo 11 features a moon and some stylized letters "l" in the name, plus the years that mark the span of 30. First, knowing what I know now, I see the ritual sodomy signal anus and phallus. What they did was send a rocket (phallus) to the moon (bare bottom), right? It was the Apollo rocket, that particular god's phallus. The moon is a bride symbol, so what was dramatized in serious power language was the raping of Eve (like in the Garden of Eden), and the Bride of Christ she also represents, the moon bride. In this imagery, the stylized letters “l” picture the phallic package, with the flanking letters “o” as the testicles. The lunar circle pictured is the target anus. (Think, Sandcastle)

The Helios signal name is encoded in AO, the A of Apollo associated to the circle of the Moon. It is twice signaled in the “11” flanked by the “mirrored” pair of “O”s. It just wouldn't do to actually mirror the form of the number 1 because the phallic rocket would be a little too obvious. AO IO IO Helios, three times.

The 30 years can be considered as doubly obfuscated. 30 = 10+10+10, Arabic numeral counters that transform graphically into IO IO IO. Again, Helios, three times. The numbered London Olympics that openly honored Zeus and Apollo used the labeling of the Roman numerals, as the XXX Olympiad. This representation of the value of 30 is the obvious division into three sets of 10.

The 1969 and 1999 contain another layer of symbolism. The 999 is an upside down 666. The 969 becomes 666 if you flip the 9s. The ones at the front of 1969 and 1999 can be ignored, dropped, canceled out by the big ones of the 11 that seem to be looking at the span. The forms of the number 1 font face used have the look of Anubis to me, the dog headed Egyptian god of the underworld.

Lots there. The key to interpreting some of the layers of this simple but powerful Occult imagery is the Helios spelling.

Thanks Lord, for opening our eyes to see the weapons forged against us for what they are.

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