Monday, September 23, 2013

Part 1 - NFL & The Final Countdown

Based upon some recent signs, there appears to be a “final countdown” in progress. This is a report as from biblical watchmen on the wall.

I've been writing plenty about the Lord's schedule of events and how important it is to get familiar with it. The Adversary and his Illumined agents have a schedule too. I don't know much about lots, but I am confident that I have learned a few things in the past several years as the Lord has turned my attention to reading the Enemy's play book. The Illumined are continually announcing their past victories, present schemes and future plans in the public domain. I've presented plenty of evidence of how this being done through TV commercials, brand imagery, music videos, award ceremonies, Olympic ceremonies, movies and the entertainments of sporting events.

When this 2013 NFL season began on the 5th of September, Aaron and I watched what we both perceived as a ritual and message. “The Final Countdown” was a dramatic pep rally kind of countdown to the kickoff that marked the first play of the first game of the official NFL season. It spoke to us as something more than that, of a countdown to another kind of kickoff.

You can watch what we saw in a video Aaron found online. NFL Countdown to Kickoff 2013

We would have posted something right away but we felt constrained. As Aaron kept researching the evident connections and we discussed their significance enough has come to light to indicate that several posts are required. As to when the kickoff event that seems to be signaled is coming, we'll offer suggestions, but we have no revelation insight about it yet. I've been anticipating the war with Iran and America's reset for a long time. It's time is near, and it seems likely to me that whatever the ominous kickoff is will lead to that as one of the outcomes in their “game season.”

The Final Countdown in Denver was supposed to be followed very directly by the kickoff but it was delayed. We can't help but see that as a contrived ritual, directly related to the delay that interrupted the previous NFL game, the 2012 season's Super Bowl. Since perceiving this as a sign, we have noted others using the term, final countdown.

Aaron will probably be presenting these things in coming posts, Lord willing, but in this introductory post I will offer this compelling image from The Final Countdown as a representative symbol. It's #1 on the countdown sequence from 32 featuring Ray Lewis, the retired linebacker who played his last pro game winning last year's Super Bowl with the Baltimore Ravens. It's all about the sun god, his soldiers and an impending war.

The Raven is a very old symbol of Apollo, the sun god. Ray holds up one finger. With the big zero on the screen behind him this is IO, Helios. A hand up sign is the 5 identifying Horus and the 1 is Horus as the sum and the Monas of alchemy. “One” is a potent signal word with English gematria values of 34 and 47 (RAS), numbers that are special to the Illumined because they signal the production of Horus through the union of Osiris and Isis. The name of this football legend is very significant. Lewis means “warrior.” A Ray is radiance or a beam of light, as from the sun. Ray ~ Ra. Ray Lewis ~ Sun warrior. Counterfeit Bride of Christ. BWB supersoldier. This Sun Warrior is involved in the final countdown, at least as a sign.

More to follow, Lord willing.

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