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Part 30 - Code 33 - Sums, Bass Brewery, the Trademark and KV Pharma

Now 30 posts in, I'm finally focusing attention on how Code 33 is being signaled by letters that add to 33. You may have noticed how I've actually been calling out examples for a long time, pointing out how little words such as “the” and “of” add a supplemental layer to contexts where related symbols are evident, but it's time to explore these in a more methodical fashion. I'm going to begin with a focus on letter pairs and follow with triplets and examples where there's 4 or more letters.

In these classes there are also hybrids, mixed letter and number combinations where the sum is 33. One example is “io9” (“We're from the future”). i=9 plus 15 (taking the zero as an O) plus 9 = 33. All the same tricks that were previously observed with transformations producing 33 directly (cc, xx, xc, cx, w3, triple x...) and through factoring (kc, xp, k-12...) are equally employed in these transformations requiring addition.

As a reminder of the greater context, symbol that sum or multiply to 33 represent only a subset of Occult signaling letter combos. What I have labeled Code 33 identifies a very notable set, but the symbol makers have a vast supply of codes and code elements in their goody bag of evil symbols, and myriad ways of combining them. MK may be signaling MK-ULTRA. GL is pedophile code for Girl Love. An instance of 3T or a variant like ET may be signaling the Triple Tau cross of Royal Arch Freemasonry.

This utility, Code 33 Discovery App, is provided to help discover the letter combinations that sum to 33 using the common Occult substitution cipher, the “English gematria” values, where a=1 and b=2, etc. They might represent words or acronyms. A secondary code system in use assigns z=1 and y=2, etc. I refer to that as RAS, Reverse Alphabetical Substitution.

Here are all the letter pairs that sum to 33.



Not every appearance of one of those pairs represents an instance of Occult signaling, obviously. If you find some reference to Illinois, Oregon or Montana (IL, OR, MT) or find the little words “at,” “or,” “of,” the odds are slim that Code 33 is being signaled. Context is essential in interpreting anything correctly. When you find multiple layers of related symbols like in the hundreds of examples I decode here, that's meaningful. Just because a symbolic element has a high frequency of use does not mean we can dismiss it as being insignificant. Is it the holy spirit calling the element to your attention? If so, investigate further.

As I consider these letter pairs, some are very familiar. Any of these may easily be used as a Code 33 signal, and it's a useful exercise to give these consideration. The Roman numerals IX and XI for 9 and 11. JW: Jehovah's Witnesses. KV: Krippin Virus is the apocalyptic virus in the film “I am Legend.” KV Pharmaceutical is a drug company. LU: UniLever, Lulu Publishing, Little Lulu comics. TM: Trademark. I've pointed out quite a few of those little sneaky little logo supplements. SN: Saint Nick. PQ: Mind your Ps and Qs. Some examples from RAS include BS for “bovine scat.” AT: anal triangle. RC: Roman Catholic, Rosicrucian-Rose Cross, Radio Control. DQ: Dairy Queen, Duracell Quantum. PE: Phys-Ed (Physical Education). HM: Hermetic Maxim. Roman Numerals IL and LI for 49 and 51. You can probably think of several more off the top of your head.

Simple hybrids may also be familiar to you. Here's the logo for Y8 Games (Y[25] + 8 = 33). The 8 is the stretched kind I pointed out earlier in this series that suggests the 8 is an assembled mirrored pair of 3s. Redundant Code 33. And - it's orange.

One of the most ubiquitous of these in logos has to be the trademark symbol, the TM. The related Registered Trademark is of course a circled R and Horus Eye 18 (6+6+6) symbol that usually appears as the dimmed eye of Harmerty. The TM symbol simply adds a layer of Code 33. Many examples of this supplemental layer have been presented on this blog and it's worth adding a couple auxiliary samples here.

The branding of the first image to be registered as a trademark is of particular interest. (Wikipedia) The Bass Brewery brand is still active. If you recall the decoding of the sodomite Bissell logo back in Part 18 of this series you need no further commentary about what is meant. Hint - 3 letters are being underscored. That's the kind of identity the kind of folks who exploit symbols want to protect with legal rights. If you give the Bass logo some more attention, you'll see the stylized B as a 13 identifying the rebel lord beast. You may also perceive that letter as a graphic of the Bum. That big red triangle is the bloody red anal triangle, abused in activating that Horus Eye. Finally, I see in their clever trademarked logo a concealing of 666, with the mirror of the bulbous ended letters s producing 2 of them and the “Ba” connection loop producing the other.

The brewery conglomerate representing itself as the Heineken brand has long exploited the trademark symbolism. Their identifying imagery spells it out and calls special attention to it as the element framing their iconic red star. Search this blog for Heineken to find posts where the Occult meanings are exposed. What I illustrate in the collection below is how their Star is bracketed. Trade [star] Mark links the code 33 of TM with the pentagram fallen angel - 5-Horus. The magickal circled version appears on their crimped anus-on-phallic bottle sun god star signaling bottle cap. The way they bent the cap in the image on the right presents an offensive graphic illustration of what is the heart of Luciferian love. To “open your world” is to receive that pharmakeia that is most particularly the illumination of ritual sodomy.

Trade: Babylon the Great City Revelation 18. (Hermes-Mercury)
Mark: Revelation 13:18. (Horus-Apollo)
Trademark - The fruit of the woman riding the beast: Revelation 17:3 (Hermes facilitating Horus)

On the Code 33 theme of pharmakeia, I'm adding one more to the collection of examples presented earlier in such as Parts 14 and 16. KV Pharmaceutical (K11+V22) became almost a byword for making poor ethical choices. Our first clue to the nature of those responsible might have come from their brand identity because this Code 33 brand's name and logo just about shouts sodomite sun god worship!

The letters KV are connected to suggest they are a single number, 33. The lower edge of the eagle's right wing forms a 3, which is matched by another formed at the top of the head and beak. Redundant Code 33!

Purple and orange are the two primary sodomite signaling colors, and these are joined by the star-light (fallen angel light) yellow sun. The leg of the K is kicked out and crossed to signal an Rx style anal sun Horus Eye. The element crossing the straight-leg of the K is a curved arc segment, squaring the circle to add another sign of ritual sodomy. The eagle or perhaps falcon with the sun-framed illuminated head is Amaru, Ra, Horus. The sun on the head combined with the arc that suggests the sun disk being carried in the talons should be very familiar by now to us.

This might be familiar from Part 28 and the obfuscated K12 Gallery for Young People graphic.

The 47th Problem of Euclid is perhaps first suggested by the emphasis put on right angles.This is validated by counting the five orange lines that compose the eagle. From left, the upper and lower lines of the wing are elements numbering 1 and 2. The next two lines appear closely in the head as the union of the 3-Osiris and 4-Isis. The sum produced is 5-Horus, that sun-bird of prey! For even further validation, the lower line of the head speaks to me of the wave form of the annual path of the sun marking off 47 degrees of the earth's latitude between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.

If the Adversary's messages aren't encoded in uniform ways, who could understand them? A language that won't transmit and receive messages consistently is no language at all. And, if these transmissions weren't scrambled and transmitted in a huge variety of ways, the limited content of the messages sent would be too easily discovered. We're dealing with the evil genius of Lucifer and his agents here. We're dealing with their control mechanism and supernatural spells of delusion. Use your head when giving these matters consideration, and don't let others with persuasive but faulty arguments talk you out of what things you know by the spirit of God. I pray that you, who have come here to get what my Lord Y'shua has for you, will take away from this work everything appointed for your benefit.

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