Saturday, September 28, 2013

Horn and Quayle on the H & H Report, and the Branding of Survivor Mall, WestgatE Mall and the Suez Canal

I just finished listening to a radio show featuring Tom Horn and Steve Quayle on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report (September 20th). They, too, are declaring that we are in the final countdown, which is a trend you may be noting. You can download the show on mp3 here: Hagmann and Hagmann Report: 9/20/13 - Steve Quayle & Tom Horn. There is some very timely subject matter there, and while I recommend giving it a listen, I must offer a caveat.

While it should go without saying that I don't endorse everything about the content I link to, a point needs to be made about a conclusion drawn by Tom at the end of that show. Tom describes a standard for what is “good enough,” and if you accept that you'll be found with a soiled robe when the Lord comes for His Bride, and disqualified. Whether Tom might supplement that if given the opportunity, I can't say, but based upon what I've seen to date, probably not.

You may recall how I've written similar caveat's in posts like these: (Part 90 - The Sodomite Gateway - Quayle's Briefs on the 'Return of the Serpents of Wisdom' and the Rabbit Hole Trip, and: Excitement and Danger in the Bike Lane.

I debated whether to set this post within the sodomite gateway series. If you're familiar with that you'll recognize the Survivor Mall brand as one of that kind. I've had this in my queue of notes for presentation for a long time. The red cross and the C-ing Horus Eye are very familiar. There is power in this that is the charged weapon of Zeus. The S in the break of the C ring makes it a serpent Ouroboros. Symbols is as symbols does. Babylon is as Babylon does. See what you're looking at and if you see inconsistency, take it to the Lord to help you understand.

Steve Quayle's latest book, True Legends, features the image you see below on title pages, a sun-anus spiral.

I encourage you to get the truth wherever it may be found, as the Lord leads, trusting in Him to guide and protect you. Where you lack confidence in the matter, wait on the Lord's approval. Seeking to acquire knowledge at any cost leads only to destruction and loss. There are gender constraints that must also be taken very seriously in the matter. Seek the Lord with your whole heart and sacrifice all to find Him. Please pray for those ministering in these last days, that we would each enter fully into what the Lord intends, being found faithful in the work to which we are individually appointed.

Another item I've had in my queue relates to the Suez Canal. Spelled backwards, Suez is Zeus. Zeus Canal. Also Suez ~ Sewage. Alimentary sewage canal. That's the sun god's GI tract. Zeus aka Lucifer worshipers believe that if you could sodomize God, you'd get God's power, and that's the basis for much of their ritual practice. Consider what that naming suggests, because that is the critical gateway to the West (and East). There is sex magick in that watery passage's activity.

The logo for the Suez Canal Authority features a familiar graphic form of a butt inside a Horus Eye circle. It's the Zeus Canal, obfuscated.

Apollo = all+poo

My friend Phil asked me what I saw in the symbolism of the Westgate Shopping Mall in Nairobi, Kenya, which has been in the news because of the violent activities. I thought it was worth sharing because it links to some other things that have been trending.

The WestgatE uppercase W and ending E is like one I noticed being leveraged during Inspector Gadget 2. It's a compass thing. West - East. The W and E are each rotated forms of 3, so “WestgatE” is signaling Code 33. The “west gate” is, in esoteric language, the sodomite gateway. Search this blog for go west to find examples of how this is the way of the left hand path and illumination through ritual sodomy.

In their stylized shopper-like logo I see plenty of sex magick. There's the spirals as the breasts of a stick figure woman. I also see the spirals as the ovaducts and ovum of the female reproductive system. Also, there's a phallic package, with the "one eyed serpent" between two testicular spirals of life where seed is produced. As yet another anatomical diagram, I see the spiral forms as butt cheeks, being sodomized. That best fits the WestgatE theme so the imagery of the sodomite gateway must be the primary magickal layer. Supporting that, I see the spirals as the horns of a ram, as Baphomet, and the circle on top is then the "eternal flame" of the crown chakra.

I cannot help but see the horrific activity taking place in Kenya as yet more ritual, providing a feed of trauma (“energy vampirism”) for the demonically inspired perps, drawn from those directly victimized and from those who emotionally engage with the ritual by responding with shock and horror. There is a building up towards the black awakening and the pivot of the age, when the lawless one will be revealed as the savior who is becoming desperately sought. Coming - soon enough. Beyond that is where my hope lies, secure in the Lord Y'shua.

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